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10 Board Games Under $25 Each!

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00:00:00 Hello, hello
00:00:56 Air, land & Sea, Critters at War
00:01:31 Chronicles of Crime
00:02:28 Cerebria: The Card Game
00:03:00 Friday
00:04:38 Dog Lover
00:05:28 Gorus Maximus
00:06:58 Railroad Ink
00:07:52 Rolling Realms
00:09:07 Paris
00:09:55 D&D Starter Set
00:10:51 Shira, HELP!

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  1. Love the transitions and the picks! Plenty of games that look interesting and will have to pick up!

  2. Just a warning for those planning to get that box DND starter set: This was last print's box and contains a campaign that is now freely, legally available on "dnd beyond" (a companion app bought by WotC, the owners of DnD) called "Lost Mines of Phandelver", with a rulebook for DnD covering all anyone would need to know to run the game (And a hand holdy character creator). There's a new print with a newer campaign that is noticeably different than the box seen here.

  3. The transitions were so great! More of this please. Looks like you had a lot of fun filming/editing this one.

  4. More of this please! Love the editing! You look like you are having fun! You also kept me entertained. Cute kiss at the end.

  5. Hero Realms and Star Realms are also awesome value for under $25

  6. I love these lists, keep them coming! Top notch editing too 🦆

  7. Hi Jessie it’s Ben and Paul risk Paul thinks that you smell ha ha

  8. OK small cheap game bliss = Age of Galaxy, Keyforge (just 2 decks), Skull, Hive Pocket, Railroad Ink Lush Green, Innovation, Biblios, and Red Rising on sale at UK Games Expo for $12 lol!

  9. OMG I forgot Paris, and Eiffel expansion. Paris Cite de la Lumiere is THE best polyomino game out there

  10. Loved the charisma and the game suggestions were good too. Never heard of Paris and now I am curious.

  11. Your character Friday isn't upgraded. You are Friday but you're upgrading the incompetent character Robinson. I enjoy the mobile version quite a bit even though the pop-up banners block my view occasionally and the sounds are repetitive and there's next to no music.

  12. Good list. Took me a while to get to the video but this was a good one

  13. Id love to see a list of solo pnp games video done! Huge category and some great games.

  14. Great video!! Would love to see the other lists mentioned

  15. Marvel Remix just came out and it is under $25. Based on the Fantasy Realms system with some tweaks. I've only played it a couple of times so far, but it seems like a good, quick filler.

  16. The transitions are a great touch. I am not sure if I am hyped or stressed out. Quack!

  17. some of mine are the crew and love letter…and Azul (just a smidge over $25). enjoyed the video, first i've watched in a bit as i'm not backing any more crowdfunded games for a while. love the diversity.

  18. love the list … but love the transitions more!

  19. Gorus Maximus looks interesting! Would love the $10 and $25-$50 videos too!

  20. Your videos bring me so much joy!

    I'm only 1min in and love the jump cut edit! Awesome.

  21. For me my favorite under 25 game is probably Colt Express

  22. d&d all you need is dice, paper, and people to play with.

  23. One of our (the wife and I) favorites is NEOM…and is available for 24.99…

  24. Love the transitions. Please one day do one with Devon busting through a table or getting kicked where the sun doesn't shine

  25. Insta liked video when I saw her mention that dogs are better than cats. I have a bunch of suggestions for under $25 but is currently on sale under $25 considered cheating? I just picked up under $25 Crystal Clans , Attack on Titan The last Stand , Abomination , Colt Super Express, The Grizzled, Hey That's my Fish, Tem Purr A, Foodies, Hail Hydra, Marvel United , The Crew, Hero Realms just to name a few in the past month.

  26. Yes love this new style, well done and have hit the subscribe button three times… Hmm🤔🐦
    You both look very healthy 😍 will just ignore the dog vs cat remark:-p
    And too cute:)

  27. Mmh Lovecraft Letter, Patchwork, Quacks of Quedlinburg, Coup, Shut the box, Pretty clever, Star / Hero realms, Skulls of Sedlec, some of the tiny epic games.

  28. Love it! Looking forward to the other 10 under $$$ lists! So excited, I'll just tell you my 10 under $10: No Thanks, Tichu, Boonanza, Similo, Coloretto, 6Nimmt, Heuschrecken Poker, Spicy, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, and Kakerlakenpoker Royale. Especially recommend Heuschrecken Poker. It's such a fun game, that has gone under the radar last year. I'm not sure if I've heard anyone talking about it, a real shame.

  29. The editing was incredible. Railroad Ink is one of my girlfriend and I's go tos for something quick and fun. And DnD is my lifeblood. I'll have to check some other of these out. Quack! Quack!

  30. Love the concept and multiple of the games!

  31. < Cat Lord, though dogs are also cool, just not as cool as cats. 😽

    And, I like Tides of Madness, plus it would count for 10 under $10, too. 🌊 🐙 ✨

    Also, I would expect Onitama and King of Tokyo to be on a $25-$50 Games vid, and I’d like to get both eventually. 🙃

  32. Nice little video. I'd be willing to throw some suggestions in there for other value ranges. 😀 H00t!

  33. Runes of Zun, Disney Villainous, The Goonies and Welcome to the Dungeon.

  34. I'd have put Port Royal on this list as well the Big Box New Edition only costs $25.

  35. My favourite cheap game can be purchased for < $5. It has the ability to cover all genres of gamers, ranging from solo mode, small group, competitive, and large party groups. It can be picked up at almost any store too… a deck of cards 😅


  36. Yes, great series! Fast, punchy, informative and fun! Also, the transitions are really cool, as always!
    Great video, guys! Looking forward to the next ones 😀
    Quack! 🦆

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