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10 Board Games That You Loved But We Thought Were Sh*t

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Join us as we run through 10 games that we thought were sh*t.


  1. Anyone offended by the original Libertalia should be culled for the benefit of society

  2. This ws hilarious. I like Root but I see where you're coming from. On the other hand I totally agree with you on Spirit Island, such a bland, boring game. I haven't played Wingspan as I fail to see the appeal.

  3. The irony of being sensitive to political correctness never seizes to amaze me.

  4. So many of these games were ones that piqued my interest but which ultimately I decided not to buy. Thank Goodness!!! Great to listen to someone who says it how it is rather than come out with some mealy mouthed faint praise so as not to offend the board game producers thus putting at risk their supply of freebies!

  5. I'm with you 100% on Libertalia the something something Galecrest game and a couple more. However, I don't watch this channel's videos for the opinion (cos you clearly have sh*t taste 🙂 ), I watch them for the comedic delivery. In this day and age of PC-ness I like it when someone expresses their opinion strongly without holding back. Keep it up!

  6. Bri*ish guy dislikes a game about fighting colonizers? Big sus

  7. Agree on a few of those. Spirit Island in particular. But it looks terrible on the table as well as being a boring slog.

  8. Ofc the Brit doesnt like the game where you fend off colonists 😂❤

  9. Don't knock one out in the bath. Staff just turns to glue and gums up any hair it comes in to contact with. You end up still finding gummed up patches of leg hair days later. The stuff just doesn't come off.

  10. I knew Wingspan would be number one. My wife doesn't like it either and her description of the game is pretty much the same as your top trumps anology. She says is basically "look at the cute bird I got"-the game.
    I guess I disagree, but who gives a shit anyway? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. Spirit Island is my favorite game but yeah, it's a nightmare to learn. When playing it with other experienced players it shines.

  12. I have no interest in Wingspan whatsoever.

  13. Glad I’m not alone in thinking these are complete cack

  14. Even though I like a couple of these, I was laughing out loud. Great stuff!

  15. Honest contest like this is why I keep coming back to this channel. Keep up the solid work. Man, 7th continent was such trash haha.

  16. I got a free copy of Wingspan because i agreed to lasercut a custom birdhouse dice tower before everyone was doing it, got the designer to sign it, then traded it for those impossible to find mansions of madness expansions. Best decision I ever made lol.

  17. Honest and funny. Keep em coming. 👍 (Where have your Polo shirts gone?)

  18. I thought Libertalia was a great iteration, but I was never one to get offended about art being offensive or not 😂😂

    Opinions do be like that though! I appreciate the honesty over spastic hype.

  19. Thanks for the laughs! I love Summoner Wars. But I hate the Libertalia reprint. The old art was great!

    5. Jaipur – there are much better card games, like Biblios, Hanamikoji and London, that in comparison this one's crap.

    4. Istanbul – I only played this once but there were obvious best routes. Boring. I might try an expansion. I did like the trail of assistants, though.

    3. Splendor – boring choices again. What to do seemed obvious, though perhaps I could be world champion in that case.

    2. Jamaica – only enjoyable if you're drunk or five years old.

    1. On Tour – so boring they thought "How can we make it more exciting?" and thought, "That's it! Giant dice!"

  20. Youre right, I do love Root! But youre also right, its a fuck to teach.

  21. Libertalia still manages to deliver the cut-throat rage of the original, but something about the cutesy art manages to double the rage factor. "Great, now I'm 20 points further behind thanks to a panda in a funny hat."

  22. Send me that group invite. I think that Wingspan is overhyped and you're right; it could have been a deck of cards.

  23. Top stuff. Best board games channel around. You don't get Tom Vasel telling you to f*ck off and have a wank in the bath.

    Completely agree about the new edition of Libertalia, the aesthic is terrible. All they had to do was reprint the original with maybe some gameplay tweaks, that would've been cheaper too since they've already got the art assets and everything else.

    Spirit Island has a great concept and great aesthetic, but completely agree it's a nightmare to teach, you can only really play it if everyone has played it several times before, which means it just sits on the shelf.

  24. Agree so much on Root. I have it plus expansion, but getting around teaching it to people seems impossible. I'd rather spent that time playing sth else

  25. Good laugh at this one. Even where I disagree I can agree. Wouldn’t stick Root, Pax Pamir, or Spirit Island in front of my dim mates. But in all seriousness, some of these games have a very niche actual target market and trick people into buying them because they look accessible and cute (Root is a huge culprit here).

    Wingspan, though. Can’t agree more. Absolute shocker.

  26. just discovered you today….cant stop laughing…..auto subscribe

  27. So right on 7th Continent. Was never more disappointed in a purchase. I remember playing it by myself and feeling like my head was turning into a jackass, like in the old cartoons. Kept asking myself, “People like this kind of shit?!?”

    On the other hand, I love Wingspan. 😂

  28. Spirit Island is great but I’d never play it at more than 3 players.

  29. Haha i hated the original libertalia. I hated detective I didn't care to finish it. 7th continent was awful!…. Haha seems like we have some tastes in common! Not entirely though, spirit island is pretty good, it is tough though and a single mistake means you start losing. Root is good too, the rules are super easy so its fairly fast to teach I don't see that as a problem. You are totally off the rails about wingspan, that is a great game. Fantastic production, solid game. Made better with the nectar resource expansion. It is however probably the only good game put out by stonemyer, you could have picked any of their other titles and I'd have aggreed with you. Like SYCTHE for example which is utterly fucking boring as sin.

  30. Don't play Spirit Island with four players, knobhead. I have dropped an anvil on my head and it is much less fun than playing Root (which is great, by the way), and as for Pax Pamir second edition, are you completely off your rocker?
    It's been a while since I dusted off Dominant Species, but I remember it being a good thinky game.
    I hate Wingspan too, and I've never played it.
    Brilliant as usual – well done!

  31. When you said your issue with Spirit Island (where people play in pretty similar ways but have slightly different capabilities and very different starting cards) was that the player rules are too different and take too long to explain, it was inevitable that Root would be on here too. I found Root a slog until a friend who was a big fan showed me the app. I played the hell out of the app and then wiped the floor with everyone on my next three games playing physical Root with other people. It wasn't a good feeling, honestly.

  32. People get whipped into such a fear of missing out on overly hyped games they don't take a minute to step back and honestly ask themselves, "Why am I playing this, I'm having zero fun…and now I've spent my life savings on pure bs." Agreed on all these card based games pretending to not be just classic card games – one of the biggest scams out there!

  33. "haha this list is great so far"

    "Spirit island"


  34. I never got SI for the same reasons he mentioned, and I have never payed it. I wanted to play ROOT so bad but my first play was horribe with 3 of my friends who had no idea what to do, we lost an hour of our life and only done 1 round

  35. I wholeheartedly disagree with your criticisms concerning spirit island. Granted, it can be harder to teach than other games but I’ve taught it to my non-gamer parents and had fun with it. Also I’ve had plenty of games that look hopeless and manage to turn around in the end, like once I was a single blight away from losing on literally turn 2, and we managed to barely survive and actually win.

  36. If you play the ocean with yellow disks you don't deserve spirit island 😉
    I agree with wingspan though.

  37. Wingspan is utter trash in my opinion as well. Tried playing it twice and both times couldn't finish it because both my opponent and I were falling asleep. And I use opponent very loosely here, because you don't really care what the other person is doing.

  38. Ha! Brilliant. I have my own list, Root is on there (it's like a shit COIN with added Foxes). Back in the day I also hated Dead of Winter when everyone else was going on about it as if it was the best thing ever. Scythe has always left me cold too. Thankfully there are a million different games out there so something for everyone!

  39. Just wondering if I fuck off first, what is left to wank off in the bathroom?

  40. I love that I just saw a couple of these on actualol's top 50 list. Haha

  41. No Gloomhaven? I think I am the only one in the world who despises that game. The entire world. Just…me.

  42. Wingspan is one of my new favorite games, but I laughed pretty hard at your comments about it. (and others) Love your channel and your reviews. Keep it up.

  43. Best one yet. Really hitting your stride now, good on you.

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