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10 Best Board Games For The Pub

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  1. Hanabi is my favourite pub game. Definitely a game that gets better the drunker people get.

  2. I was looking forward to a new collection starter vid!

  3. Nice to see another list, I was getting somewhat jaded at the let’s play videos. Also greatly missing explained and especially Actually Good

  4. I'm glad Skull was on this list because after seeing it on BGC I have really wanted to play it. You could even just play it with a regular deck using 3 of one color and 1 of the other per person, y'know, if you're a cheap uncultured bastard if you don't wanna buy the beautiful design version.

  5. We have Zombie Dice. And it’s great fun.

  6. When I was in a poker league, I brought Coup to play when eliminated waiting for the next game. The other poker players became obsessed with Coup and couldn't wait to play again after losing poker.

  7. I wish we had anything approaching proper pubs in my part of the world. I don't do bars or clubs, but I feel like it'd be easier to get friends into board games if they happened at a neutral location, rather than someone's house.

  8. Amazing content. Could I please request the game called Superclub please

  9. Happy to see the return of the (shopping) lists! Top 10 games for pubs definitely feels like a very UK list, but I see a lot of games I like in any small gathering here, and Kluster looks like a lot of fun!

    Sidenote, there are no timestamps with affiliated links in the description or chapters in the video this time, was that intentional? I did like to have them when browsing through the videos in the collection starter playlist.

  10. Oh please.
    Do you honestly think nerds like us would be caught dead in a pub?

  11. Glad this series is back. Simple, concise overviews of the games that give you a good feel of what they’re about. Even though I’ve got a lot of games, it gives me ideas of games to round out my collection or to give as gifts. Hope to see more new ones to come.

  12. Am here from America and I have to say…. you guys are awesome.

  13. If you were to post affiliate links to the games available for purchase and were able to monetize that I would happily buy a lot of your recommended games from sources that further benefit your channel financially.

    Thank you for this list it made my day!!

  14. List request: You made a list for "Board games like Cluedo but better". I would like a similar list for Monopoly.

  15. Oh, how I've missed this kind of content from Adam!

  16. Thank you for including a scene from bosnian hit sitcom ''Lud, zbunjen, normalan'' (Crazy, confused, normal one) 🙂

  17. LOVE seeing the lists come back!!! I adore BGC, but the lists, sketches, cosplay showcases and mini-documentaries have always made this channel extra special to me.

    Also, VERY happy to see a variation of Liar's Dice making an appearance. That used to be a staple here in Mexico as well up until the mid-00's, when it started getting phased out in favour of Jenga (and the Card Game That Shall Not Be Named later on). It's always insane amounts of fun, even if you're not betting.

  18. Love seeing lists again!! Can’t wait for more!!

  19. Has anyone tried Spyfall while not sober? It's portable(ish), easy to explain, short, social and takes up very little table space but it requires a certain mindset that I'm not sure will be helped by alcohol.

  20. rad lands sounds more like shadowfist just simpler

  21. Amazed you haven't put 6 nimmt in here! Another classic for sure.

  22. We have pubs here…they all turn into bars where folks go “this is called a pub?…really?…ew…let’s go to a bar…”

  23. Was that Quartro line even a winning line?

  24. Yo, Love Letter, Fluxx, and Dragon Lunch better be on this list!

  25. Adam check out Lunch money fantastic in a pub setting

  26. We've played a game called Trophy Buck, it's literally the exact same game as Zombie dice but with deer instead of zombies its amazing

  27. Missed the top 10s! Still love the regular programming on NRB but a surprisingly great top 10 is wonderful to see after a long period of absence!

  28. Love your top 10s and reviews.
    There are many channels that do the same but this one is to me one that explains and shows best the rules and how good it is to play them.

  29. Utterly ashamed that I thought Liars Dice was only ever known as 'strip liars dice' from Leisure Suit Larry 7. Super keen that a legit version exists XD

  30. I'm thrilled the Collection Starter is back; as much as I enjoy the at-the-table stuff on this channel, I really love the stuff like this, Masterpieces, Explained and the history ones.

    My wallet hates Collection Starter, though. Now that I know it exists, I need a copy of Kluster.

  31. Maybe it’s a personal thought, but I like the idea of champions of the wild in a pub.

    A game that is more about argument and discussion than playing cards. Just enough rules to contain and start the conversation, and then it can go off.

    I understand it’s already been on a list though.

  32. Anyone else whose happy to know the name of the game in POTC 2 is Perudo? No? Just me? Well Davy Jones be damned, I'm selling my soul for a copy 😂

  33. Just a thought that popped into my head

    What about an asymmetric game for the pub

    The designated driver as the DM or big bad that the drinking players have to combine their dwindling sense to beat.

    I don’t drink, but I think it would be an interesting way to incorporate someone not drinking into a pub game

  34. Almost every game in this list is a deception game of sorts. They are ok, but i find i only can play 1, maybe 2 rounds before i need something better. Liars Dice is a good one, i'll give it that, but the others are mostly meh for me (i've played most of them). Push It looked decent for a pub game though.

    Some others i found to work well are:

    6 Nimmt!

  35. Watched this earlier. Noticed I had no dexterity games in my collection so tried to find Push It . Not in stock anywhere so ordered my own wooden discs to make my own version. Going to name it Rhona after the great Olympian. A fitting tribute to a wonderful athlete…

    It was a toss up between calling it that and Palma Fuera which translates to "Palm Off" in Spanish. "Palm of" translates to "Palma De". Brian De Palma directed Scarface. Push it to the limit. Was too fruity though and the validation of someone perhaps reading this was enough.

    Rhona, you will be honoured…

    It's 3am

  36. Seeing the magnets shift in Kluster is genuinely unnerving. I could totally see it being used as a component in a horror RPG just like Jenga is with Dread.

  37. One of my favorite pub style games is Roll for It.
    And I wasn't aware of Kluster, but I'll definitely have to check it out.

  38. Love Letter! A vicious game that will make your friends hate you.

  39. I got into board gaming during the pandemic thanks to this channel. I truly value NRB's opinion and lists more than any other channel or website.

  40. SUGGESTION: 10 TV shows and movies about or based on board games…

  41. Sullivan acting in this video is off the charts!

  42. Adam why do you own the German version of Cockroach poker?

  43. I love games like Kluster for the pub because it isn't the kind of game that demands that you talk about the game. You can play it while catching up and chatting about anything. Having said that, the game that I've played most in a pub, and which has managed to borrow the attention of most bystanders, was Hive. Such a cerebral little game – sure, it doesn't evoke much conversation like Kluster enables but it's small, clever, and comes in a little bag, so easy to transport.

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