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10 Cozy “Coffee Table” Board Games + COZY GAME GIVEAWAY!

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Hey friends! It’s cozy season and also coffee table game season! I find when it get’s colder and the sun starts to go down a bit earlier I tend to enjoy staying up stairs (my basement gets real cold!), cozy in my blanket on the couch, watching some tv and playing a game! Here are my 10 favourites right now! Hope you all enjoy!

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  1. Can't get more #cozy than playing a relaxing game with the significant other over a warm beverage while it's a cold autumn's night outside!

  2. I love #cozy games early in tne morning when all the family is still in bed.

  3. If you have the space for a second player at that coffee table (cuddled up close on the floor or couch), I find Piepmatz (2018) to be a very charming and #cozy game that I don't see mentioned often 🙂

  4. I've been looking at Beacon Patrol it looks #cozy how has this game held up with you?

  5. Great list of some #cozy games. Makes me want to have some cooler weather with some warm tea.

  6. Winter is around the corner. What's better than a #cozy game night around the coffee table, with some aromatic hour tea? 😊
    Thanks for your videos.

  7. Lately #cozy for me is anything that I can play solo. So . . . or man Hadrian, the Three Sisters, Quacks, etc.!

  8. Love these types of games after a long work day. Nothing too taxing and easy to wind down with. #cozy

  9. Thanks for all the great videos! Excited for the contest. My cat always loves to get #cozy in our board game boxes lol. I love My City! Cozy games that I’d recommend are: Patchwork, Splendor Duel, FITS, and NMBR9.

  10. I hadn't heard of Junk Drawer, it looks great! Our current #cozy games are Tussie Mussie, Quest Calendar, Dandelions, Ada's Library, and Azul.

  11. Some timestamps for my own reference but hopefully this is helpful to others as well!

    3:32 Mr Cabbagehead's Garden
    6:27 Coffee Roaster
    9:05 Mind Space
    11:19 Spirits of the Forest
    14:00 Railroad Ink (Deep Blue Edition)
    16:56 Junk Drawer
    19:38 Cafe
    22:23 My City (Roll and Build edition)
    26:36 Forever Home
    28:28 Calico

  12. Thanks a lot for the list and for suggestions! Sadly I don't have any #cozy games as of yet, so I'm hoping to grab a copy of Railroad Ink and Spirits of the Forest in the near future!

  13. I don’t have a coffee table but when I get one I’ll be sure to try these #cozy games on it

  14. Building my own collection with #cozy gaming in mind. So far, doing well! The best thing is having people who appreciate similar vibes and games so every board game night is such a delight. There are some games you mentioned that I've never heard of before, one of them being Mind Space that really caught my attention (love the art style).
    Thank you for another lovely video!

  15. I always searching for #cozy games. One of my favourite is agropolis/sprawlopolis. Such a wonderful city building game with card's

  16. Excellent list! Will definitely be adding some of these to my collection. Probably Calico first, looks so cute! Looking forward to getting #cozy this autumn.

  17. Hi Jenna,

    Thanks for the great video. The games look fun and #cozy to play at our coffee table. Haven't tried either of the games your giving away, so hoping for the best. Warm regards from Holland

  18. #cozy I want to win the games!! My family enjoy your channel. Thanks for being kid friendly!

  19. My wife and I love your take on #cozy games. We're also tea drinkers, so that's a good fit as well. We've got about 40+ games, but haven't tried many of the more "complex" titles yet (although Terraforming Mars will likely be on my "hey-Santa-Clause-need-any-ideas?" list. Anyway, keep up the good work, and thumbs way up on your content and delivery!

  20. Been playing mostly Hadrian’s Wall this year 😅 maybe I need some more #cozy games

  21. Hey Jenna, I'm just getting back into the hobby and am hoping for many #cozy future gamenights with my wife!

  22. My favourite #cozy coffee table game is Relics of Rajavihara. So puzzle-y and tactile. Thanks for the video!

  23. Great list, Jenna! This season is so tough or me – I’m torn between #cozy and spooky games! But I think I do naturally gravitate more towards #cozy. I just got My Island, but I’ve never played My City and that roll & write looks sweet!

  24. Thank you for the great list of #cozy games! However, Calico was a dud for me.

  25. I appreciate the #cozy games and especially the solo games! Def putting Calico on my list!

  26. I love #cozy games, they’re the type of game that I can convince my family to play because they’re easy to learn and get into quickly. I think my favourites currently would be Tiny Epic Galaxies and Point City

  27. Hi there! Thanks for that awesome top list! I'm njoying your #cozy atmosphere) From my side I think I have 3 most loved #cozy board games: Hanamikoji, That's Pretty Clever and especially Air, Land, & Sea

  28. Mr cabbagehead lokk good ! video of solo ? 😁 aschtag COZY 🙂 for my city 🙂

  29. Thanks for an excellent list of #cozy games. I am also a fan of these simpler solo games.

  30. My #cozy coffee table game is Hive. Its footprint is small enough to fit on a coffee table very neatly. I like to play both sides of a game like a practice chess match but mostly, I like creating random layouts and playing out what could happen. They're never reflective of real game scenarios but it's always relaxing to slide those big chunky tiles across the table

  31. Thank you so much for showing us these great solo games. I'm still figuring out which types of games I would like to play. #cozy

  32. Another great list of recommendations Jenna 😊 My boardgame wishlist keeps growing with your videos 😅 really looking forward to #cozy games this season!

  33. Hi Jenna, I love this idea. We have just added Azul mini to our #cozy list along with Cascadia and Ecosystem.

  34. Great list of #cozy games. Luckily, the rain means I need to stay inside with a fire and sone of these.

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