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🔥A Dozen Hot Board Games of the Month🔥& WHY!

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These are the top tabletop, card, and board games gaining popularity this month! Find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about!

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  1. If games are only available on Kickstarter and the publisher does not have any plans on going to retail, they should not be on here (Scarface). Not accessible to everyone.

  2. So not true what Ben says, Chaz. I also love your videos with Ollie and Stewart….Seriously you make us smile every show. We think you rock. (…and the puppies)

  3. Chaz, you should have never been worried about Timmy Spangler. He was just a diversion tactic constructed by your dogs to distract you from the real problem. …Ever since your dogs showed up in a video, Teej's rating of your material is always based on whether your dogs make an appearance or not. …..What have you done to yourself, buddy?

  4. Chaz, random question: were you at Funagain games in Eugene, Oregon this past Friday? My wife and I were visiting (we're from Ohio) and I was going to say hi, but my wife thought I was crazy. Side note: Funagain in Eugene, Oregon was FANTASTIC!

  5. Just picked up A Feast for Odin earlier this year! Played a ton of it last month with the main expansion and it looks like Norwegians is the only expansion that’s still available. I’m guessing that since the mini-expansion is being included with the reprint that they won’t be printed separately.

  6. I liked Momenone thru Momenten, and Momeneleven was ok, but Momentwelve was just a cash-grab.

  7. Good luck to all those trying to find Heat and not willing to pay outrageous ebay prices . Fun fact another somewhat popular game Stardew valley the board game (came out in 2021) is still not readily available unless again you are willing to pay outrageous eBay prices… so I guess we are going to see if finding a copy of Heat is as bad as finding a copy of Star dew.

  8. I have six games open on board game arena right now, and three of them are earth. I also played my hard copy of earth in person yesterday. And I can't wait for my friend to get the ticket to ride legacy that is due to come to her, because she invited me to be one of the four people playing the campaigns with her. 🎉

  9. Great video! I really want to try War of the Ring the Card Game and, of course, Ticket to Ride Legacy.

  10. I can't seem to find any information on the new Version of a Feast for Odin. Which means I can't decide if I should plan to pass my old copy along to someone else and pick it up! The first world of first world problems lol

  11. Excellent stuff as always Chaz. I'm now eagerly awaiting the debut of the new WiP uniform and hat 😉

  12. I want to play War of the Ring…. but I need to find a friend…. 😔😉

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