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10 games I enjoyed solo in July! | SOLO GAMING CHALLENGE

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Hey friends! Welcome back to the garden and another solo gaming video! I’ve done one other solo gaming video so far and July was a great month for solo gaming. So I figured let’s start doing these monthly to see what solo games I am enjoying each month! Hope you all enjoy the video!

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    As soon as you become the best player in any game, you are immediately given a ban without explanation. Just so others have a chance to be the best too. The administration ignores all the problems!

  2. At first i thought you are the playstation girl.

  3. Easy/quick to hit the table: Genotype, Orchard, Regicide/dice, Targi, Fuse, Flatline, Point Salad, Mini rogue, Fallout shelter, Forbidden Island, Sagrada, 7 Wonders Duel.Larger stuff: Destines (easy to hit, longer tomplay), Legends of Andor, The Red Cathedral, Nemo's War, Arkham files, Resident Evil 3, The Adventures of Robin Hood (so lovely and cool one), Massive Darkness 2.

  4. Hi. Thank you for bringing your selection to our attention. Fab.Is solo Atheneum BYOS or beat the AI opponent?

  5. Gaia project is the one that offers challenging solo with excellent automa.

  6. New subscriber here. Glad I found your channel. Keep up the great work of love!

  7. So you just show the game and say that you played it. WOW…how informative.

  8. Brand new subscriber here. I rarely ever comment, but I just really had to in this case. I love board games, but literally none of my friends like them, so I always end up having to find stuff I can play alone. These were fantastic recommendations, I'm definitely gonna be looking into some of them. I also love your style, it's very friendly and clear and welcoming. Thanks for the video and I wish you the very best of luck with your channel! 🙂

  9. I’ve never watched you before. Which i am so sad I’ve missed out. 6:08, you are freaking awesome.

  10. Normally people say dice to any amount, but you’re the first to call any amount of dice die. Only when 1 die is referred to you call it a die, in all other cases it’s dice. Just my 2$.

  11. I play mostly solo. Thanks for recommendations <3

  12. Solo mode um Dungeons, Dice & Danger is broken. It is Impossible to lose points by not hitting monsters in the first two turns and That's pretty stupid. It requires some rules changes to be ok. Other than that, it is a very nice game and challenging

  13. Hi Jenna! I’m new to your channel, great content 🙂 I’ve wanted to get into solo board games before, but I always end up buying new videogames 🙁

    Could you share some thoughts about solo board gaming??

  14. I've enjoyed playing Robinson Crusoe solo! it's a bigger one, and it's usually coop. But solo has extra characters who play with you.I was also going to play my new game "The Magnificent" solo too, but then I had to part with it, so would also be an interesting suggestion to play that one solo! I will too in a few months 🙂 I think the Dungeoneer series are fun to play solo, because it's an adventure with quests and kinda procedurally generated map every time, which is fun by itself even without other people 🙂

  15. Try out Four Against Darkness. A roll and write dungeon crawler. A load of fun and easy to just pick up a set of dice, roll and fight a monster or 2.

  16. Try out Railroad Ink Challenge or Maquis. 😊😃

  17. Another way you can play Tiny Towns, in a kind of solo way, is by watching it played on you tube. Some people are presenting it by having you play along with them. By the end of the game, you just compare your score to theirs. I’ve found that enjoyable!

  18. Oh yeah! Since you also like roll and writes, may I suggest Long Shot: The Dice Game and Fleet: The Dice Game

  19. FYI – The Twitch Link in your About us isn't working

  20. Im a quite person and love playing DnD solo….

  21. Across a Thousand Dead Worlds-solo; deep space planet exploration. Seeking out abandoned alien technology.👾

  22. Another great video, some new ones for my list. Which is both great and terrible lol. The essentially D&D themed roll & write looks like fun. Got a few too many R&W to get to them all very often. That probably won't stop a purchase!Love Coffee Roaster, so many people do and for good reason.And Atheneum has gotten my gf excited. Books on shelves and she is involved

  23. For Tiny Towns…there is one 'promo' that you can use anything for (and I think it's a neat idea). It's called the Tree mini expansion and what you do is put a cube to represent an acorn (or a real acorn if you want something that's free AND thematic). The idea is that you place this acorn anywhere on your town at the beginning. It's considered a WILD resource that can be used to build. BUT…if you don't use it: it becomes a tree in your town and you get 2 points. Tiny Towns is such a great game and one I like playing solo as well.

  24. I mostly play solo games and not b/c i don’t have people to play with but b/c I’m an introvert that don’t like most people! 😂
    DD&D is pretty neat solo. I just don’t like it that you get hit if you don’t deal damage to any monster.

    My go-to solo games are:
    Marvel champions LCG
    All West kingdoms trilogy but Architects is number one for me.
    Most Roll and Writes but Cartographers and Fleet are my favorites so far.
    Everdell. Specially with Spirecrest expansion.
    Dune Imperium
    Lost Ruins of Arnak
    Set a Watch
    Hostage Negotiator and Final Girl which is better than HN IMO
    Make Knight of course but haven’t play it in a long time 😅
    Roll Player
    The Bloody Inn

  25. Keep the solo videos coming.☺️
    I recently started playing solo as I don't have anyone to play with.
    In July I played Too Many Bones: Undertow, Wingspan, Horrified: American Monsters, Chai and Arknova. Love Wingspan solo and Arknova moves faster solo as well. Least favorite was probably TMB. I'm still trying to learn it.

  26. Everybody is talking about Dungeons, Dice and Danger so I just watched Zee Garcia's review of it. Definitely hit me in the wrong spot. Just looks boring to me, especially after games like Dinosaur Island Rawr and Write. As for game recommendations and staying with roll and writes, I am playing Voyages these days, it's so much fun. Definitely high in the satisfaction to time spent ratio. I highly recommend it.

  27. Subscribed.
    I play solo and only solo so it is good to see you doing a video catering for soloist 😊
    All the Best from the UK.

  28. Hadrian's Wall is my favorite solo game. Currently going through the solo campaign the designers put on BGG

  29. Have you played Seize the Bean solo yet?

  30. Thanks for sharing! I didn't realize Tiny Towns had a solo mode so I'm about to go try it now 🙂

  31. Great video, thanks! Herbaceous is a great solo, love it especially nice light and just using half the cards means you can just continue onto a 2nd play! I preferred it solo over Sunset Over Water (which I enjoy playing with my wife and daughter). From your collection I see and have played, I'd highly recommend Wingspan, Viticulture and Arnak for solo!

  32. I have most of these games but never played them solo! Thanks for the inspiration to solo them instead of wait for others to come around to play them.

  33. I like playing Calico and Cascadia solo. Another solo only game I liked is Lux Aterna. It has the feel of the movie Gravity, but in a card game. I've also played Feudum and Anachrony solo, but mainly because it's hard for me to find other who will play them with me. :). OH and dinosaur island rawr and write is fun solo too!

  34. Thanks for making solo gaming videos because it’s all I really play. It’s hard to get a group together who like board games like I do. I have a couple solo games I recommend if you haven’t played them: In no particular order from light to semi-heavy, wingspan, lux Aeterna, black sonata, call to adventure, lost ruins of arnak, ascension, it’s a wonderful world, nova Luna, cosmic run, Cuphead, terraforming mars, 5-minute mystery, and my favorite Rococo. I also own games I haven’t played solo like search for Planet X, cape may, tang gardens, great western trails, the Gallerist (which I’m scared for lol), Santa Monica , and Atlantis rising. Just to name a few lol. Right now I have my eye on Canopy.

  35. I think you'll really enjoy Floriferous multi-player and solo. Have you tried Under Falling Skies yet? Also, I'd love to see you try Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Nice video!

  36. Thank you for entertaining me while I removed film off the art cards in Canvas! I am going to check out Dungeons, dice and danger now.

  37. My wife and I love Parks because it's such a gorgeous game. And every time we play, we always spend half the planning future trips to check out all these gorgeous parks. 🙂 Another great video, thanks Jenna!

  38. Mostly great picks. Randomly stumbled over your video. You're lovely, which I'm sure you've heard before in some variation. LOL. Enjoy the games. Thanks for reminding me PARKS is solo. I gotta get that to the table more. I'm buying DUNGEONS DICE AND DANGER based on your experience and the quality of the designer. Rock on.

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