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10 Board Games We CAN’T WAIT To Tell You About | January 2022

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are on OUR radar this month, to help you find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on our personal picks!

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (Revised Core Set)

Assemble a band of adventurers who attempt to complete dangerous quests in Middle-earth!


Vivid Memories

Cleverly create connections and earn rewards for completing core memories!

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Foster The Meeple’s “Familiar Tales” review:

1754 Conquest The French & Indian War:
Glass Road:
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  1. Stichtag is pronouced somewhat like steechtarq.

  2. Thanks for checking out Skull Canyon at PAXU, Paula!! It was so much fun playing!

  3. Discount German for Beginners … that's the Belgian flag on the background 😅

  4. “Watch It Players” OMG this is from a comment like a year or two ago! You’re amazing Chaz

  5. What the heck!!! Thank you so much for the shoutout! Love us some Familiar Tales!

  6. I'm interested in Familiar Tales. From Plaidhat, and loved Mice and Mystics so I have high hope for this.

    Paula, The new hair cut look great!! 💖

  7. Stitchtag seems interesting. I'll look out for English version or maybe pick up that German Duolingo, which I've got through the first 10 lessons multiple times, again .

  8. Love the one-take format, it says something about the abilities of you all there weren't many noticeable differences from usual!

  9. I've wanted to play 1754 for ages, never knew someone who had it and didn't pull the trigger myself.

  10. Number #3 grabbed my attention aaaahhhh. Poor wallet, it dealt some mental damage to it, haha! And to help, Paula mentions SSX, bringing me memories and heavy nostalgia.. aaaand now wallet already suffered physical damage :'-)

  11. Absolutely fantastic episode today all of you. Stichtag looks incredible. I really REALLY hope it gets a US Release.

  12. I love the balance of humor and information. It is funny enough to be entertaining but gives enough info about the games to help give me some ideas for games to check out. Well done team!

  13. Chair thirsty engine trombone sings an empty surgery.

    EDIT: The first take of this post has failed. The author did not handle the pressure.

  14. Excellent stuff as always, didn't know about the Shinkansen game, looks interesting.

  15. Foster the meeple are about to get a lot more subs. Love that channel definitely check them out.

  16. Love this format, I think Paula definitely got the rawest deal! My biggest concern was Matthews coffee.

  17. what you guys use to read your scripts ? any suggestions would be wonderful as am a new YouTuber as well

  18. Okay, next time I need to see Paula and Matthew read scripts in Russian or Chinese

  19. I played Merchants of the Dark Road the other day and really enjoyed it. There seems to be a lot more going on than there actually is but after a few rounds it all made sense. I feel like I could teach it to my family, so it's not complicated.

  20. Glad you showcased Sabotage! I love that game so much, think it’s the most beautiful one in my collection and Is predominantly spotlighted in the displayed games section of my shelf. It really stands out for it’s overall uniqueness, and the super attractiveness of it’s box, components and design. I love it!

  21. I always wanted a dragon to make me waffles

  22. I love the pretty dog. More dogs, please. The people on this channel are fantastic, too!

  23. Really cool to see Shinkansen feature. I’ve just bought this for the Mrs (ssshhh she doesn’t know yet) and am really excited about this getting onto our table

  24. Familiar Tales really looks exciting, Plaidhat Games is such an inspiring company. Looking forward to check this one out!

  25. I rewatched Paula’s introduction of Stitchtag three times! So impressive!!

  26. Loved this video. Just felt I had to let you know. The puppy part had me laughing. Also was happy to see Foster the Meeple mentioned! They have some great videos as well. Thanks for the great content 😄

  27. My respect for Monique and Naveen shot up with Lorenzo love… the dice in lorenzo might be bad but everyone deals with the same dice!

  28. Paula wins the German contest! And Chaz’s dog is super cute!

  29. How you managed to keep a straight face for “classy glass bus-in-Nass” is beyond me. 💁🏻

  30. I appreciate all the hard work y'all do on your videos, but this was really funny as well. Although I gotta say that Chaz' dog stole the show, squeeee!

  31. I'm not sure if a medal exists for what Paul just did…but IF it does then she deserves it! Brava!

  32. Out of Bounds Disc Golf Pro Shop & Course says:

    Great video as usual and super cool that you gave a nod over to Foster the Meeple! Y’all are awesome!

  33. I’ve been excited about Familiar Tales since I heard about it a month ago. Mid February can’t come soon enough!

  34. Well, all i can think about is the German part no, i don't know if it's good or bad for a board game video ( also keep doing that in one take it's funny and i'm sure it's not stressful at all… )

  35. So the German word "Tag" (day) is pronounced with the vowel sound like the word pot. So it's closer to the sound of Tog, not Tag (like the kid's game). Stichtag is like a deadline or expire date. So kudos for the expertly delivered rhymes, even if the word you rhymed off of was pronounced wrong <3

  36. Great video! This channel never fails to pick up my spirits.

  37. Matthew, if your Spanish workbook could speak, it would NOT say what you just did. That said, you should be proud as I'm pretty sure you've created a few sounds that no human has ever made before. Get thee to a Patent Office!

  38. Brilliant use of the Beastie Boys lyrics and a Star Trek reference.

  39. Love your videos. Not trying to call Paula out, but SSX was never released on the SEGA Dreamcast.

  40. SSX Tricky wasn't on the Dreamcast. But it was in that similar era of games.

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