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10 Board Games Ranked & Reviewed – Episode 39

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Rankings correct at time of recording.


  1. potato man is phenomenal. with skull king my fav game to wrap the night

  2. How would you compare Brian Boru to Joraku?

  3. Joraku is great. I play it with my daughters a lot. I kind of want the new upgraded version, although that would make it less portable.

  4. A lot of games I was curious to hear your thoughts on here. Thanks for the video.

  5. Love Potato Man and own Joraku but haven't tried it yet. I'm a trick taking fanatic at the moment.

  6. Nice recap of your recent games.
    While I tend to like trick taking games, I look for unique quirky elements to stimulate my interest – a few I like (many 20+ yrs old) are Mate!, Mü, David & Goliath, Gargon and Schadenfreude.
    Given your liking for bidding/auctions and area control, I recommend "Pizarro & Co" (T Lehmann).

  7. The production values (art, minis, board) of the most recent version of joruku are also very nice, to go along with the gameplay.

  8. Did you try the solo vale of eternity on BGG?

  9. Joraku is cool..I still would like to play more..it’s interesting but the deluxe version really brings it up a few notches

  10. Wow!
    Some high praise for a few games that are now on my list of games to play…
    I’ve never heard of Joraku.
    I like to hear the player count and names of the designers when watching videos like these as often this information will affect whether I explore the game further.
    Always love to hear your measured thoughts and I value your opinions highly. ( I am waiting for a copy of Qin to arrive from a distant land!)

  11. Woah! I'm happy to see some love for Joraku! It really is a hidden gem. I'm looking forward to trying VoE; glad it is on BGA.

  12. I got Joraku. Sadly not played it yet.

    I had the same feeling regarding Glüx. Recommend.

  13. Really interesting list for a ranking. A few on here have been on my radar, Faraway and Vale of Eternity. But, I am really surprised that Joraku made #1. I've seen it several times on the second hand market, but have passed it up not having heard much about it. I'm keeping an eye out for it now. Just wondering what player count do you think it works best at? 😊

  14. I had recommended Joraku to you a year back and it’s great to see the same on top of the chart for you. It’s an awesome quick fun filled but underrated game like Rumble Nation due to very low print available. The dulex version is a great upgrade and feels great to play. I have played it couple of times and feels that it plays well with 3 (and drag with 2)

  15. I do wish so much I had the game group for VoE and Joraku… both on my wishlist!
    With a bit of creativity Joraku could actually be created at home though (deck of cards and components from other games…)

  16. the tableau building part of vale eternity feels very similar to everdell's, no?

  17. So glad you resonate with Joraku! This is one of my favorite games of all times (top 3 since i got it). The way everything comes together is phenomenal. It has one of the best game arcs among all games that i know. Just played it recently and noticed again how you have to play differently each round, because how you will want to use the number ranges of the cards shift with each round. Cool recommendations overall!

  18. Just discovered Far away s few days ago, Brilliant !
    I really need to check Vale of eternity some day !
    I played Joraku one year ago and I thought it was a fine game and then I discovered Brian Boru which was a very good game ! Pretty similar vibes than Joraku in the mechanics but longer and richer. You should clearly have a look on Brian Boru if it’s not done yet ?!?

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