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10 Board Games Being Played NOW – “People’s Choice” Board Game Picks!

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that our viewers couldn’t let us overlook this month! Find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on the Viewers’ Votes!

New Marvel Card Sleeves: Sabretooth and MoonKnight!

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Call to Adventure: Epic Origins

Cast the runes and craft a hero in this high fantasy sequel to the original!

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  1. Button farming is tricky business, especially if you are trying to grow your own buttons at home. I hear it's fine in Canada, but laws are dicey in the US – for example, I think Oregon won't sell buttons but you can carry them, while in Washington you can buy just about any type of button as long as you aren't fastening them in public. Most states let you buy them as long as you have a seamstress card, but you can't carry more than a quarter pouch of buttons at one time. Weird times.

  2. I legitimately would love to hear Chaz talk about GIJOE. Do you remember when Cobra made a successful chain of fast food restaurants, presumably spending tons of marketing energy and food training and money on that enterprise? But it turned out that all of the rocket signs on those restaurants were real rockets and the whole years long enterprise was just to shoot some rockets at stuff. That kind of detailed, but misguided, planning just doesn't happen anymore.

  3. I've been playing Disney Villainous, Dice Throne, Power Rangers: Deck Building Game, Tiny Epic Tactics, The Hunger, One Deck Dungeon and OnE Deck Galaxy. AND MUCH MORE….

  4. Ben & I were talking about this the other day. Where are all the mutt games? 🙂 We got Dog Bond, which is very cool, but all the dogs are purebreds! And that game is about rescuing dogs. Dog Park is all purebreds too, I think. I really want more people to showcase mutts. 🙂 Maybe I need to come up with my own board game. XD There isn't any game we own except possibly Spots that has pictures that could be mutts. Mutts are so adorable and it's great to learn their heritage or guess it (preaches). Also, Disney needs to step up! "Pizza Dog" is a purebred golden retriever on the street. Where are all the mutts? Mutts are beautiful too!!! Okay, that was probably too much preaching, but I really want to see a board game about mutts. XD

  5. Chaz: I want to hear about GI Joe: Mission Critical! I would make the time to hear your opinion.

  6. One of your funniest episodes ever! Thanks Matthew and Chaz!

  7. Trekking through history for me too. What about Age of Rome? Have anyone tried it? I expect it to arrive around the end of March.

  8. Sounds like Mathew's button friend was the only thing helping him holding it all together.

  9. I'LL MAKE TIME, Chaz!! Yo Joe!! Although, I did watch GI Joe Origins: Snakes Eyes last Friday. Yikes. No Joe. No. Not at all. Even for me, a person that has a high tolerance for rubbish. This was really awful.

  10. Great video! Where can you buy Resist!? Thanks..

  11. Trekking through history and Clank are my current favourites

  12. You guys always cheer me up and make me laugh and your even better live 🙂

  13. I'm in Chaz's age group.
    Power Rangers? That's for little children.
    G.I. Joe? Awesome! I grew up with G.I. Joe and love it!

  14. Chaz, real friends do not stab each other into back. They stab into chest to see their reaction on the face 😀

  15. I'll hold out for Clank Catacombs In Space Legacy

  16. Great video! I’m glad my pun made it into the video. I feel like I accomplished a lot.

  17. Chaz and Mathew duo is really funny! Laughed hard at the teleprompt jokes 😂

  18. I would listen to Chaz talking about GI Joe all day long…….I will be waiting Chaz, you have my number 🙂

  19. Oh my gosh! This episode was hilarious and the back-and-forth was great…

  20. Fun episode as always. Love the back n forth and the dad like jokes 😀

  21. it's a good thing I wasn't a cohost for this one, because I would have talked for a looooong time about Tommy the Green Ranger (but he was better as the White Ranger) and how he was one of my first crushes and I can only imagine Matthew's resulting chagrin

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