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10 Board Games Being PLAYED Right Now – “People’s Choice” Board Game Picks!

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that our viewers couldn’t let us overlook this month! Find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on the Viewers’ Votes!

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Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances

Become the next Master Summoner in this Disney-themed strategic battle arena game, where every choice you make determines your legacy!



A fast-paced asymmetric area control game for 1-4 players with unique miniatures and beautiful and evocative components!

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  1. Hey, what do you think about The Crew with two players only? Is it as good as playing at higher counts? thanks

  2. 1862 solo was my first 18xx experience. I don't recommend starting there for most people and would not myself if I could do it again 😂 but I do highly recommend giving 18Chesapeake, 1846, 1830, or 1889 a try!! Definitely the best genre ever for some people.

  3. I love how in that still screen shot little Stewart is peeking out. That is so adorable!!!

  4. I'm 45 seconds in and I already know I would get the rest of you fired for Stewart to take over.

  5. never expected to see a Swiss train in any board game-themed video – like ever but here we are 🙂

  6. I love how one of the dogs (Holly?) has the exact same facial hair as Chaz

  7. Fully expecting a future episode of Cult of the News to feature b-roll of The Crew burning in a fire with the announcement of the next game. Also the cult clapping.

  8. Animals and rituals on Watch it Played videos now, oh my! 😉🙂

  9. This was the best kind of chaos. Also, please let me join the organization. I can supply the cats.

  10. Hilarious episode, I laughed out loud at the Santorini segment. Well done!

  11. Nice list of games I differently need to look into Eyelet it seems like a lot of fun and definitely out of the ordinary. ( No way the doggies are for sale, right!?! Asking for a friend 😂).

  12. This format continues to make I laff!! Makes me wish I'd done more than ask for directions to the bring-and-buy tables when I met you at Airecon. 🙁

  13. One of the best episodes to date. Now go away and study the whys and wherefores!😀 And as for “Copenhagen”, apparently it’s “vunderful, vunderful” (there could be a song in there somewhere).

  14. PUPPIES!!!!! And that mysterious second puppy helped our Daisy feel a lot better about her own, um, beauty. Daisy was turned down over & over while she was in foster care for being, um, not so beautiful. When we went to see her, I remember thinking, "That is the ugliest dog I have ever seen." Ben's eyes were the size of asteroids and he was like, "We cannot get this ugly dog!" I nodded in agreement, sat down on the couch at the foster family's house, and she jumped in my lap to snuggle. Then I was like, "We have to get this dog." And Ben was like, "….Whaa……what did I miss?!" XD Seriously, she is the sweetest dog you could ever want, and she is so kind to her tiny sister, who is somewhat paraplegic. We are so happy we got Daisy, some…six years ago, I guess! She is a real treasure even if she, uh, doesn't exactly look it……..

  15. Stewart & Co., take my money already!!!! You're so darn CUTE!!!!!

  16. Nice episode guys!! Good chemistry. Chaz, you are so funny!!

  17. Great video!!! Arsenic looks a funny game 😉 Creature comforts is a beautiful and funny too. Many board games are unknown to us from Spain. We are already subscribed as a channel to learn more interesting board games. We look forward to the next video.

  18. You two are so funny. Better than any sitcom! G & I were laughing so much 🤣😂

  19. Bretwalda!!! Looks amazing. Best looking game of the year IMHO.

  20. Awwww is he Stewart or Stuart or StQ8T? So cute

  21. Ummm Copenhagen …. does that work? The fronts are notoriously historically protected

  22. I would like Fluxx of sweet things – incl Chaz

  23. Also you totally said Fall 🙁 for shame! Extra harvest donations for you

  24. Told you all had power to make things trend!

  25. qualityyy ad funny always! thx mastersss

  26. Adorable dogs 🥰 And superb episode 👏👏

  27. We are just getting into bigger games. I see Wonderland wars and want to play very much. Im trying my kids to be able to handle a game like that haha. So far we have down force, summer camp, villainous, tiny towns, king of Tokyo, sushi go party, kingdomino orgins and ticket to ride.

  28. What a great episode! You two were so funny and entertaining. There should definitely be more animal bits for the future.

  29. when you didn't clap the dog dissapeared. Any corelation? Or did you put him in a flux capacitor powered Dolorean and he is now somewhere in the future…or past?

  30. Mystic Paths is now on my radar, too. I get Codenames meets Apples to Apples vibes.

  31. 18Chesapeake is a good starting point guys. I would love to play it with you guys sometime.

  32. I bought Creature Comforts because of this video

  33. I don’t fully understand a lot of the highjinks happening throughout this video but OMG I fully approve it all and want more. I like this pairing: Chaz and Matthew for the win! You guys are the best! Never change 🙂

  34. "I just want to live in their tiny village," not "I just want to live in their tiny little village"! C'mon, Chaz! When the quote is right in front of you! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  35. Thank you both, that was the best episode ever! Matthew and Chaz have a synergy that is amazing. I really don't know how you are going to top that one, again thank you.

  36. Theorizing that one could play board games within his own lifetime, Matthew Jude stepped into the Flux Quantum Leap game …. and vanished. His only guide on this journey is Chaz, a host from his own time, that all the other YouTubers can see and hear. Can Matthew put right what once went wrong? Will he make another Quantum Leap reference next week? Will this post encourage Chaz to use a Ziggy handlink in the next episode? Oh boy, I say. Oh boy.

  37. I think Stuart needs a raise. Chaz works him pretty hard

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