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10 games I enjoyed solo in July! | SOLO GAMING CHALLENGE

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Hey friends! Welcome back to the garden and another solo gaming video! I’ve done one other solo gaming video so far and July was a great month for solo gaming. So I figured let’s start doing these monthly to see what solo games I am enjoying each month! Hope you all enjoy the video!

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  1. May be late to the party here but thanks so much for your fresh take. Love your approach. Keep up the content.

  2. That 'partial knowledge' element is also in a game called; Cursed Court.
    An excellent game, one of my faves!

  3. Wow! I would love to be "freezing" in July and August!

    I really don't play that many board games solo. I just enjoy the interaction with others (be it co-op, competitive, 1vAll) far too much! That being said, there are some board games I enjoy playing solo but they mostly have the same vibe….sci-fi and fantasy themes with decent AI.

    Card games: I really enjoy the Legendary games…Marvel, Alien, 007, and the G.I. Joe deck-builder with dice is a great game! Warhammer Quest Adventures is fun but I lost favor with the Pathfinder card game. Elder Signs is a good one.

    Co-op games with either a set AI or app: I absolutely love Descent 2nd Edition, mostly with friends but solo with the app is fun (esp. with the 1st edition conversion kit). Yes, Legends of the Dark is good but 2nd edition has a special place in my heart! Shadows of Brimstone Forbidden Fortress is a favorite. Also Galaxy Defenders and Sword & Sorcery are great fun playing solo with multiple characters. The D&D Adventure Board Game series works just fine playing solo but still better with friends.

    Roll Player is a fine solo game as the player interaction is pretty limited anyway.

    App/Computer games : I enjoy both Memoir '44 and the very similar BattleLore 2nd edition but honestly two player games are just better with another human! Although I do wish there was a computer version of one of the best two player games ever…The Duke!

    Okay! long enough! Everyone have a great day and keep on playing!

  4. Try the solo for Viticulture and Wingspan. They are good mid weight experiences.

  5. I dont know to what to compare since i dont play solo much. I tried teraforming mars and agricola. They were kind a good.

  6. If you want a meaty solo game.
    Then its definitely Spirit Island. And its easy to make it a little easier and a lot harder

  7. Creature Comforts has a great Solo-variant. Played it two times last week and found it very enjoyable.

  8. That’s why basements are awesome! When it’s hot outside, the basement is a great place to cool down and play games.

  9. Try "Isle of Cats". I really like the solo mode.

  10. Great video! Subscribed – and I will find your Twitch channel as well 🙂
    Would love to see you play Ruins of Arnak or Everdell as a solo game 🙂

  11. Hi, I really like the look of Cafe. It's hard to find a copy in the UK. Great video…

  12. I just subscribed yesterday and loving your channel. Very cheery and cosy vibe to it. Keith, from England.

  13. Thanks for your tips ! I saw some games I never heard of before.

  14. What are your thoughts on Wingspan??? I think it’s so complicated. Am I overthinking it????

  15. Did not realize you could play Dungeons Dice & Danger solo – cool!

  16. Underwater has a solo mode. I haven’t played it, so maybe I’lol try that one out as well.

  17. Well almost all the heavier games behind you have a solo modes, and most are quite good. I do enjoy Merchants of the Dark Road solo. Personally, I love to play any of the West Kingdom Series solo. Start with an easy mode to get yourself used to how it works then you can adjust to your liking. Take it slow, even if you play just half a game. It will get you into how it works and you will still have fun. I was the same way. Now I solo heavy games most of the time to really get into them. ( instead of playing video games 😁)

  18. I bought and LOVE coffee roaster after watching your solo Sunday on Twitch, highly recommend to anyone wanting a solo game. Thanks for these solo videos, they’re great🌟☺️

  19. will have to get a copy of coffee roaster as I solo lots, how about trying wingspan solo?

  20. Great solo games for me at medium/ heavier weight:
    A Feast for Odin
    Dune Imperium
    Lost Ruins of Arnak
    Isle of Cats
    Concordia ( with additional Solaris expansion to make it solo-able)
    Viscounts of the West Kingdom
    Architects of the W. K

  21. I just found Dungeons, Dice, and Danger and it is EXCELLENT to play solo!

  22. I only play solo games, as nobody around me like it!

    I can list a few "bigger" games that are so much fun playing solo :
    Dune Imperium
    Red Rising (Wingspan and this one have a great AI made by the Automa Factory)
    The 7th Continent of course
    Ark Nova (there's a 2nd solo challenge on BGG called ARNO which is said to be even better)
    Sub Terra
    Cthulhu Death may die is awesome (but I don't know if you like the Lovecraftian universe)
    All the Tiny Epic games
    Aeon's End

    and so many more!

    thanks for the video, it's always enjoyable to watch them!
    Have a good Sunday! Happy playing! 🎲

  23. Played welcome to on BGA against some high ranked players but they play absolutely instantly every time and I definitely like to have time to think and got clobbered.

    Will you ever been playing rolling realms on stream?

  24. For solely solo game, i must say Final Girl is really sooooo soooo goood!!!! I am totally not a fan of Horror theme, i havent watched horror movie for like 15 years…? Yet, i am still enjoying final girl board game so much!!! It is such a great game that is hugely thematic, can fall into the atmosphere of the Fianl Girl scene very easily! Highly addictive for the Terror cards that open each turn!! It is just so so so good that i immediately go for all-in pack in Kickstarter, highly recommended!! Looking forward to seeing u playing that in Solo too!!!

  25. My favorite medium or heavy-ish solo games are Spirit Island and Viticulture

  26. So glad to see you really enjoyed the solo plays. I remember you were hesitant about a few and I'm happy you are enjoying yourself like we do now 🙂 Big advantages of solo: you play more often cause you don't have to wait for someone to play with you. And you can play more games because play time are faster than with others, especially if others are prone to AP (analysis paralysis). Best designed solo come from Daviz Turzi, Final Frontier Games (ie Merchants Cove), and Elk Creek Games (Honey Buzz, Merchants of the Dark Road, Atlantis Rising) imho.

  27. Great job! Picked up Dungeons Dice n Danger after your last video, just waiting on it to arrive!
    Ive got Coffee Roaster on the shelf of shame, picked it up in Japan before Stronghold brought it everywhere and haven't cracked it out.
    I love Feast for Odin, Oh My Goods and One Deck Dungeon for solo!
    Love the vid!

  28. I like the Alexis Solo Mode in Welcome to Your Perfect Home. It is challenging to try to beat each of the AI architects.

  29. You asked so I see one behind you & I’ll name one I think you have. Play Everdell & Ark Nova solo! Carcassonne has a solo variant that you can print out from the web so it would be cool to see someone’s review of that.

  30. Thanks for the shout out for my variant solo rules for Atheneum. Glad you are enjoying the solo games. Fantastic video as always. Herbaceous is great solo, fast and fun, almost always run it twice. Floriferous is my favorite of the PFG series. Viticulture is a good medium weight game I have yet to solo. Also if you have Roll Player it is great solo.

    Only thing that would make the video better would be Penny, but I get it being a solo video.

  31. How did I not know Parks had a solo mode? Thanks!

  32. Hi Jenna, I mostly play my hard copy games solo and would love to hear what you think of Isle of Cats solo. I havent tried it but am interested. great wrap up and enjoy!

  33. I lhave been enjoying Fuse, Calico/Cascadia and the Loop recently

  34. Non of this games are about not getting vp at all? Shocking

    Ddd also is about vp no?

  35. Jenna, please try Orchard or Grove. They are amazing. I also enjoy Food Chain Island

  36. LIke someone else said, the games behind you are a good place to start for larger solo games: Arnak for sure, you can start with the easier map, too. Very simple AI but still a lot of tension. Wingspan's automa is simple as well and make for faster games. Isle of Cats has a solo deck as well and you compete against your mean sister. Love Viticulture solo as it creates tension while having almost zero management. Architects of the West Kingdom has a manageable solo, simply reveal a card each turn. Not as crunchy as the others in the West Kingdom series (and to me that's good because those are brutal lol Manuscript AI anyone?). It keeps trying to interfere with your progress by putting you in prison or taking spots you wanted or goes up the Cathedral, etc. So it gives you a similar tension as a two-player game.

  37. I've always enjoyed Parks, and I must say that Nightfall really brings the game up to another level! The change in how the bonus cards work is so much better than the base game! Great list of games!

  38. I played a few solo games this month:
    I don’t own lots of bigger games so i play them solo on BGA (Premium – Training mode – 1 player)
    A Feast for Odin (BGA)
    Viticulture (BGA)
    I own:
    Arkham Horror (the card game – Dunwich extension)

    Thank you for this video: i will try Coffee Roaster. (BTW: your voice is not bad at all😉).

  39. Dungeons, Dice and Danger has been my go-to for solo play since I got it. I've also played a couple games of Welcome to Your Perfect Home recently. I ordered Welcome to the Moon during Gamenerdz big Nerdzday sale; I'm just waiting for it to be delivered. I really need to get Parks, too.

  40. 2:39 I played Parks once at 2-players. I can see how tight the game was… And to me, that is a good thing – as it really challenges (constrains) you.

  41. I LOVE Cafe as a fun, quick, solo engine-builder! I've never played multi-player but I love the challenge of beating my score. Also check out the BGG files for a little mini campaign someone made!

  42. I enjoy many of the same games you do solo. Always enjoy watching your video's and I learn something each time. My fave solo more mid/heavy weight are: Terraforming Mars, Dune Imperium, At the Gates of Loyang (OOP but keep an eye – for me superb solo), Creature Comforts (lighter end) and Obsession. I also like Floriferous (this replaced Herbaceous entirely for me), Santa Monica, and Enchanted Plumes. Santa Monica is one I get out a ton for solo – it's got a great solo mode that's not easy.

  43. I am so glad the youtube algorithm recommended this video. You showed me a ton of games I had never heard of before that I totally gotta check out now. New subscriber here!

  44. Aloha how’ve your tried “under falling skies?” I also actually play “Dune Imperium” solo. Cheers!

  45. I just found your channel and definitely going to subscribe. I am really loving solo board games right now and my favourite is Wingspan! Embarrassing as it is to say, I actually find the solo version very challenging!! Great video!

  46. I've been wanting to play Tiny Towns for the longest time. I really need to get on that. Great video, thanks Jenna!

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