📅Upcoming Boardgames | Aelderman, Runar, Shake That City, GOLDblivion, Re;ACT, Douc in Danger - cutlassboardgame.com

📅Upcoming Boardgames | Aelderman, Runar, Shake That City, GOLDblivion, Re;ACT, Douc in Danger

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This Week’s Give-Aways
Dark Venture

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Super Dark

00:00 Intro
00:47 Nov 29: Aelderman
03:03 Nov 29: SAS Rogue Regiment
04:01 Nov 29: Runar
05:54 Nov 29: DOUC IN DANGER
08:19 Nov 29: Shake That City
11:02 Nov 29: Re;ACT – The Arts of War
13:18 Nov 30: Hellbringer
15:17 Dec 1: GOLDblivion
18:18 Dec 3: Megalomania Cad Game
19:20 Others Expected in Nov
19:57 Give-Away (Dark Venture 2nd Edition)
21:39 Winner from Last Week
22:54 Closing Comments
23:07 Credits
23:25 Board Game Art Creations

SAS Rogue Regiment




Shake That City

Re;ACT – The Arts of War



Emotional Intelligence

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  1. That box component in shake that city is actually so cool except idk about the main premise of the game :/

  2. I just completed the arduous adventure of having my mother-in-law visit for Thanksgiving

  3. I would not fail to embark on such a dark quest. [:
    hashtag 😛

  4. Thank you for a quite detailed info on upcoming crowdifunding games. Keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks for the video as always! We are going on our first cruise in a few months, which is an adventure we are super excited for!

  6. a Dark Venture for me is walking home through the snow from our wood-fired sauna

  7. Ended up late pledging Battle of the Ancients and am super excited for dark venture. Love the art and the use of the multiple story books, these seem like a great design to maximize components without getting a giant box game.

  8. My personal Dark Venture was visiting family over Thanksgiving.

  9. Curious if you will be putting up other content in December/January or if you’ll just take some nice time off 👍

  10. Is there a link between goldblivion and goblivion?

  11. A dark adventure? I locked my wallet inside a dark closet so I could stop backing kickstarters. ha ha.

  12. Re;act. Yes Yes! I am a fan of anime and manga and this game has me hooked.

  13. My first time on your channel. Not my last. As some others comment, dark venture looks cool.

  14. I went on an adventure to Colorado last week.

  15. This is best place to watch what will come to KS

  16. Just another person calling out for Empires End to get a shoutout. Was the best game I got to Demo at Gen Con this year.

  17. So many kickstarters this month, this doesn’t seem safe for me at all lol

  18. I love Dark Ventures art style and theme!

  19. My next dark venture will be to go on a blind date XD

  20. Love the art style in Dark Venture

  21. I hope to go snowshoeing in the next couple months.

  22. Thank you for the update! I will wait for Hellbringer!

  23. 😭🙋‍♂️🫠❤️😃🥲😂🙏🙈🙏🥲😭🥲🥲🥲🫣😄😄🙈🙃🎉🎉😍😅

  24. Thanks for all you do! I am running a race tomorrow and it is suppposed to be 10 degrees!

  25. I also went on a skiing at night adventure

  26. My most recent adventure was going to an office after working from home the last two an a half years. Not very exciting.
    On the other hand Dark Venture looks really interesting

  27. Thanks! Dark Venture looks awesome!

  28. Thanks for always updating us on crowdfunding projects!

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