📅Upcoming Boardgames | Gloomhaven 2nd Edition Miniatures & RPG, Nestlings, Dog Park, Scarface - cutlassboardgame.com

📅Upcoming Boardgames | Gloomhaven 2nd Edition Miniatures & RPG, Nestlings, Dog Park, Scarface

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Burning Banners

Quest Chest

Last Week’s Give-Aways

00:00 Intro
00:23 Monthly Roundup
00:59 June 20: Paragons: Age of Champions
02:37 June 20: Nestlings
05:15 June 20: Gloomhaven 2nd Edition, Miniatures, & RPG
12:49 June 20: Mixtape Massacre: Time Warp Expansion
14:57 June 20: Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Winds
16:32 June 20: Dog Park: New Tricks Expansion
18:57 June 20: T.D.O: Titan Defense Organisation
21:23 June 21: Nuovarden TTRPG
22:12 June 21: Scarface 1920: Bloody Business
23:29 June 23: Waypoints
24:22 Give-Away (Burning Banners)
25:59 Give-Away (Quest Chest)
26:56 Winners from Last Week
27:13 Credits
27:32 Board Game Art Creations

June 20 Paragons: Age of Champions

June 20 Nestlings

June 20 Miniatures of Gloomhaven & RPG

June 20 Mixtape Massacre: Time Warp Expansion

June 20 Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Winds

June 20 Dog Park: New Tricks Expansion

June 20 T.D.O: Titan Defense Organisation

June 21 Nuovarden TTRPG

June 21 Scarface 1920: Bloody Business

June 23 Waypoints

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  1. Thanks again for this roundup! Looking at Gloomhaven 2.0, but wow, afraid how much it will cost.

  2. Also interested in the Gloomhaven RPG. Sounds almost like an improved DnD 4e, where classes had set abilities. Interesting to see how it plays.

  3. I am down for Burning Banners! Looks cool.

  4. I am really excited for burning banners. I really like that you are spending a lot of time on a game from compass games.

  5. Burning Banners sounds neat! Not heard of it before, thanks for all your work!

  6. Looking forward to meeting you at level up

  7. Titan Defense Organization sounds interesting. I'll have to check that one out.

  8. finally a war game that looks appealling. Burning Banners is enticing for sure

  9. I think someone called the game burning bridges recently instead of burning banners…

  10. I don't need lots of plastic to play Gloomhaven. I don't need lots of plastic to play Gloomhaven! If I say it enough tines I'll believe it, right?

  11. Burning Banners intrigues me due to its fantasy theme and art. As always, thanks for the videos

  12. Don’t own any war game. Happy to win Burning Banners 🇳🇵

  13. Can't wait to back Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind. The first campaign for the Skirmisher delivered a more than awesome product. I don't expect less for the new campaign.

  14. I don't get bgg ratings. I recently tried both Brass and gloomhaven and was bored out of my mind in both

  15. I've never tried war games before, but this one is certainly very appealing! What a beautiful art and components, I've love to dive into this 😊

  16. Looking forward to Scarface 1920 as I missed the first one. Hopefully the ineveitable price increase is not too much.

  17. burning banners looks really interesting. my little brother asked me if i have a game like that, but i don't since the people i usually play with don't like war strategy games. maybe this will be the one, since it seems to have shorter campaigns as well

  18. A bit of a quiet week, but with STALKER and Inventions hitting last week, it feels like a welcome breather.

  19. Thanks for making these videos to keep me up to date on lower publicized crowdfunding.

  20. Those gloomhaven minis are so tempting, but 500 is a lot…

  21. I always love that you showcase games I don't see in other places! Had not heard about Burning Banners or Nestlings. Thanks for another awesome video.

  22. I didn't know that Postmark Games was releasing another game. Thank you for this. Definitely will go for Waypoints.

  23. Backing less than I used to, but Waypoints definitely looks interesting.

  24. I had not heard of Burning Banners, very tempting back. Great video, as usual.

  25. You forgot one of the most important game (IMO the most important one) releasing this month on june 29th: Cyclades Legendary Edition.

  26. Burning Banners looks very interesting. Thanks for the give-away and very informative video, as always!

  27. I would not mind burning some banners. The game looks gorgeous. These last two months has been crazy as far as crowd funding goes and it just keeps going. Its an interesting time to be alive if nothing else 😉

  28. I agree with your assessment if the maps contained in the game Burning Banners. I am a big fan of the map art as well.

  29. Most war games look dry as heck, but BB actually looks good.

  30. Thanks for the chance on Burning Banners! I don’t have any war games in my collection and this looks super thematic.

  31. Gloomhaven and Scarface alone are going to put a big hole in my wallet, and now you brought Burning Banners to my attention…!

  32. Will see how much everything will cost in Gloomhaven campaign…

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