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10 BEST Solo Board Game MECHANICS in 2022

Legendary Tactics
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If you’re new to playing solo board games, this video is a great starting place because I’ll share about 35 solo board games, along with the 10 game mechanics that drive them. We’ll look at the 10 best solo board game mechanics in 2021 and I’ll show you how it’s possible to play a game with one player.

There are a wide range of solo board game mechanics. Innovative approaches have spawned a long list really incredible solo games. I’ve grouped solitaire games by their mechanics. Some board games cross over and use many different mechanics. Hopefully you find a game in this lot that interests you.

0:00 Gaming Solo
0:48 #10 – Dice Rolling
1:59 #9 – Flow Charts
3:08 #8 – Automa / Dummy Opponent
4:16 #7 – Tile or Worker Placement
5:24 #6 – Card Drafting
6:23 #5 – Event Deck
7:10 #4 – Grid Movement
8:23 #3 – Hand Management
9:36 #2 – Deck, Bag, and Pool Building
10:33 #1 – Narrative Story





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  1. I am new to the board game hobby. However, I am not new to learning and this is one of the best educational channels I have found on YouTube for any niche interest. Fantastic job!

  2. Just noticed the photo from the thumbnail is the same as bored online board offline’s mage knight vids

  3. What's your favourite Solo board game mechanic?

  4. One very notable solo wargame played for the narratives it creates is "B-17 Queen of the Skies" (now out of print). It spawned games like "The Hunters", "Target For Today", and many others which are in print. The Stuka Joe YouTube channel has a wonderful playthrough series of QOTS. "Dawn of the Zeds 3rd Ed" is another good one, with great narratives.

  5. I like all mechanics. Well done video. Thanks for making it for us.

  6. Simp-magnet in the thumbnail?
    Clever devil, you.

  7. For me for solo never give me vp based games and never give me fighting with dices 🙂
    Also really not a fan of flow charts I didn't came to work sorry

  8. I've been working on a solo mode for my fantasy themed investment game that I think introduces a new twist to another new mechanic pioneered in Dwellings of Eldervale's solo mode. In DoE, it uses an automaton deck, but you have 3 possible options that you can prepare for allowing you to anticipate what the automaton opponent might do. In my game, Mercenaries of Esterok, I've taken that idea and expanded upon it. In addition to having the automaton randomly select between 3 options on a turn, each of these three options builds upon what it had done in a pervious round, effectively letting the automaton plan 1 turn in advance.

    If you'd like to see how it works yourself, you can try it out on Tabletop Simulator here:

    Attached are videos for the base rules as well as how to operate the solo mode. Also great break down of solo mode mechanics!

  9. Dune Imperium has a good solo variant along with an app campaign that handles your AI players Deck.

  10. Aeon’s End is a superb cooperative deck builder, love it! My favorite bag builder is Orleans.

  11. Any solo designed by David Turczi. The mechanic for Anachrony is unique with an AI Board and dice. I also love the decks in the West Kingdom Series for solo.

  12. weakest part of this video is the intro. Made me almost skip the whole thing. What does that girl or the guy jave to do with any of it. So generic, ugh.

  13. Very clever video ! I love thé way you analysis of the various mechanisms with their strengths and weaknesses.
    Congrats !

  14. Euro Games.

    The best accountancy simulators on the market.

  15. This is the first video from this content creator that I've come across and I commend the quality of the video. Very well put together.

    I'm a sucker for dungeon crawls with character progression. I'm currently in love with Chronicles of Drunagor. Happy gaming everyone.

  16. I really like Flip & Write / Roll & Write Games for solo play

  17. I like more muddy games, not pure deck builders for example. A few examples are One Deck Dungeon, the Phantom The Card game and Zerywia.
    A well written story is essential and I often get involved in editing and proofreading just to get it right. The result is phenomenal.
    Your last question is a good one.

    I think for me it’s about the scenarios. Scenarios make a game come to life.

    So naturally I have the classics Arkham Horror lcg and WQACG and since Monday Memoir 44. I already built the books on the Stalingrad offensive and Market garden and a few others.

    I thought I liked sandbox games but I don’t.

  18. I didn't release there were so many digital versions of boardgames!

  19. This is such a great video! Solo gaming is underrated. I play Lord of the Rings LCG alone and it's a blast.

  20. Great video, high quality. Totally disagree with dice rolling being #10, especially with “push your luck” and “hand management” being #3. Dice rolling is push your luck as well and I’m sure a lot of people love rolling dice and would put that’s mechanic a lot higher. Definitely agree with #1 hah

  21. "search for the emperor`s treasure" and "knights of camelot" are 2 games that we`ve been playing lately in my group. Both provide a nice sense of story being told for each character, they are not overly long and they have replayability cause they are not narrative so you can fill the gaps with your imagination. Both are also olg dames that you can build yourself with few components, and they look nice. The lovely (IMO) character art in "Search for…" got my sister and gf to play the game, which is a lot and ended up playing it more than "Legends of ANDOR"…. Knights of Camelot I play alone or with a friendwho also likes to struggle with the english language like i do, it`s a cool game.
    I really enjoyed this video, a bit too heavy on stock footage but the quality is great, subbed.

  22. Hi! I liked the video in the way you edit it and the rhythm of it but if I have to be honest it confused me a bit. Sometimes you gave me the impression that you know what you are talking about and sometimes not. To make a few examples, you paired up deckbuilding and card drafting or worker placement with tile placement: I understand that sometimes games mix them, but generally, the main mechanism is 1 of those, and deckbuilding and card drafting are really different. The last thing that confused me is that you "compared" mage knight to dominion and terra mystica. Ok, there is a deck-building element, but is way far from the one in dominion, and regarding TM, the only similarity I can see is the hexagon grid.

    At the end I enjoyed the video, and that is what it counts and hope you can take my criticism just as a feedback and not as a gnarly comment, that is not what I mean.

    Thank you.

  23. I’m not going to watch your video because of the clickbait. Let the board games speak for itself, don’t rely on some girl in the thumbnail for clicks.

  24. How are you playing these games on your pc? I don't know how. I would love to be able to

  25. Breakaway Football has a compelling solo mode where the opponent's decisions are made with two 1d6 rolls. The info is parsed out to the human because the formation the bot selects can influence the player's choice. It makes you feel like you are playing against a real person, especially since each team has its own unique AI tuned to the strength of their cards.

  26. Asymmetric player powers like in spirit island and too many bones. Each character is so different from the others that each play feels completely different because you have a new "toolset" to use to beat the game.

  27. is that your family in the screen clips?? if not, do you have to pay for them??

  28. Not sure where this fits in….but I always struggle with Card counting…..the player that knows the cards the best will always have an advantage…..i don't see a way around that other than having TONS of cards. At least the computer gives (we think ) a great shuffle. I guess i suffer because i like seeing new cards, and getting surprised…….if i start playing say talisman, knowing there is card out there that i need, it takes away a bit of the fun of the adventure….same with twiglite struggle……and well, almost any card game…hmmmm

  29. Excellent! I am new to your channel but I am enjoying the way you present topics logically with good voice tempo. I also enjoy the comprehensive coverage of multiple games as examples of what you are describing. Bravo!

  30. Really useful video for someone new to gaming like myself. I noticed a clip of a digital version of Legendary Encounters Aliens. I've been hunting for this game for age. Does anyone know where I can buy the digital version? Thanks.

  31. Dice rolling is no more random than card drawing. It all depends on what manipulation may be done with the results.

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