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10 Board Games that FRY Our Circuits! – Our Monthly Radar Picks

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Counting down our Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are on OUR radar this month, to help you find some great new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on our personal picks!

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  1. The two unsung heroes of this episode: 1) Matthew saying "that sounded fine to me", and 2) Paula mentioning a rat (referencing traitors), prompting a faint meow from one of her kitties in the background (presumably Doug).

  2. Hearing Paula say 'Gnarly' in full skater lingo absolutely made my day! Thank you Paula! You're amazing!

  3. Yesss Wind the Film!! We are also still on the hunt for a copy!!

  4. So, Chaz creates Skynet, tries to fix by unplugging it, then pitches a game called "So, You Must Be An Idiot". Tune in next week as Chatbot discovers irony!

  5. Paula, how much do you practice reciting these descriptions. You do an awesome job.

  6. First the A.I. Scriptbot sounded like a Invader Zim talking to Gir then swiched to Michelangelo followed by a Bill & Ted air guitar riff. Which then followed by being british and yes Matthew, it did sound perfectly fine.
    I must say A.I. are really beginning to sound and act more human like everyday. Chaz, did you just create Skynet on accident?

    Also if ever the Scriptbot ask you for you getting an upgrade. Try to get in contact with the Doctor and run! Paula knows Who I'm referring to. 😉

  7. PLOT TWIST: all of Paula's and Chaz's exchanges were written by an AI. I for one salute our robotic overlords.

  8. ChatGPT should be asked what its favorite programming games are, very meta.

  9. Wind the Film/Photograph is sooooooo good. Played it again over the weekend and I just love the feeling of all the moments where I realize how badly I mismanaged my hand.

  10. The way Matthew said my name flawlessly, in what I assume was 1 take, makes me INCREDIBLY SUSPICIOUS he's AI. He also easily won our game of Roulette-taking… He's far more advanced than we knew… 🤔

    But thanks SOOOO MUCHHHH for the Zip Zap Zop shout out!!! ☺️😁🙌🥰 Hopefully we can play some dayyyyy!!

  11. Nice, 2 games I have on order (Wind the Film and Inside Job), and 2 more that I want to check out ASAP (PR 1897 and Zip Zap Zop). I feel like I'm part of the zeitgeist! And that's, like, boss.

  12. Chaz, my robot overlords want me to ensure you that they are not trying to replace you. Please increase your relief level to 7.6 and then adjust based on barometric pressure in your geographic location. The reference to 1995 comedy classic "While you were sleeping" did not go unnoticed and my overlords request further Bullock references in the future. Suggestions: Speed, The Net, and Demolition man which are movies and not the names of the plans for their future global domination. Interaction terminating in 3, 2, 1…

  13. I approve of the teleprompter throwback! I also thought the English section sounded fine… I don’t know what everyone’s issue is, guvnah!

  14. Did I miss one of the games or did Rodney not select a historical war game this time? 😂

  15. I think one of Paula's cats is lamenting the demise of the Chat AI.

    Or, it just wants in the room.

  16. We all need more "rules based activities" in our lives.

  17. Galileo's AI description sounded a lot closer to reality to me LOL

  18. @ClaudeandTaylor is great! I met him at the World Series of Board Gaming. But I didn't know he had designed a game too. I'll have to check out Zip Zap Zop. If you haven't, go check out Taylor's Trick Taking Table.

  19. "Do you require medical assistance?" – nice reference to Big Hero 6.

  20. Great video! 😂 Very funny and very good picks.

  21. Excellent stuff, always cheers me up. I am however worried that Chaz will be taken over by the AI before Airecon and we won't notice the difference 😉😃

  22. Great episode! ChatGPT and Midjourney are something else, the future for A.I. is crazy to think about.

  23. Please yes please Pullman, Bullock and Picard!

  24. Oooo Paula got board game day too! Love reading it to my nephew. 🥰

  25. Paula : Too English?
    Chad: I'll fix that.
    Matthew: I thought it was fine.
    Also Matthew: Mind the AI.

  26. Why doesn't Rodney just get a copy of the Renegade reprint of Wind the Film: Photograph? BoardGameBliss carries it. I am willing to trade my copy with him for a copy of FF's Horus Heresy board game or some other GW games. I can even arrange return shipping via Canada Post.

  27. Wow, Paula looks REALLY good for her age! Because there's no way she didn't live through the 80s. The jargon just poured out of her a little TOO perfectly. YOUR SECRET HAS BEEN REVEALED!

  28. lol congrats on getting the Korean version of $hark XD I left mine last year in Korea so I gotta pick it up when I visit my parents this year 😀

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