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10 Board Games for Father’s Day 2022 Available at Target

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Join Anthony and Frances as they take you through 10 Board Games for Father’s Day 2022 that are available at your local Target. Don’t worry, last minute shoppers have plenty of time to get their gaming dad a great gift!

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Learn more about board game mechanics:

0:00 Start
0:51 Jaws
2:52 Parks
4:50 Azul
6:42 Sagrada
8:25 Ticket to Ride
11:15 Pan Am
13:48 Horrified
16:19 Codenames
19:13 Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition
22:16 Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion
26:19 Wrap-up

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  1. Thanks so much for the video, I've been eyeing pan-am for my hubs for a while but read reviews that it can be mean. Can you guys or anyone else attest to this?
    Also, how do you guys look so fabulous and talk so coherent with a newborn?? All the best to you and your family!!

  2. I really love Jaws. I thought that because I loved Jaws so much, I would just love Mind MGMT. Honestly, Jaws has just worked so much better for us. You get the hidden movement, but with the two acts it doesn't feel so stale AND I feel like it's not impossible to try to figure out where the shark is. It's just a fun one.

  3. Love your videos and grateful for creators like you: however, would suggest encouraging people to buy from a FLGS. Asmodee and other publishers are making exclusivity deals with Target that are robbing FLGS’s of precious sales. The more ground Target gains in the board game sector, the more FLGS’s will suffer, particularly those that specialize in board games like my own store. We carry everything (and so much more) that Target sells, but they’re making it hard when they get early exclusivity and then – worse – when they have frequent clearance sales at prices below what I pay for wholesale.
    So many of us have online stores now that offer discounted prices and cheap shipping. There’s no need to buy from Target.

  4. Wonderful video and I'll simply echo what someone else had posted…try to get folks to patron their FLGS. While I understand the ubiquity of Target for many people, the FLGS is also where people can learn about games.

    As to the list, I've played and/or 7 of 10, with Pan Am being added to the cafe's collection soon.

  5. Great list! Now I just need to find a subtle way of showing this video to my wife…
    I love playing Ticket to Ride First Journey with my kids!

  6. I will try to get Jaws and Pam Am played on father's day.

  7. Jaws game is great. Feels like a Jaws game down to the mayors jacket in the insert

  8. Though we don't have any Target in my country, I still love you guys! Regards from Poland!

  9. Ravensburger and Proposer Hall have really upped their game of late, and they have populated Target with some very goods titles. I would also recommend Alien: fate of the Nostromo and Godzilla: Tokyo Clash. 🖖

  10. Thank you for this list. My family is overwhelmed at the FLGS and is usually lead to more socks. If it’s at target at least there’s a chance lol

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