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10 Board Games Ranked & Reviewed – Episode 40

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Rankings correct at time of recording.

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  1. I like Evergreen but constantly knocking over the components on my board can get annoying

  2. Hi Dan! How similar is Yokai Sketch to Schotten Totten or Lost Cities?

  3. If you don't mind sharing – what is your story behind Castell Rhaglan? – was it simply a visit, or do you have Welsh ancestry, even as your accent is undoubtedly English? 🤔

  4. Surprised to see your rating for Evergreen, as I found it incredibly dull despite wanting to like it. None of the decisions seemed interesting or exciting, fiddly components, multiple games quickly felt very samey. Other people seem to really like it though. What am I missing?

  5. This has got to be the most unique Top Ten board games list. I have never ever heard of these.

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