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10 CRIMINALLY Underrated Board Games! Pt. 2

The Brothers Murph
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We’ve talked underrated games before but frankly, there are so many more to talk about that just don’t get enough love! Here are 10 more criminally underrated games!

Original Underrated Games List:

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  1. Formosa Tea is a criminally underrated game you should check out. Imagine a gorgeous Taiwanese euro about farming, processing, and selling tea. This game has interesting choices and even some combotastic moments (placing a worker to harvest tea, causing you or your opponents to advance along the processing tracks, allowing you to finish a batch of tea, thus returning your worker to use for another action). Check. It. Out.

  2. I don't think I would play Bandido outside of BGA, but I like it there for sure.

  3. I taught Honga last weekend to a group of adults. They legit lost their minds over it.

  4. I gather the solo on Bloody inn is also excellent

  5. I just played Carpe diem and Bonfire back to back… Worst and best looking Feld.

  6. I still think Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem is the most underrated game ever. Followed by Fantastiqa. First suffer from it's theme, second from it's price.

  7. Alma Mater is the most criminally underrated game. I do know why, however. The game really only shines at 4p (it's ok at 3 and not good at 2). So too many people can't get that player count.

  8. Played Sierra West for the first time last weekend. I agree with the fiddliness, I think the rulebook could have been a little bit clearer with the Cabins/Trap/Track spots, but otherwise a really nice puzzle with the card play !

  9. Carpe Diem was one I wanted to try for sooo long but than I heard the new version still had some issues and i never got around to paying that €35/40 for it … until it was on amazon for €23 … and normally I am a FLGS or small online shop kind of person but yeah couldn't let than one slide, had to snatch it up. The bloody inn is one of those games i keep in my collection knowing it won't get a lot of play but when there is a flicker of interest in them I'm … well we could play it if you like :p
    (Demon worker and Histrio also fall in that category)

  10. Hard agree on Wreck Raiders and Kanagawa!!
    Wreck Raiders quickly rose into my top 20 or 30 after playing it. Glad to hear Ruel loves it too!

  11. I agree with key flow! Great. Game.
    Sierra West was a big miss for my friends and I.

  12. Another good video 😀. I'd hope you'd find an alternative "number sound" than the heavy synthesiser sound because it tends to give me impulse to stop every time it comes on and it has made med stop in some lists…

  13. The Bloody Inn! I’m always repping that game. Sometimes hard to convince people to try but always blows them away with how fun it is! In my top 5.

  14. I love this list! Sierra West and the Bloody Inn are amazing! Two of my favorites.

  15. Very much agree on Carpe Diem and Wendake…..but….I HAAAAAAATE Wreck Raiders and Sierra West. Absolutely loathe them. Good list though guys lol

  16. it’s 2021. can we use timestamps already?

  17. Key Flow takes the best of Key Flower and excludes the kick in the groin auction part and plays in half the time, about an hour instead of 2, so it's actually fun. It is underrated.

  18. I love The Bloody Inn! I love seeing how well I can do without killing anyone during the game.

  19. Carpe diem looks like a classic game and when you think it’s old, then I agree that it’s a nice flowing game. I put golden dots on tiles and also dots on the dark green tiles, to divide them from the lighter green. Easier to set up.

  20. the redesign of the middle piece in Carpe Diem is just wrong. It played much better with the 'paths' rather than just a roundel.

  21. Can you change the transition beat? its very dry and the bass is so deep and the drums are just super dry, also its usually way louder than your voices, it just hurts your ears.

  22. BIG agree on Kanagawa. One of my favourites, and it never goes down poorly. My underrated game of choice of Isle of Trains. Small box, big fun with multi-use cards. I've never heard anyone else talk about it though! 😂

  23. Our #1 is this free low/medium weight marvel: Blood Rage – The Tavern Edition

  24. For me it's always been Tyrants of the Underdark. Such a great mix of deck building and area control. Great list though!! Definitely want to try some of these, we love Wreck Raiders and Carpe Diem!

  25. I’ve wanted the Bloody Inn for a couple years now but I can’t find it here in Canada.. such a bummer ☹️

  26. I watched this to cheer for Sierra West, it's the BEST! I also marked out to see Wendake, I just learned it yesterday, and it's also the BEST!
    Great list dudes!

  27. Wreck Raiders is a lot of fun and has multiple paths to victory. Great game to play with kids as well as adults!

  28. Gold West has a super puzzly action selection system. But game is always 12-13 rounds so it plays fast. It is on BGA as well.

  29. Would love to see underrated solo games if you ever get a chance!

  30. Wreck raiders is one of my favorites

  31. Yeahhh the bloody inn ! Such a great pretty unknow game. Definitely underrated, to me I would add Ethnos as well ! Wonderful game ! Also i really need to try once Wendake !

  32. Between this series and Zee Garcia's unsung gems series my want list is growing.

  33. Agree so much with the bloody inn. I love he multi use card play! Amazing

  34. Damn, my want to own list just grew by 5…thanks a lot guys, my wife is really starting to hate you guys haha

  35. Could you perhaps remember to mention the required player count for each game? I know, I can look it up but it would be a nice touch. 😋

  36. I never hear anything Fugitive, but I find it a fun and quick game of cat and mouse.

  37. Wreck raiders is in my top 100. ktbg has a gold mine with this one. It's their best.

  38. Sierra west gets tired after 4 or 5 plays. I was done with it. Sold it. All tricks and novelty to me peaked hard and dropped fast. It went from a 9 star to a 6 star for me in two weeks.

  39. Hi guy 🙂 I love your lists and this one had a few more things to check out but while I may be a little late in asking, I have to try. There is a box behind Mike on the top shelf, four from the left, and in the videos where your collection is displayed this box always sticks out and it's too blurry to make out what the game is. I thought it was Wavelength but it's not, so, what is it? :p

    I also noticed that Justin Bieber's Backstage Pass didn't make your list which is strange since you have it displayed prominently in some of your older videos 🙂

    Love the content, keep up the great work!

  40. Thank you for the suggestions. I bought a few from the list. Our underrated game us Hellapagos. Great game and scales very well with a large or small group.

  41. The tracks you're using for the stabs between selections? The type of sound that makes it easy to spell music as c-r-i-n-g-e .

  42. Hi guys !
    In this video you say that The Bloody Inn’s theme is kind of odd, well… actually, it’s based on a real story that happened here in France like 120 years ago. We still don’t really know if the people working in this inn really killed those people, but the legend still runs today.
    A very good game ! 🙂

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