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10 Board Games Being Played NOW – “People’s Choice” Board Game Picks!

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that our viewers couldn’t let us overlook this month! Find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on the Viewers’ Votes!

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  1. Another great editing job! Thank you! (Truly, the post-production on these videos is great!) And now I'm off to find my closest Arby's …

  2. Come to Britain, the joys of 4 seasons in one day! 😂

  3. Great video! Love the picks and those very funny segues!

  4. For Fire in the Lake, when Matthew said “Saigon politics,” I heard “Zygon politics” and thought it might be a Doctor Who game.

  5. Love how much fun y'all are having in this video! And, yes, horsey sauce is available at Arby's

  6. I came to get the latest board game news and now I want a roast beef sandwich. What did I just watch?

  7. Paula eating? What is this Twitch stream ?

  8. The river catching fire was the incident that caused the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. It’s pretty famous.

  9. Someone has to be the power behind the throne of Mr Rodney Smith. That's you Matthew. I got the distinct impression Chaz had a lot of fun editing this video.

  10. Singing Mozarts Requiem this year so should I push the Lacrimosa button?

  11. Chaz, I appreciate your Deep Purple humor.
    The editing on this episode was incredible! I love when Matthew and Paula get to co-host; the fact they live on separate continents is one of the great tragedies of our time.

  12. Blending worker placement with deck building mechanisms? NO WAY.

  13. I'm English, we don't have Arby's in the UK but Paula is completely right. When I went to Georgia for a con, I lived on Arby's for 4 days on their Roast Beef sandwiches and curly fries – made me depressed when I returned home

  14. Why yes, I have played Scarface 1920. 🙂

  15. I have and have played Scarface 1920. Uh.. its great in game play, production, and is IMO got the best art .. which is good cause I paid a sum to get this since I missed the KS campaign.
    And Arby’s is underrated BECAUSE of their Horsey sauce.

  16. Excellent stuff as always Matthew and Paula. Nice mugs, I didn't manage to get one this year as they were sold out.

  17. The taste-maker and the crisp-taster, together at last.

  18. Loved seeing you both on in the same video in the same place… even if the sun interfered a bit

  19. How many of these Matthew + usually Paula videos have I re-watched because they are so damn funny? Many.

  20. The editing in this video is fantastic, it really does look like Paula and Matthew Jude are in the same room together. That bit with the sun was especially convincing, great job!

  21. Excellent episode as always but for some reason it's making me hungry. Weird.

  22. Ha! just played viticulture 2 weeks ago. still going strong (especially with Tuscany map)

  23. Unfortunately they closed most of the Arby's in my area of Canada. Loved those sammiches

  24. Revive and Lands for Galzyr are games that I want to pick up and with the recent release of Archive of the Ancients box for Vindication is the one that is driving me right now.

  25. I have the tricked out KS Scarface 1920 and I really like it. Gotta say, it's a massive table hog. It has a lot of details to keep track of as you play but lots of fun for the right group. KS has a solo mode. Great looking game also!

  26. Thanks to this video, I now have heard of Tropical Tots. (But wish I hadn't, I keep picturing fruit-flavored tater tots.)

  27. One word "Bitter…." Excuse me while I clean my monitor from the spit take I just had. Thanks Matthew that take was worth the price of admission.

  28. I like Kami-sama (sa-ma, not sa-mey lol) It's best at higher player count. You need to like a bit of 'take that' though. Would be hard to find nowadays but smaller shops might still carry it.

  29. oh boy I ALMOST got that Chinatown quote right

  30. Burn on big river, i didn't need to look it up!!

  31. I learned about a lot of new games that I had never heard of in this video, but I think the thing that I discovered that will stick with me the most is that I'm hungry.

  32. I made the Chinatown quote thinking I was being clever, then Paula said it and I had to delete it…

  33. Woah, honoured to have Lands of Galzyr featured as the 2nd pick of people's choice of the month! 😊❤

  34. Chaz, did you do the record yourself coughing to poof out the sun?

  35. Matthew and Paula are my favorite couple in board game coverage.

  36. This video was great, in no small part thanks to the almost goblin-esque energy in both the delivery and the editing. Probably one of my favorite Watch It Played videos in several years.

  37. Ah! Classic British Living Room Set!!!

    Did you have fun at Airecon? What game are you going to shoot to fame – like you did to Scout last time

  38. Saying just "trade" is underselling the chaos of begging and screaming at people in Chinatown

  39. Oooo I could totally see a game where you play artists, comedians, writers to fight mundanity

  40. Matthew licking himself is my favourite part. I'll be stealing that. He really is the taste maker!

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