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10 Board Games Being Played NOW – “People’s Choice” Board Game Picks!

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that our viewers couldn’t let us overlook this month! Find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on the Viewers’ Votes!

Unmatched: Houdini vs. The Genie

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Empire’s End

You can lead a grand civilization at the height of its influence, but can you save it from collapse?

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  1. Hadara seems underrated, often see if on sale with less popular games. The designers also published a solo mode you can print! The art is incredible and one of the few which features Indigenous Americans, Africans and lesser known civilizations!
    Agree about Catherine the Great, its release date timing couldn't have been worse.

  2. I am so happy obsession was highlighted. Yes the art and game look a lot better than the prototype images. Cool to see how far it has come! It’s an amazing game and we all love love love it. It is by far my most played game. 😅

  3. Came for the list, stayed for the banter. Loved the chemistry between Rodney and Matthew. I am now expectantly waiting for the top ten list of thematic games where Rodney loses control of his IP (Kremlin, Junta, Nothing Personal, Coup, Kingmaker, et al). "Ousted" would be a good boardgame name…

  4. LUKE’S IN COLLEGE?!!!! I remember him beating you in Arcadia quest like it was the other day!!! Wow!

  5. You guys will always be American to me.

    Take THAT, Canaydia!

  6. Funny joke about Luke coming home from university. I watched the Wrath of Ashardalon videos not that long ago… only… 10+ years ago…

  7. I really enjoy these less tightly scripted episodes where you bounce off each other.

  8. Could Rodney be fired from the channel? 🤔
    No… it's called mutiny!

  9. Love the blend of Chaz's scripted bits combined with the conversational give-and-take from the resident experts. Great, as always!

  10. I'm so behind on the new hotness.
    My ten most played games this year are Can't Stop, Stone Age, Bandido, Zombie Dice, Just Desserts, Hanabi, Pass the Pigs, Sequence, Strike, and Timeline (also called games you can play during lunch with your wife).

  11. Rodney, I still watch the Mansions of Madness videos (both Editions) that you filmed with your children. They were really fun, and I enjoy their enthusiasm.

  12. I am an American, and not proud of that the last 7 years. So not losing me.

  13. I wish at least half of these games were actually available for purchase.

  14. The Great Zimbabwe is a fantastic game. Quick notes: I don't recommend with 5 players, and there are some helper files on BGG to help explain some of the game's mechanisms.

  15. Next episode: CGI Rodney with slightly robotic talk.

  16. I just received my Kickstart of Santa Claus vs. Krampus Dice Thrown. Christmas will never be the same.

  17. After the build-up, I expected number one to be Coup 😉

  18. I was just about to comment that ISS Vanguard looks super cool and like something I should be playing and then you all said "this is a game that Paula would probably like!" haha

    Also, flattery will go you nowhere Rodney. NOWHERE.

  19. Getting rid of Rodney would be like getting rid of Mr. Rogers. Even if you COULD do it, you just COULDN'T. You'd be racked with guilt for the rest of your life that you got rid of such a neighborly gamer and inspiring educator…. (Unless you're Chaz. Then you might maybe have justification since Rodney once threw you in a time loop and you got a long beard before you found your way home…or, even more dreadful, because he tried to name your cool show something flatter than a glass of 7-Up from a decade ago…….)

  20. Oh my, I miss seeing you play games with Luke and Andrea so much 😀

  21. Love everything you guys put out. Thanks for the hard work and the unseen efforts behind the scenes. 🙂

  22. I am constantly sucked into story driven games but RPGs are clearly the way to go. I never end up loving these huge games… except I absolutely love and endorse Solomon Kane. Which is also the best coop game as well.

    Now one more comment on Keyflower. We played this right on our third play… which was very good but you really have to work for it. I don't think I remember all the fiddly rules any more and find myself intimated to get it off the shelf now.

  23. Love Obsession!!! Just got it recently and can’t stop playing. (Paula needs to do a Solo play through!! It’s like it’s made for her commentary!!)

  24. Great video!!! love the picks! Maybe someday….

  25. I just played my first game of Flamecraft this weekend. It is fun! Obsession is aptly named; you two should definitely try it.

  26. "Pitchforks!" The game of ousting Rodney from his own channel!

  27. With the recent mass layoffs I'd watch your back Rodney! Lol the running gag this episode was hilarious. REVOLT!!

  28. Surprised I only matched 1 on the list, with Obsession. Also been playing Wingspan, My Father's Work, Wonderland Wars, Splendor, and most recently Heroes of Barcadia.

  29. WIP: "I'm not American– You're not American!" "Thank god!" "Amen!"
    Me, an American: "AMEN."

  30. Can't wait to play Hanamikoji. Should be getting my copy before the end of the year.

  31. "Luke just came home for a visit from University…" This made me feel OLD…hahhah. I'm going to freeze time and watch some little kid Luke vids where he destroys Rodney.

  32. Viewer Mark W(46lat!*kfu$parhe here. Shockingly, Rodney pronounced my last name perfectly in the Keyflower segment. Most people struggle more with it. That kind of preparation is the mark of a true professional! 😉

  33. Excellent stuff as always. I'm now waiting for Coup: the watch it played expansion 😉

  34. My 5 year old daughter legit beat me at New York Zoo the other day 🤦

  35. Well, if Rodney does get ousted, I hear there's an opening over at Pair of Dice Paradise.

  36. "Luke came home from university" Man I've been watching this channel for a long time! It would be cool to do an old watch it played game now that everybody is grown up.

  37. There must be a how its player on Obsession this game needs a Rodneys box flip!

  38. Definitely give Obsession a try, it's a very solid game! The Upstairs Downstairs expansion is great too. The theme isn't something that would pull me in, but it's so well integrated and very well designed. Really loving it (coming from someone who enjoys really crunchy euros).

  39. Oh man, so glad I caught this list. I've been dying for a board game implementation of my fantasy of starting a geisha themed boat company! Now all I need is a board game that fills my need for a 1920's paperboy in charge of a steampunk criminal enterprise that smuggles veined cheeses out of Britain. The paperboy works for Renquist Newspaper Magnates and wants to be free of their shackles, but there is no escape…

  40. I'm just imagining the power struggle that will result with Rodney's ousting. Chaz would make an initial play for head of the channel, but then everyone else would oust him too because his scripts would just get out of control without the proper checks in place. Matt and Paula would never stand taking orders from each other so they would oust each other through a Mutually Assured Destruction scenario. This would leave Monique and Navine to reign supreme over an empty channel, so they'd just leave, therefore…yeah don't fire Rodney. You need him!

  41. ISS Vanguard looks awesome. Matthew is entitled to his opinion, but he's wrong. 😉

  42. You should definitely try The Great Zimbabwe. I would love to watch Rodney explain the rules.

  43. The old timey knight going to slay the dragon, enters the cave, and walks on to the set of the original British bake off

  44. Just played my first game of Flamecraft last weekend. It is definitely lighter weight but still strategic enough to keep veteran board gamers interested, but easy enough for gateway gamers!

  45. This really feels like y'all are going, "Rodney's totally staying!… unless?? Nah, just kidding… unless????"

  46. As an American – totally understand and also kinda jealous of you both…..

    I also literally laughed till I choked at the gear malfunction….

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