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10 Best Board Games For The Pub

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  1. No Cribbage?! Literally such a institution, it was only legal game you can play for money in a pub!

  2. Games I have played many times at the pub Pass The Pigs, Games I have played now and again, Get Bit, Sushi Go Party, Undersea Adventure and Tiny Epic Galaxies. Various weights for various groups!

  3. Great list! Thanks! Would like to see more interactive games, cause i like them the most (Coup, Cosmic Encounter and Kuhhandel are some of ny favourites)

  4. My mate owns a pub and we play twilight imperium there. The looks from the patrons are priceless

  5. Fandooble is a great pub game. 3 dice, dragons, wizards, thieves and knights all battle it out to win you gold. All in a pocket sizes pouch.

  6. I’ve always thought that “Pairs” would be a great pub game. At the end of every game there’s exactly one loser. Guess who buys the next round?

  7. Push it.
    "The drink is in game and you're not allowed to touch it"
    That's how bodies start to pile up around me, by denying me my drink.

  8. "Heads will Roll" great pub game. Have 2 bronze and 2 silver skulls, plus a shield and a treasure chest. Roll them like dice on the table and try and flick the shield to touch the chest for 1 point. But if you go through a pair of skulls get bonus points, 1 for bronze 2 for silver, and another flick. A bit of push your luck and Dexterity game.

  9. I know a way to use push it set to make portable crokinole with home rules. It is so fun, and it is a coffee house staple for me

  10. I emigrated from the UK and I miss proper pubs, and those willing to play in said pubs. Here it's bars with loud music, and people who just try to get drunk (which isn't actually that different from the UK, thinking about it).

  11. Coup is the one, none of my mates trust each other so every turn it's "I don't believe you have that!" 🤣

  12. Instant bought 3 of these games.

    Edit: following up. Game stores in my region can’t carry Kluster, because drunk adults may eat magnets.

  13. I'm surprised talking about Skull isn't bringing back any certain memories…

  14. Awesome games! Now…to covince myself to be social.

  15. Zombie Dice and Uno both get better and better with every IPA that goes down. Liar's Dice is fun, too, but only when drinking rum. With each shot, everyone's accent morphs more and more into a Hollywood pirate's accent until you're all singing the Pirate's of the Caribbean theme. Oh, the memories.

  16. I’ll be bringing my copies of number 1 and 2 to my next pub trip next week

  17. My house running gag in Coup is that everyone is a Duke in round 1. Seriously there's 3 copies of each card in the deck and I've had games where in the first round 4 people in a row each claimed to have a Duke.

  18. It appears Blampied has taken to drowning his sorrows over LOTB by regular visits to the pub

  19. Amazing list! 😍
    You brought to light a lot of games that I had never heard about! Thanks!

  20. So happy to see the return of the lists! They've helped me get into board gaming and I'm going to be ordering Kluster asap

  21. Will you ever cover spirit island?! Would love that

  22. I can vouch for skull. Played it with family on vacation and they love it. It gets so much better after you have a few

  23. Great vid. Just a note for wearers of wind up / automatic watches…. Take it off before playing Kluster because you can easily magnetise your main spring and your watch will start running way too fast!

  24. Wait, I thought you had said the game from your collection that you had played the most was 6 nimmt. Which one is it?

    In any case, I didn't know kluster but it looks interesting. As for skull, what minimum amount of players do you recommend? I tried it once with 3 players but it didn't work out.

  25. Have you played Tempel des Schreckens / Temple of Secrets? I know you guys will LOVE it, it hands down beats coup, and I am sure will rival Cockroach Poker!

  26. If you're looking for a game that doesn't get harmed by spillages, and you have a brain that's refined by a few drinks. Too Many Bones is waterproof (as long as you leave the box at home).

  27. Fluxx is one of my favourites. Requires the same amount of space as Cockroach Poker, but with radically changing rules, the game can last 10 seconds (I'm not kidding) or 10 minutes, depending on the shithousery at the table. And with so many unique versions, each with their own defining mechanic, you can easily switch between them for maximum variety!

  28. No CLR? Come on now. Was hoping for something different on this list but it's the same games played on channel.

  29. I'd love to actually go to a proper pub.

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  31. Try Left Centre Right- v small, just 3 specialist dice and some tokens. Can come in a small tin. You can make your own rules like first out gets next round, or take a drink on certain rolls. Plus people can come back in and never quite be out completely. As an aside, kids can also easily pick this one up easily so can be a restaurantpub game

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