10 board games "most likely" leaving our collection. | APRIL 2022 - cutlassboardgame.com

10 board games “most likely” leaving our collection. | APRIL 2022

Jenna Rose
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Hey friends! Today we are doing something that is very hard for me. I am definitely a board game hoarder so getting rid of games is a struggle! But lets go through 10 games that I personally would be okay getting rid of. Hopefully Francis will agree with these and we can say goodbye to them.

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  1. It's so difficult to make decisions like that, same goes for all the new upcoming hot stuff, triggering the fear of missing out. Most of us have a sizable pile of shame, still we are purchasing new games. At least I really have a hard time to control myself, but it's getting better… (Splendor and Ticket to Ride are perfect games to play with people that are used to Monopoly, Risk or Uno, I would never let them go, no matter what).

  2. Oof funny that just before thid video I was finding where to buy Fog of Love because its the game my partner and I would most like to buy next, so seeing it in here was a bit of a scare, but I liked hearing what made it so that you didn't enjoy it as much, as I feel the gameplay elements and roleplay are what actually made it more attractive to us, so it doesn't make me go back on my decision!

  3. Good call on most games, especially Munchkin (yuck). However, regarding Ticket to Ride, I think you should put Francis on the "maybe" pile. Unforgivable!

  4. No hate. But please get a lav or shotgun (mounted close to your mouth) microphone, it really would upgrade the quality of your videos.

  5. How good or bad gloom is has more to do with how good the players are at story telling. The right group its great. The wrong group it’s terrible.

  6. Oh my god, I just got rid of Gloom too 🥲 it was one of my originals as well. It’s a game that I got some of my non-tabletop friends into card/board games. However, it’s been unplayed for so long, and I replayed it one more time recently and I just didn’t get the same fun out of it as I used too, and due to ~world circumstances~ having to want bad things to happen to your family isn’t really the vibe anymore 😰

  7. Ticket To Ride will never leave my collection. I generally prefer heavier games but TTR in its different incarnations is just so much fun in my opinion.

  8. Great video Jenna! It's always so hard deciding which games leave your collection. We also were never really drawn to the original Carcassonne, it always just seemed bland to us from the box cover. But we picked up Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers and we love it! The artwork and theme is so good and now it's one of our favorite games to play together. Definitely recommend that version for sure. We'll have to do our own culling video soon – we are quickly running out of space and we can't stop buying more board games! Haha 😅

  9. Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride… Those are evergreen. Even if I don't play them all the time if people come by and they haven't played many games, those are the go to. Also they're just fun to play.

  10. Can you do a video on your favorite two player games?

  11. You scared me when i saw PARKS.😍. I agree with Splendor. It only comes out when newbie players come over. And must say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I really enjoyed it.

  12. My husband HATES Ticket to Ride as well. So funny 😂 I love it but I also always win 😅

  13. Fantastic Video, 😊 I was surprised by some of the games on your purge list but others I can complete understand of getting rid of. I have some games in my collection that I have to let go but it’s really hard to say goodbye 😂 If I wasn’t half way across the ocean I would definitely try to get some games off of you or possibly trade some games. Hard to name off the games cause I want people to watch the video.

  14. We tried Fog of Love… interesting but humorous…I feel like it is for a couple who are very new to each other and gets better with a couple drinks. We replaced Carcassonne with Isle of Skye. Is there a limit on the number of games you own?

  15. To quote the Gingerbread Man from Shrek, "You're a monster!" Just kidding. Culling a collection is hard! It makes it even harder when you like a game but your partner or your gaming group doesn't.

    At first, I was excited to see Gloom (my wife and I just bought it) then I remembered what your list was about! LOL We played it with our group and it was a hit. We enjoyed the storytelling aspect. We found that a few sentences was enough – you don't have to make it elaborate. I don't think it will be one we play super often, but I can see us pulling it out every year around Halloween (along with Horrified).

  16. Isle of Skye is good next step from Carcassonne. I like the classic Carcassonne, I have Carcassonne Amazonis.

  17. Can totally understand you’re considering getting rid of Eldritch Horror… kinda cool game but the mechanics are a bit basic, a lot of luck with the dice- I found it relies heavily on the narrative aspect and this gets old after a good few plays! Mansions on the other hand is very thematic

  18. I’m really curious as to why Francis doesn’t like Ticket to Ride. My sister doesn’t like the game either but I personally really enjoy playing it.

  19. You can play ticket to ride solo. I’d you have an Amazon Alexa device. There is skill to have Alexa be a player. It works pretty well.

  20. I see the Alchemists on the wall behind you. Is that a favorite of yours? I’m on the fence about buying it.

  21. Culling a collection is never an easy choice. For Fog of Love I made a rule to never play opposite my real partner. It turned out to be a fun double date game (couple controls each character) to give it some staying power.

  22. I agree about Small World but I like area control.

  23. BTW found your channel through Foster the Meeple

  24. You should try the small box Ticket to Ride games to see if that would be more playable. We like the Amsterdam & London versions. Culling games is always hard for me too!

  25. idunno why I love these vids about games that might be leaving a collection – I love hearing the different perspectives!

    I love Gloom, I only have the Chuthulu version – I would buy the og from you if it wasn’t silly to ship lol you don’t have to make up much, by the end you’re just kinda reading off the titles of the cards reminding ppl what your family member has been through.

    I feel ya on Splendor – some of those older classics I find too simple and since I don’t have a sentimental connection too, I don’t get the crazy love for them… we just got rid of Lost Cities even though ppl say it’s so great. also, feel ya on Small World, I just got the WoW version but I can’t get into it!

    we own both Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers (mike’s fav) and Over Hill and Dale (my fav), I think both are so much more fun than the og and will always be in collections!

    on my ‘to-re-home’ pile is Getaway Driver, Draftosaurus, Abandon All Artichokes, Destinies and Yukon Airways 🙂

    congrats on getting such a lovely FTM shoutout!!!! 💕

  26. Whew! You got some hot takes here! Splendor, Carcassonne, and Ticket to Ride are all SUCH popular gateway/family games! I could never, ever get rid of my copy of Splendor but that's because my family has played literally hundreds of times since the pandemic began and it was the game that got my dad and sister into modern board games! ☺ (Well, got them into Splendor, at least!) I do think there's something to be said for only keeping the games that we really love, though, so I'm glad you're at least considering culling your collection somewhat! Great video as always, Jenna!

  27. Totally agree with you on lots of these! We culled some of the same games. I don’t think I could ever get rid of the entry level games like Splendor, Carcassonne and TTR though haha!!! Jonathan is probably most tired of Splendor out of those 3, but I think they are here to stay. Always good to have games around that you don’t have to look up the rules and can just teach new people pretty quickly.

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