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10 Board Games on Paula’s Radar This Month | October 2021

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are on OUR radar this month, to help you find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on our personal picks!

One More Quest

Dungeon crawling has never been this challenging or hilarious!


Legendary: Annihilation

A dark new threat has arrived with this Legendary expansion!

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  1. In the palm of your hand sounds like an amazing and fun game to play. I'd also love to try Kōhaku, always into nature themed game as well. Gotta check if any French edition comes out someday.

  2. Juicy Fruits is amazing! It's shot up to one of our top 5 favorite games. It has a surprising depth of strategy for how light it seems on the surface.

  3. Cool red phone – connects with the president? 😉

  4. Love Adrenaline! I have used it to introduce my friends who love video games to the world of tabletop games. So great to see an older game make it to your list of top games along with the newer games.

  5. Preordered That Time You Killed Me. Can’t wait.

  6. Heard of Vagrantsong before Origins and was like meh. A friend wanted to demo it so we sat down and played a quick demo and I thought it could be fun. My friend bought it and we played 3 campaigns and I really like it.

  7. I would tattoo your face on my face, if I hadn't already tattoed a mix of Rodney's and Chaz's hoping to legally change my name to Chodney Smarlith…

  8. and now I have the Juicy fruits ad song stuck in my head. Thanks a lot 😩

  9. It is the spirit of Chaz-mass future, it seems there were still some residual effects from the Rodney Time Machine "Push" incident.

  10. Two player abstract game with time traveling, sounds like the realistic version of 5D chess.

  11. So what is the story behind the Repopulate card in the frame on your shelf?

  12. Exciting list of great looking games. Poor Chaz. Note he'll have to wait until he visits Canada and gets mauled by a rabid moose to get a chance to haunt Rodney again.

  13. Wow wow wow! SO excited to see That Time You Killed Me as the #1 game on your radar this month! Thanks for stopping by our booth and chatting about the games at Gen Con, Paula!

  14. I grew up on Key to the Kingdom! Happy to see it's available for a new generation… Even if the cuter vibe is the polar opposite to what drew me to the game in the first place.

  15. “stopping them on board forever” ambiguity or a pun take a momenten to think about it

  16. Definitely looking forward to Vagrantsong!!
    Hadn't heard of Key to the Kingdom, but it looks so cute!! Consider it now on our radar too! 😀 Great video as always Paula!!

  17. Great video! All those games look like something I should checkout. I especially like the look of Juicy Fruit.

  18. Ahhh, Vagrantsong! So awesome to see it on this list. Sorry I missed you at Gen Con – would have given you the full rundown of the spooky boss battler!

  19. Ok, now that I know there is a movie called “Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders”, it has to be watched!

  20. what is Canadian Mounties Vs Atomic Invaders ?

  21. You had me at "systematic corporate monetary dissection of the democratic election system"! Another brilliant vid, folks. I don't know how this sponsor/advertising thing works but I genuinely need to get on board with One More Quest. Fantastic selection of games, Paula, I am intrigued by them all. And Chaz, hope that ghost thing clears up.

  22. Great to see in the Palm of your hand on your list 🙂 Soon in the US, already available in the UK (yes, the Channel is not as wide as the Atlantic 😀 )

  23. Happy to see the Adrenaline game on your list. Plus, your thematic intro is the best!

  24. Kabuto Sumo is really neat. It is probably the only game I can play with my 4 year old, and also have fun playing with a group of adults that normally enjoy heavy euros.

  25. We got to play Kabuto Sumo at Origins in Columbus and it was really fun! We per-ordered Vagrantsong too.

  26. I have so many questions about the baby mule deer…

  27. Thanks Paula, seeking out "Buy the Vote". My nemesis is attention span and "how long will this take" with players. You guys are awesome. Keep up the great work.

  28. They're remaking Key to the Kingdom, eh? When I was a kid, my brother and I bought the original at a garage sale, but it didn't have the instruction manual because garage sales, am I right? So we just played it with our own made up rules. In the years since, I refused to learn how to actually play it. Maybe I'll buy this new one and throw away the rulebook.

  29. Thanksgiving reference hit too close to home.

  30. Somehow I find soulless phantasm Chad to be comforting.

  31. Glad you liked Adrenaline, wish I could've taught you how to play it.

  32. In The Palm Of Your Hand sounds absolutely amazing and I can't wait to get a copy. WOW! Thanks for the awesome video!

  33. The premise for That Time You Killed Me had my brain going wild, that's such an awesome theme

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