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10 Board Games for New Gamers

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If you recently discovered the world of board games you may be looking for some great games to try out! I have made a list of 10 Board Games that are easy to understand and play! I have also included the links below for full videos on all 10 games that I have previously posted if you want to learn more! Let me know in the comments if you have played any of these games, or what games you would recommend to a new gamer.

Also watch 10 Games for Intermediate Gamers:

1. Azul –

2. Welcome To Your Perfect Home –
Welcome To: Collector’s Edition –

3. Parks –

4. Quacks of Quidlinberg –

5. Sea Salt and Paper –

6. DorfRomantik: The Board Game-

7. Maple Valley –

8. Wingspan –

9. Diced Veggies –

10. My Island –


  1. Codenames, Cascadia and Ticket to Ride Europe (Europe version has less 'take that' then the US version, so is more family and beginner friendly) are strong additions to this list. Maybe also Forbidden Island. For two players Jaipur and Splendor Duel.I like your nice, tight delivery and concise format with the links to longer content in the notes. Keep up the great work!

  2. Great list! Some of those are our go to games.

  3. great list of games. i have them all except for Quacks. the collectors edition of Welcome to is so good.

  4. I totally agree with the list 😊 maybe i would add here also calico due to how beautifull and cute this game is 🤭😇 it might be good gateway to board gaming hobby 😊

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