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10 Board Game Recommendations! | If you like A, try B!

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Hey friends! Welcome to the channel and welcome to my first “If you like A, try B” video! I’m excited to do more of these. I really enjoying trying to come up with these recommendations. Hope you all enjoy and be sure to add any more recommendation you have down in the comment!

00:00 intro
01:05 if you like 7 Wonders…
03:57 if you like Barenpark…
06:55 if you like Ticket To Ride…
08:59 if you like Splendor…
11:33 if you like Wingspan…
13:45 if you like Incan Gold…
16:40 if you like Carcassonne…
19:24 if you like Yahtzee…
20:49 if you like Pandemic
22:55 if you like Azul
25:22 outro

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  1. I don't know why but Earth just didn't feel as good as WIngspan. The theme for Earth just felt like it disappeared instantly, where as Wingspan never felt as mechanical.

  2. Just recently found this channel and it is definitely a new reason to smile!

    I was looking at the thrift store the other day and saw a copy of Hadrian’s wall and as I was driving home I was listening to the top solo games of 2022 video and as soon as you said Hadrian’s Wall as your number one, I went straight back to the shop and picked it up! Love it!

  3. The world needs more “If you like A, try B” videos.

  4. Thank you for doing this. 😊. I wish more content creators would provide lists like this. Several I could add is if you like Concordia, check out Faiyum. And if you like Ticket to Ride, check out both Airlines Europe and Ethnos.

  5. Did you play the Roll and cook game from your P&P book! The Wok and Roll reminded me of that! Where did u get it? I want that one lol!

  6. Overall very good recommendations (for the ones i played of course) but i don't really see the link between pandemic and stardew valley aside from the fact that they're coop and i don't like either of them. Maybe The Spill would be a better comparison ? but i didn't play it so i don't know if it's better. Or even Eldritch Horror could work ! and it's good.

  7. Hello Jenna, I picked up Megaland a few years ago at a Target near our family camp and we still play it like once a year. A fun game

  8. These kinds of videos are great. Still allows for a list to be made, with alternatives thrown in.

  9. Jenna, i will pick up Megaland tomorrow at a store near me. how can i ship it to you?

  10. Love this. Would like to see more of "If you like A, try B".

  11. Another good one in place of Pandemic is Dead Men Tell No Tales.

  12. This is a great list already looking into your recommendations. How about Lanterns Harvest festival?

  13. This is my preferred type of recommendation content!

  14. Another one for Ticket to Ride is Caesar's Empire

  15. Oh thank you for the It's a Wonderful World love! We have another expansion coming out next month called Leisure & Decadence 🎭

  16. And it works both ways… if you tried B you might like A. Thanks Jenna

  17. hi, do you try the solo version of vivid ? good videos thanks 🙂

  18. Another great video! So nice to see Megaland get some love — such an underrated light game!

  19. Great video🙂 I've just purchased Earth and it is a fantastic game🙂

  20. There‘s an official solo variant for Carcassonne that you can find on the internet. It is quite simple and relatively short. Maybe you want to try it before getting rid of the game.

  21. Great video idea! From my side I would recommend Majolica if you like Azul!

  22. Great Video 😍 Thanks for the recommendations! I will be in New York (travelling from Munich, Germany) in June and will try to find a Target store to get Megaland.

  23. Great video! 😊 Maybe you should do a video about the games you're getting rid of. I might be early in the hobby, but thinking of getting rid of Ticket to ride or Carcassonne feels like the 8th sin 🤔😂

  24. I don't like 7 Wonders but love iaww! 🙂

    They're quite different though…

  25. But if you like B, will you like A? Or are they the simplified versions?

  26. i’m so happy to see wok and roll here! south east asian board game representation!

  27. Great idea for a video! I liked you comparison selections a lot 👍Another Pandemic type game we really have enjoyed recently is The Spill.

  28. I kinda enjoyed Yahtzee as a kid I guess. When I got into modern boardgames I really hated dice and avoided them. Then I played Roll Player as filler before a meet up and fell in love with dice DRAFTING. I think Yahtzee and dice drafting is the overlap working most for me.

  29. Thanks for this video, as always, you make some of the best board game content out there! Love hearing about and/or finding some new titles to check out.

  30. Where can you buy Wok and Roll in the US?

  31. This is an awesome video! Content queen.

    I have Tenpenny still on my Shelf of Shame. Also, EARTH & Small Islands are now on my short list.

  32. “You can get with this or you can get with that!” 😅

  33. I so want Megaland. Seems like it comes with a cute kitty cat 🤗🥰

  34. Great video! I would say another great game for people who like Carcassonne would be Land vs. Sea, and for those who like Yahtzee, I always recommend Dice Throne, which gets referred to as Battle Yahtzee a lot because it has the same Roll up to 3 times, keep what you want, reroll what you don't want mechanic.

  35. Instead of Stardew Valley, you should try Creature Comforts.

    I'd also like to recommend the 2 player Pentago. It's Tic Tac Toe on steroids.

  36. Awesome video! I often introduce new players to splendor or century golem. Great picks

  37. I would also recommend The Grand Carnival for someone who likes Barenpark.

  38. Oooo vivid seems like a great sub for azul! My wife and I love both Wingspan and Azul so Earth and vivid are now on the top of my "date night games to buy" list. Ha!

  39. Such a fun list! And I would happily play Ticket to Ride on BGA!!! (It's one of our original favorites, a 10/10 for us, and a permanent fixture I the collection. I actually think the BGA iterations does a solid job recreating it, too.)

    And I definitely need to check out Earth; seeing a lot of love for that out in the ether.

  40. Empyreal Steam is high on my wishlist. Looks super fun.

  41. I recommend a game I created called MOSAIC. NOT Mosaic: A Story of Civilization. It is JUST called MOSAIC. It is in the abstract strategy category and is sold at most Barnes and Noble stores and manufactured by Continuum Games.

    It is similar to HIVE and HEXOMINOES in that those other 2 games are also ABSTRACT STRATEGY and those other 2 games are tile only (no board, kind of like dominoes) and the ONLY shape is equilateral hexagons.

    I also want to recommend FLIP WORDS, which is somewhat similar to SCRABBLE but unlike most Scrabble knock offs it has an entirely different scoring system and is NOT just a Scrabble clone where letter values changed and bonus spaces were rearranged. In that sense it is similar to UP WORDS in that UpWords was arguably the first and most successful game that is a variation on Scrabble but with an entirely different scoring system.

    Both of the above mentioned games are for sale at the Continuum Games store on Amazon.

  42. More on the "A,B" thing: My dear friend Teresa Talbott, an author and game designer, created a game called MISSING LYNX. It has a very strong ENVIRONMENTAL THEME which makes it similar to all nature based games, the whole genre so its hard to name any one, maybe examples are Evolution or Wingspan.

    It also has detective elements making it similar to CLUE (but with much higher morality and redeeming social value) and WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SANDIAGO since its about finding an animal somewhere in the world who is being hunted.

  43. I've been playing an inordinate amount of Yahtzee atm on BGA, but that's partially because I was brought back to dice games with Ganz Schoen Clever! which is bloody great

  44. Hi there, nice little vidéo here !

    Earth was personnaly a big disapointment, especially the french version wich get some misprints.

    The ergonomy of the game is quite bad, the traits (bold, grass, and the worst -> Italics) are a pain to see.

    And the solo, on normal mode can also turn a lot on the "bad luck" side of the spectrum.

    all in all, a real big deception for me.


    I had the same with it's a wonderful world few years ago. in the end, after few solo games, i tought like "well… all of that.. for that ?"

    On the polyo side, we do really enjoy "alice's garden" wich is fast and easy, and also perfect with beginners.

    Also can't wait to receive my french version of Planet Unknown to see if it gets what it need to became my 1st polyo game !

    Really glad to see some love for Small Islands !
    Long time i haven't played it but i really liked what i experienced with this litlle and pretty one !
    I would put it on a more advanced carcassone spectrum thus

    On the Tile side of the force my absolute favorite is still : Cascadia !

    Great mention aswell for Kingdomino

    On the pandemic side, i really like the Clone Wars version wich is the only pandemic i kept

    But on a pandemic yet No Pandemic game we really enjoyed "Exctinction !"
    wich get a really cool "nature preservation" theme ! and a really nice dice managment game with a lot of cooperation !
    If you never tried that one, then you should 🙂

    Cheers from belgium !

  45. Very nice idea , didn't see others videos like that i enjoyed !

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