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10 CRIMINALLY Underrated Board Games! Pt. 2

The Brothers Murph
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We’ve talked underrated games before but frankly, there are so many more to talk about that just don’t get enough love! Here are 10 more criminally underrated games!

Original Underrated Games List:

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  1. Bandido is so good… We also have the sequel Bandida! It's a great restaurant/bar/coffee shop game.

  2. Terminator Genisys imo, sooo good for what it is and went under radar.

  3. Welp, just added a few more games to my wish list. Thanks a lot. 😅 I'm married to a casual gamer, his favorite games are TTR, Jaipur, and 7 Wonders Duel. Anything heavier than that I have to solo. I.E. – Everdell, Isle of Cats, Wingspan, 7th Continent, Aftermath.. BUT one game I can get him to play with me, and it isnt necessarily "crunchy", maybe just slightly "General Mills granola-bar-chewy", is Raccoon Tycoon. I NEVER hear anyone talk about that game. We love it. It was easy enough for him to pick up, but theres enough going on in the game to keep me really interested. I think this is a great Gateway+ game that doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

  4. I really like Milles Bourne from my childhood.

  5. After taking your stellar opinion for Shakespeare, I’ve finally gotten to track down Wendake. I’m really excited to finally get to try it.

  6. Have you guys tried Citrus? Really interesting take on area control with a tough system of balancing income vs controlled area.

  7. Nope, you are not the only ones! I own Sierra West and love it! But it was the box art that drew me to try this one out. Was not disappointed!

  8. At this point, I think the Brothers are the people I agree with most from the Dice Tower (Zee possibly the only exception to that). Even if that wasn't the case, just due to their recommendation of Shakespeare and how stupidly phenomenal that game (with the expansion) is I'll always take their recommendations.

    But for serious, go find Shakespeare with the Backstage expansion. It's everything I wanted Castles of Burgundy to be.

  9. I'm glad to see Sierra West and The Bloody Inn in the list. I would add Wild Space, Red Outpost and the Rival Networks.

  10. I need to play some of these! Kanagawa is so much fun and it looks pretty good IMHO. Definitly one of my favorites!

  11. Bandido purchased. Video liked. And bonus points for The Bloody Inn mention! Great content guys, keep it up

  12. Eric Martin was pretty negative on Mandala so I kinda never looked very hard at it… maybe will take another look – it is beautiful

  13. Oh yea, remember that time you and my wife cut in line ahead of Steph Hodge to play Sierra West at Origins?

  14. I want to try Bloody Inn – it must be that time of the month – I am talking full moon – so people go crazy and kill!

  15. Purchased Wendake on a whim, and loved it! Very thematic and engaging game. Also appreciated the historical context that comes with the rule book.

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