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10🔥Hottest🔥Board Games This Month & WHY!

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These are the top tabletop, card, and board games gaining popularity this month! Find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about!

*Dixit: Disney Edition*

Will others guess which Disney film you’re talking about?


*Hard to Get*

The witness must communicate the correct word to the detectives!

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  1. For Chaz the Blood Hound – wouldn´t it be interesting, if someone would make an upload about which board game awards exit in different countries… 🙂

  2. Whisper, whisper,, whisper "the climbers" whisper "shh! Chaz is coming"

  3. Lorcana is gone crazy because the dissy people who collect have gone nuts. I know of people who just want the cards and could care less about the game. They are just picking up their own favorites. My one friend bought two cases and will never play the game. Oh well.

  4. I’m surprised so many board game YouTubers cover Lorcana.

  5. Thanks!
    That reminds me I need to pick up Barcelona! 🙂

  6. So many games to pick each month. Every month is a test of my wallet and my storage space

  7. Maaaaaan…I really wish to try Voidfall. One day, I hope mumble mumble mumble

  8. I have all 3 great western trail games, and I am glad I have them all. But I love Pfister’s games.

    My rankings of the versions?
    Best to worst: New Zealand, OG w/Rails to the North, Argentina, then OG.

  9. I’m intrigued by both Argentina and New Zealand versions of GWT, but given the lack of recent plays my current version has, I think New Zealand will wait until I have a full day to play at a cafe or convention. Which is a shame… because sheep!
    I did see Cardboard Alchemy were dropping new dragon minis for Flamecraft which suggests that something might be coming. I thought an expansion maybe?

  10. The "Some other reason" for Lorcana is the pending lawsuit with Upper Deck. If the game gets pulled from the shelves as a result, anyone who has cards will be able to cash them in for a lot. Some of the promo cards are already going for thousands because of this.

  11. I must say I'm much more interested in Disney Dixit than Lorcana, but then again, I'm a huge fan of the different ways Dixit can be used ^^

  12. If humans have "Jazz Hands", what do dogs have?

    Dramatic Paws

  13. With all due respect, Chaz (and there is plenty due), Waffles are waaay more Tom Hanks than Tom Cruise. It's not a waffles vs pancakes thing, it's a "which one of these men sits down to have a solid breakfast vs which one opts for the contemporary equivalent of Soylent Green" thing

  14. Waffles are much more Tom Hanks. Waffles are fluffy and comforting and sweet

  15. As much as I like this channel for its' "how to play" videos, these kind of annoy me because I can't skip to to the next game if one doesn't interest me.

  16. What's up with all the "Fall" title games? That's it! The next game I'm designing is going to be called, "FallFall". It's about leaves in the Fall Falling 😁 Instant hit by name affiliation alone.🤠👍

  17. As a Yorkshire tyke, a sheep version of GWT is very attractive!

  18. No Lorcana cards were harmed in the production of this video.

  19. To say lorcana still isn’t hot would be ridiculous. The game sold out so fast it made your head spin. It’s hot because it’s limited with enchanted cards to make it even better which builds even more excitement for buying more . The gameplay is fun quick and you can build your own decks. It’s magic for people who don’t want to jump into magic. The art is awesome. And it’s super easy to teach. Voidfall. I haven’t seen that much buzz on channels for this. There’s 36 different color combinations you can play in lorcana and customize your deck for. I’m hooked can you tell.word of warning it’s an investment you’ll want everything for it. I didn’t want it because I figured I wouldn’t be able to get any. After I did I really liked it .

  20. I own GWT 2nd edition and Rail to the North expansion and I am pretty sure I am not getting the Argentina and New Zealand, simply because they don't seem different enough than the base game. But if one of my friends is considering buying a GWT title l, I'll encourage them to get a different version so we got to play both.

  21. My voidfall copy just arrived today! So excited! 🙂

  22. As the author of Space Alone, I am very suprised and pleased by this mention 🙂 Thank you very much, this is really a big thing for me ! 😀

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