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10 Best Board Games of All Time with the Game Boy Geek

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This is the next video in my 101 Best Board Games of All Time (10 -1)!

101 Best Games of All Time Video (20-11) –

0:00 – Introduction
0:38 – 10
3:53 – 9
6:54 – 8
10:17 – 7
11:54 – 6
13:54 – 5
17:09 – 4
20:04 – 3
22:59 – 2
26:50 – 1
30:28 – Summary

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  1. Nice list and things I learned. I think Ethnos kills Ticket to Ride.

  2. Yay, made it to the top!! Got my coffee ready, about to watch…👀

  3. Fox in the Forest is the best trick taking game

  4. Loved the list. Baseball highlights seems good but the art really holds it back imo

  5. Hehe, lots of deduction. You really got your own special taste 🙂 However, Power Grid is bad… sorry but it is. Like two catch-up mechanics, very very long play time etc etc.
    I will check out that Planet X game. Would also be nice to try that Jack game.
    I got Skull King and Lords of Vegas. I also got a Ticket to Ride version, called Märklin (said to be the best one). Sadly not gotten the chance to play them yet.

  6. I would advise against baseball highlights unless you go all in on the super deluxe edition. I bought 5 of their expansions and 2 of them had different sized cards. After a month of being ghosted, they told me they knew about the issue but tough luck. I can't shuffle them normally and you can tell when those cards are about to be drawn. Eagle Gryphon's poor customer service means you could get stuck in the same situation. If you get the deluxe version, it will have all the expansions and they will be the same size cards. But that means you will be dropping almost $100 for a mini game.

  7. Did Raptor make the top 101? I remember you raving about it long ago and that convinced me to buy it. Still love that one.

  8. I agree with almost all of these picks. We have very similar taste in games! Although I wish five tribes were less point salady. I will have to try powergrid now…

  9. Thanx for bringing Planet X to my attention, duder! I'm def going to get my mitts on that one! Cheers!

  10. Was waiting the whole time to see where BH2045 would land… nice! I remember you reviewing it back in the day and convinced me to pick it up early in my board game hobby (early because the quality of this game ramped up my enjoyment of the hobby in general). Still one of the few 10/10s for me.

  11. This is great Dan. Thanks for making this list. Been fun to watch!

  12. Great list Dan. Can't wait to hear how the debunk video goes, see how many your friend gets correct

  13. I’ve been thinking about picking up The Search for Planet X and now I think I’m just gonna have to pull the trigger on that one. Thanks!

  14. WoW ! Mr. Jack NY ! So high in the list ! That’s pretty cool for a so old game now ! Did you already get the new version ?

  15. Great list! It’s very refreshing to not see the same old games on everyone’s top 10 list. I was getting pretty burnt out on these. Kudos for Five Tribes and Skull King. We just keep coming back to Skull King. So much fun.

  16. Every list of yours is a shocker! Always surprised with where your games ended up on the list, but I knew you liked all these games. I really want to play Search For Planet X, but I doubt my group will play it. I got my aunt who hates board games to play Whitehall Mystery and love it, as well as getting my uncle, who only played Monopoly and Risk back in the day, to play more board games. He loves On Tour, Twilight Struggle, Kingsburg with all the variants, and his new all time favorite Dune Imperium. Thanks for these lists. Besides the trick-taking games, I saw some games I'll definitely pick up and try. Keep up the excellent work, as always. You rock!

  17. As a huge sports and board game fan, I don't think there's another game that scratches the itch quite like Baseball Highlights and Football Highlights does. The feeling of having the perfect Audible or Pinch Hitter come out at just the right time is so great. Its been a fun trip through your top 100, thanks for sharing!

  18. This is great! I just found you this year and my daughter loves listening to you like I. I bought many from miniature market from your recommendation for Christmas! I Love how your #3,4,5 tops are some of our family favorites. We get Skull king for lots and it’s diverse and loved by kids and elderly alike!

  19. can somebody recommend me some other great trick-taking games for family groups – ty in advance

  20. five tribes is quite expensive I'm just wondering can anybody confirm the reprint rumors and if the reprint will include the expansions? – ty in advance

  21. thanks Dan – I'm taking a hard look at five tribes

  22. Great list, and your one of the few reviewers that have my favorite game “lords of Vegas” anywhere in the top 10 🍻

  23. dan, any word on the new edition of mr. jack in new york?

  24. I absolutely love baseball highlights! Great choice!

  25. The fact that neither chess, checkers, or even Monopoly made this list just invalidates it. I mean really, chess has been played for over a THOUSAND years and there's still tens of millions of people who play it world-wide today, yet it's not even top 10? Gtfo with your stupid list. P.S. More people play chess than all these other games COMBINED

  26. Great list, Dan! 😀 I also love your #1 and bought EVERYTHING there is for it. lol I may be crazy. 🙂

  27. great work. My least favourite mechanisms are negotiation and deduction so obv quite a few gaps for me, but great games inbetween!

  28. Really great list and series of videos. I’m not a big deduction fan or hidden movement. So I’m not sure if some of your favs would gel for me but your other styles connect home so much! I love your perspective and mantra! Great job.

  29. Many thanks for the list! Ordered Search for Planet X immediately. Looks right down my alley. Will also check out Mr. Jack in New York.

  30. So happy to see 5 Tribes in the top 10. It is currently my #1 🙌🙌🙌

  31. We love Skull King and have been playing a lot lately with the new White Whale card/power!!!

  32. I just played skull king for the first time tonight. Wow It’s amazing! I didn’t realize you were such a big fan.

  33. 15:32 That was beautiful. I love it when you drop these subtle but heartwarming comments.
    You are right, mechanics, theme, and miniatures, or whatever we use to measure the quality of a game don't match the joy of spending time playing games with the family, even if that means only playing ticket to ride over and over.
    These types of things and the joy of a surprising saxophone serenade are what make this channel amazing.

  34. Nice list I don't have one single game of it… sob

  35. Nice top 10 …1 of these days I'll get Codenames duet to the table …not to mention simpsons & harry potter

  36. I really should have tried Search for Planet X last weekend when I had the opportunity. Looks like lots of fun! (And I got to learn Five Tribes from Bruno Cathala, too—it was a delight!)

  37. Baseball Highlights 2045 is definitely one of the best games of all time. I don't like deckbuilders either, but this one does it so well.

  38. What a disappointment. 80% light games. Qué decepción. 80% juegos livianitos

  39. Really happy to see Five tribes on here. It's in my top 10 two but no one really talks about it anymore which is too bad. I think it is a masterpiece.

  40. I have watched your top 50-1.
    Interesting list, but there is hardly any match with my top50.

    Your list contains a lot of
    – word games
    – deduction games
    – abstract games
    – party games
    – all in all mostly light to medium weight

    My list contains a lot of
    – medium to heavy euro games
    – medium to thematic games incl LCGs (fantasy, horror, sci-fi)
    – long epic games

    E.g. the BGG top 100 is loaded with worker placement game and deckbuilders.

    As your name incudes "geek" I would have expected to find my "heavy gamer's games". 😉

    So unfortunately, not a lot of relevant inspiration for me to grab except for few "real" deduction games (no social deduction) which I'm basically interested in but havent played a lot so far.

  41. Amazing list! Like everyone else in the comments, I find your list so good because it reflects what non-hard-core geeks will like but people like my family and non-gamer friends! Awesome!!
    And yes, Bruno Cathala is a rock star.

  42. Woohoo!! Thrilled we're in your top 10!!

  43. Interesting list. Very different from many other lists. Seems like you have a knack for elegant but deep games with a lot of replay value.

  44. Leaving YouTube… I hope you place your content on Rumble in the future.

  45. Lords of Vegas and five tribes on the same list!
    Did we just become best friends?

  46. I so appreciate this list. I’m getting into board games but forging my own path since I don’t have friends introducing any to me. I recently bought ticket to ride for 75$ CAD and absolutely love it, and so did my friends.

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