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10 Board Games Being Played NOW – “People’s Choice” Board Game Picks!

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that our viewers couldn’t let us overlook this month! Find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on the Viewers’ Votes!

*Side Quest series*

Complete your mission and avoid being contaminated at all costs!



Trick-taking where the trump can change during a trick.

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  1. Could the smug Trails victory sip be the best part of this video? Who could say.

  2. I’ve got Scholars of the South Tigris in the bag for AireCon, happy to play it with you Matthew!

  3. This list was extra fun for me because I own the first several titles up to and including Scholars, and I'm super enjoying them all with Scholars as my favorite new game this winter by far. My color vision is somewhat on the blurry side at times, but I like that the research track in Scholars is set up in a way to help figure out how to blend the colors. For example, blue and yellow make green, and the research track has the green column in between the yellow and blue columns, so I look at the research track when I need to figure out how to create a secondary color.

  4. KeyForge has a handicap if you keep beating people with that deck. Chains will restrict a player with a well played deck that wins a lot.

  5. Huzzah! Watching now. As I game and have a coffee.

  6. I live near the John Muir Trail. I hear people pronounce it MYOOR.

  7. As far as Bees carving goes – 'Carpenter bees, belonging to the genus Xylocopa, are large, robust insects recognized for their tendency to burrow into wood. Unlike the misconception, they don't eat the wood but carve out tunnels for their nests' – Copied from Google 😁👍. Maybe this explains it? Maybe 🤔. Loosely.

  8. Spots has a dog named Missy. Not sure if that's a good thing or a great thing.

  9. Yeah, Voidfall is definitely a great brain-burny game.

  10. I've been waiting for Spots to go on sale for a while now. $25-$30 base retail price seems steep for what is essentially dice and cards. Many other games have dice and cards that go the same distance for cheaper. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

  11. I noticed that the game breakdowns in the corner are missing the retail price now. I think that's a huge mistake because price compared to what you're getting is one of the most important factors when getting a new game.

  12. Great list! A lot of variety, something for everyone 🎉

  13. Trailblazer is stunning. And a good game. Kinda relaxed play, but you still want to optimalize your turns. Loads to do, see, discover, explore and don’t forget to enjoy the views 😍

  14. Mathew, you were right! I did run out of puns for the end of my post about Apiary!

    I tried and tried and tried, but I just couldn’t find the right…..sting in the tail!🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

    Okay, I’ll get me coat! 👍🤪👍

  15. Shultiis, formayh un kiltick proma lettzca, Matthew. Quiht behuma cirnne wilff! And that's all I have to say about that.

  16. Trailblazers – The John Muir Trail is outstanding! My wife & I love the gameplay, the scenery/artwork, and the hiking mechanisms that you feel like you've accomplished something after Day 12. We've been to Yosemite National Park and brings back memories of the adventure of being on the trails. Love it! We highly recommend it to those who love games and the outdoors.

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