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10 Board Games Under $25 Each!

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00:00:00 Hello, hello
00:00:56 Air, land & Sea, Critters at War
00:01:31 Chronicles of Crime
00:02:28 Cerebria: The Card Game
00:03:00 Friday
00:04:38 Dog Lover
00:05:28 Gorus Maximus
00:06:58 Railroad Ink
00:07:52 Rolling Realms
00:09:07 Paris
00:09:55 D&D Starter Set
00:10:51 Shira, HELP!

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  1. Love this kind of videos, I hope you will make the other ones soon!

  2. Marvel United Xmen Base game is just $10 on Amazon right now

  3. I really enjoy the list. Great options with quick explanation. I am waiting for the next one.

  4. Oriflamme is always overlooked. Easily my #1 small box game

  5. Love this! Some of my favorite games are bigger games, but there's something special about a small game that punches way above its weight class. Games like Arboretum, The Crew, Love Letter and now Scout! will always hold a special place in my board gaming heart. Definitely would like more content on smaller but interesting games!

  6. Personally, I would swap RR Ink with Cartographers; all my non-gamers friends get a kick out of making their own maps, especially if you bring colored pencils. I would also alt The Crew over Goricus Maximus for trick taking, as I think Goricus' art makes it less accessible. Still, a great list and I'm looking forward to your other price range recs.

  7. Air land and sea is good but I like Hanamikoji alot too. I know the theme might be a little off putting but the mechanism are great

  8. I really enjoyed this video. Being a teacher these are games that I could afford to buy for our afterschool gaming club!

  9. Love the transitions

    Here's a couple small games
    Holiday Hijinks
    Cat in the Box
    Adventure Mart
    Palm Island
    Tea Dragon Society

  10. Big Quacken fun! One of my favorites is Love Letters or The Mind. Both are so chill and fun 😊

  11. My favorit small game at the moment is Rune by Zemilio. For me it is a bit like Orchard but as a two player VS. game. I got it without ordering it and was skeptical but positively suprised. Then again I very much enjoyed Orchard and Grove.

  12. Holy sh*t. The transitions in this one are second to none. 'fire 🔥 emoji' What a great video and can't wait to watch more!!

  13. Great video! I really enjoyed the levity of your presentation and the fun that you both seemed to have in making this video. I hope you continue with this series and present the other price ranges as teased.

  14. a few more for the list:

    Code Names (great party game, literally everyone i've played it with has loved it. even the in-laws.)
    Under Falling Skies (great puzzly solo game, space invaders theme)
    The Crew (great trick-taking game, incredibly easy to teach crowd pleaser)
    Set A Watch (great 1, 2, or 4 player dice placement / tower defense puzzle game, fantasy themed)
    Marvel United (great lite co-op or 1vM card playing game whose mechanics really reinforce the co-op aspect and the theme)

  15. Oh also, this is one of my favorite videos you have made in awhile!

  16. Flies, Lies & Supplies must be VERY new.. not seeing it for purchase anywhere yet.

  17. I always enjoy Oh My Goods, my daughter likes playing this one too.

  18. Great video! How about top 10 inexpensive games you can get at Walmart? Best family games? Top 10 games which can be learned and played in less than 1 hour? Love the videos!

  19. Quack!! Love the list!! My fav that fits category is Cartographers Heroes.

  20. Wow. Just wow. I had moved away from your channel but this video has me back again and subscribed. Well done!

  21. My favorite $24.99 game was Witless Wizards. It's a simple take that sort of gamble game where you prove you are the best wizard

  22. So glad to see Rolling Realms here. Definitely the best value for the money of any game I own. And new promo packs for it coming later this month . . . With inflation, I am struggling to come up with other games under $25 that I own. I am pretty sure I got Jaws for under $25, but it is "on sale" right now for $29.

  23. Great video! I can’t wait to see the rest, and I love your transitions!

  24. Good list of games and fun video. Love the jump cuts!

  25. Love this idea and format! Can’t wait to see the next one!

  26. Breath of fresh air to the board game content on YouTube

  27. Paris was delivered into my collection today so I'm glad it was on the list. I would love to have you look at games under $10 because I am a huge fan of Button Shy but I'm sure there are others out there. Quack on.

  28. I always struggle with the money conversion:p everything is way more expensive down here in NZ :p

  29. 2 cheaper games which are popular among my friends and I are Coup and Codenames!

  30. Y’all playing around with these transitions is amazing, Lol I love it!!

  31. y'all good folk and make me smile keep up the love ……..neat transitions ……and that sneak smooch at the end made me laugh

  32. Wow the format and editing was amazing! Great video

  33. Great list, there is definitely a few here that catches my eye, especially as things are becoming more financially challenging. I'd like to echo d&d, so much there in the starter set. Also, we love playing Cockroach Poker which can be usually found cheap as chips.

  34. The format of this was great, it was entertaining and seemed like you guys had a lot of fun. A few I like are:

    Fox in the Forrest

    mini rogue


    sushi go


  35. Super cool transitions! I didn't know about most of these games, Railroad ink seems to be right up my alley, thanks!

  36. I recommend "So Clover!" for a 3-6 player word game for under 25$

  37. Great list with quite a few personal faves and some I need to check out as well. Thanks!

  38. Quack! Nice list. Air Land and Sea is my favorite from this list.

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