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10 Board Game Resolutions For 2022 | Sketch

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Happy New Year! What are your plans for 2022? We’ve invited some of the NRB family to share theirs. Here’s to a hopeful and happy year ahead

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  1. How have I, someone brand new to board gaming, already played 3 of the games that Adam owns but hasn’t played yet. Lol (Those are Power Grid, which was okay; Nidavellier, which was good; and Marvel Villainous, which I own and love).

  2. My boardgame resolution is start a boardgame collection and to play them with friends 👍

  3. Hosted my first board game night on my birthday 2021, id like to make it a monthly event. But with covid…and the winter months of the Midwestern united states…maybe I need to go back to the earlier BGC videos and start digitally. Maybe make some new friends who will also find the idea fun.

  4. I can not wait for blood on the clock tower in person. I can already see sully frantically trying to convince everyone he’s not the demon when he’s actually just the juggler LOL

  5. On the off chance that Adam does get into MTG, there are some awesome UK based content creators like PleasantKenobi and Spice8rack that I'd love to see on NRB!!

  6. My resolution is to eat dice with more VARIETY. I've been giving all of my attention to six-sided dice, and that's not fair to the others. I ate a four-sided die today and while I'm sure I have internal bleeding (I can taste it when I cough), I feel like progress has been made.

  7. I am once again reminded of how much Adam is exactly like my boyfriend and he may be an escaped clone.

  8. Adam, don't listen to anything the gremlins in your brain keep telling you. Dice are not food. They have no nutritional value. They are taking critical hits on your digestive system. Your mother and father and I are worried about you.

  9. Yes! Play Diplomacy! One of my all time favourite games! Make it happen!

  10. I legit lol when Adam said he would win 22 games. Oh so you have 22 individual games haha

  11. Thank you guys. Made me look at some new games I’d normally skip over. Keep this going

  12. I have two resolutions this year:

    – Actually finish painting some of these games I bought, in part, specifically because they had cool figures that looked like they'd be fun to paint, like Nemesis, Marvel United, and Scythe.

    – Assemble a functional, playable version of Lords of Vegas for myself without paying some aftermarket scalper five times retail for a used copy. If I'm going to blow that much on that game, it's going to have a neoprene mat and 3D-printed casinos, damn it.

  13. did I expect to see the editor get a segment? no. did I appreciate it? yes. did that joke leave me completely unprepaired for the nxt 2.0 reference to uppercut me? indeed. someone check on Laurie.

  14. Adam please play Dom in diplomacy! I would pay to be watch that 😂😂

  15. I have to also admit that my copy of power grid behaves the same way. It can be quite vicious so I've been resorted to keep it locked up. I forgot to lock it up once and a few of the neighborhood children ended up missing.

  16. This channel reignited my passion for board games and I am so thankful for it. My New Years board game resolution is to get my friends to play the games that I’ve got, (Nemesis and Gloomhaven in particular

  17. Speaking as someone who proudly mains yellow, here are my board game resolutions for '22:

    1) Play more games (4x month?)
    2) To level up my teaching game
    3) Actually use all of these damn expansions in my Power Rangers game or stop preordering the darn things
    4) Restart my London board game club. I used to help run one at a bar called the Understudy before the pandemic and I really miss that weekly board game fix!

  18. The six unplayed shelves of games on my Kallax suddenly don't feel as bad.

  19. We fight over playing yellow in our house

  20. So in the interest of clarity, Adam, does that dead of winter game count as 2022 for purposes of your win percentage? 😂

  21. You have Everdell and haven't played it yet… shame! Haha, I'm predicting that will be it's own video in the future.

  22. 50 board game clubs in 2022. Adam needs to win 22. So we can expect the 5x in a row Monopoly video to be up by the end of July. because that's when he'll realize he's lost 29 and there's no way he can win 22 anymore.

  23. I feel that Laurie has the most reasonable resolution out of them all.

  24. 10:54 you really had to go full Board Game Clup 2.0 didn't ya? you marks <3

  25. I love that Sully can't help but answer in the style of "One minute warning". Repetition of win.. lol

  26. Everyone of the people on this channel are great, but Laurie is a national treasure, and a fellow ginger to boot. Crush them all in BOTC Laurie!

    My resolution is to finally actually get around to playing a the last unplayed games in my collection, and to maintain my position as the mutually assured destruction player in my group. You come for me, i will destroy both of us to make you lose

  27. Oh god, Fakidor might invade NoRollsBarred.

  28. You could be bringing in Big Damo!?!? Excellent.

    Happy new year guys

  29. If I'm ever invited to play with you, I'm bringing my own dice! Lol

  30. My biggest nerve/pet peeve: NO talking politics at the gaming table! That is especially true for people I disagree with who insist on insulting those they disagree with.

    That's just immature in general, takes away from the game, and generally annoying.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm fine with a respectful political debate/discussion but NOT during gaming. I enjoy discussing politics but HATE when it's thrown into something that is not inherently political.

    Edit: 4:30 Weird, my wife always plays as yellow.

    Edit 2: 6:00 I'm pretty sure that's heresy …

  31. I have two board game goals. Actually find people to play my larger games with. (most of which were suggested by Adam)
    and buy a copy of Blood on the Clocktower

  32. Host more gaming nights. I moved to a new state this year after college, so I need to get a group to actually play my quickly growing collection with. (Also, I finally got some family members to play Betrayal at House in the Hill with, they loved it!)

  33. Did Sully start out like he was playing one minute warning from quizzlemania then finish in a promo

  34. You killed it with board game club 2.0

  35. I genuinely can't decide what I love more: "Lilliputian Rage Battery", BGC 2.0, or Laurie's Gollum. Cthulhu bless all the crazy, wonderful bastards who make this channel.

  36. You guys are always awesome! Keep being you! Thanks for all the games we were introduced to, and the amazing people you bring to the table as well. And Thanks/Not Thanks for all the games my girlfriend and I went and had to buy after seeing you guys play them!

  37. I can almost guarantee yellow is played by people who are colourblind, such as myself. Checkmate.

  38. I would pay good money to watch a Board Game Club game of Diplomacy

  39. As always Dom comes in with the pure evil take

  40. That was a funny video, some real LOL moments.

  41. My New Year's resolution is for NRB to play mother-bleeping Junta! The mix of scheming and cooperation, speeches and coups… It's perfect for NRB! Also, happy New Year! (Maybe also fewer exclamation marks!)

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