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10 Board Games for People Who Hate Rules

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Like games? Hate rules? Here’s ten games that are easy to learn and fun!
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1. Mysterium –
2. Trekking The World –
3. Carcassonne –
4. Diamant –
AKA Incan Gold –
5. Sagrada –
6. Chronicles of Crime –
7. Las Vegas Royale –
8. Sushi Roll –
9. On Tour –
10. Blue Lagoon –

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  1. Great angle and gags. 'Does it make you sad?' 'No. But I am hungry!'

  2. Also concordia, the entire rule book is an a3 piece of paper

  3. lol, loved this one! I do love reading rules but hate having to pull them out during the game. I try so hard to hold all the information in my head. When I asked Lacerda for a play aid, he just sent me another copy of the rulebook…weird, right? Have you played Megaland? I ask because it replaced Diamant for my family and I found the rules to be very easy on the rules. I use a sexy voice to teach rules to make up for my hunch…it helps as long as I use protection during the teach. Sorry for the long runon comment…I had the video going on one laptop and was typing my comment on another. Thus the jointed commentary.

  4. Absolutely loved it, and I think you've convinced me to Blue Lagoon 😉

  5. Yay, new Actualol! Perfect timing… (first ever non-family game night with neighbors tonight!!!)

  6. Excellent jokes here, Jon. I started teaching Decrypto the other day and folks were looking very confused and then I realized the game is super easy to just teach whilst we play, so I did that instead and it worked great. Always nice to be able to explain the game as you go, which a lot of games don't accommodate.

  7. Okay, Mysterium. There's only one murderer, so why are we all guessing different details? And if the last round confirms that most of us were guessing the wrong murderer details, why were we being penalised for getting the very very specific details wrong? That ghost might have trouble giving clear visions but it's certainly clear in announcing how wrong we all were. I prefer the method in Mysterium Park where we are all using the visions to rule out the innocent parties. It means that we are all united by one goal rather than being united by a shared sense of puzzlement. And honestly, Dixit is still better. Being the ghost in Mysterium is always a chore, whereas in Dixit at least we take it in turns to give out clues.

  8. Carcasonne without farmers? Nah, big mistake. If you want someone to think Carcasonne is boring then, sure, don't tell them the farmer rule. Honestly if you don't want the game be too cutthroat give them something other than Carcasonne. Give them something less viscious like Family Business, the game where you get each other's mafia family members shoved against a wall and shot. Carcasonne is a beautiful game of nasty backstabbing and that's why it's great.

  9. Ha, I loved the Pandemic setup bit. Love that game, but the setup is pretty off-putting for new and non gamers 😂
    “Now can we play?”
    “Uh, hang on, I forgot to hand out player cards before creating the deck stack…”

  10. Ha! Timmy’s reaction to Jon’s “NV” joke 😂😂😂

  11. No, Jon, don’t go to Wyoming… come to Utah! I’d love to meet you! I promise we’re nice, and there are lots of pretty places. Let me know when you and your wife book tickets for your next holiday 😉

  12. That's a "funny in a different way" video for me, cause I love rules! Reading the manual on the day before and teaching the game to new people always makes me happy. A a fixed set of rules that makes a bunch of mecanisms work togheter in inumerous ways and entertain people just brings me joy to experience. Nonetheless great video as always!

  13. Mysterium has a streamlined version called Mysterium Park, I was wondering why that isn't here, would you say it loses a lot compared to the original?

    Amazing video as usual, btw.

  14. Oh man you acting as the rulebook is straight up horrifying

  15. No Asmadi Games? I was sure "we didn't playtest this at all" would be here.

  16. Wow @ the Las Vegas rhyming rules! Well done!

  17. I'm partial to "Ra!". On your turn, you either pull a tile or start an auction (where each person gets one chance to bid, using 'sun' tiles they begin each round with). Gameplay is very simple; scoring is a bit more complicated, but it's fairly straightforward once you get past the initial run-through. This is a 'gateway' game that I'll always be happy to teach and play.

  18. You take my standing ovation, here sir. Splendid jokes from start to finish. And great recomendations as well. You made me add a couple to the wishlist. Thanks!

  19. Say what you want I will never understand how to score farmers in Carcassonne and I'm honestly ok with that 😂

  20. As always, another great video! I was excited to see you’ve finally posted again! Anyway, I agree with many of your picks. Sagrada and Carcassone especially!

  21. The sponsor section was hilarious, actually laughed out loud

  22. This was both hilarious and informative (if only you could tell me where to get Pas Vegas Deluxe in Canada!). Excellent recommendations!

  23. I'll echo the joy of a divoted game board. I went out of my way to get some for Terraforming Mars and it was such a huge quality of life boost there.

  24. Trails of Tucana should be on this list, light on rules and a fantastic roll and write

  25. My additions would be:

    Sherrif of Nottingham
    My farm shop.

  26. Your analogies crack me up 😂 love the videos keep them up

  27. Fabulous list. Love seeing On Tour in there, and I've held Blue Lagoon in my hand in store more often than I care to admit, only to put it back on the shelf. Maybe next time, I'll pick it up.

  28. The talking Wyoming card was simultaneously utterly terrifying and ridiculously funny.

  29. After watching this and thinking how great it is just to get into playing a game with minimum faff, tonight I’m meeting up with my beer-sodden middle aged mates and trying to teach them how to play Scythe. Oh the irony. Also, it was weirdly satisfying to see my name on the Patrons list so money well spent there! Thanks Jon.

  30. Diamant looks great, thanks for the recommendations!

  31. Intro sent me wheezing, such an unexpected sex joke.

  32. Thanks for the terrific video. Definitely need to add some of these games to my collection!

  33. Can't help but feel that your pub games list could also work in this case!

  34. Botswana/Wildlife Safari is perfect for this. “On your turn play a card, and take an animal, when the sixth card for any one animal is played your animals are worth what the last card played with them on says.” So simple a five year old could do it…but then it becomes a tense little game of watching what other players take, who is modifying what animals, which animals have 4-5 cards down and might end the game before you go next?

  35. +1 another outstanding effort, thank you Jon!

  36. Thanks for the great, high quality and funny videos, with always good (and a bit different than most other ppls) recommendations! Appreciate the work you put in here!!

  37. 🤣 "It's like being the child of an Instagrammer. If it doesn't look like, you can't do it"

  38. This is an awesome guide! Amazing video as always 🙂 Thank you 🙏

  39. Lmao, loved the Arrested Development reference

  40. Fun fact, except for OnTour (which I want even more now since it has a talking Wyoming card), all of the other games are so simple that this video is almost a WatchItPlayed just without Rodney Smith. All you may need is the Setup phase. I’m now putting Incan Gold into my GoBag for conventions. Entertaining AND informative! Vivats Actualol!!

  41. This might be the first time that I already own all ten games on your list. Well done me! 😉

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