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10 Games I want brought back from the dead

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  1. I'm surprised you didn't say Android as it hits many of the janky but brilliant themes you spoke of in your segment on Defenders of the Last Stand.

  2. For retheming Chaos in the Old World, if they want to keep four supernatural apocalyptic factions, maybe the Four Horsemen? A couple of them map pretty directly onto the WH Chaos gods, like Pestilence for Nurgle or War for Khorne. Maybe Death for Tzeentch, for the fate theme. Famine doesn't exactly fit Slaanesh though, haha.

  3. Unmatched is based on Star Wars Epic Duels. That would be a sweet reprint/new edition. I'm hoping to make some of the decks off the custom unmatched deck builder where the decks have been rebalanced, and then use Imperial Assault figures for the implementation.

  4. Would love to see Battlelore 2nd Edition back in print. It hasn't been out of print too long, so copies of the base game can still be gotten pretty reasonably. However, the expansions are really difficult to get. Fantasy Flight let this one go by the wayside when it started doing the Battles of Westeros stuff, but BL is so much better in my opinion…and is arguably the pinnacle of the Commands and Colors system. As far as I know Fantasy Flight have completely given up on it so I see little hope of it coming back unfortunately….especially as the cost to produce a game with that much plastic has gone up drastically.

  5. I sought out a copy of Thunderbirds with all the extras for my Dad as a birthday gift. Unfortunately he treats it more as a precious relic than a game. We played it once and now he won't let anyone touch it again! He just has it on display on a shelf, tempting me.

  6. Magic Realm and dozens of other old preHasbro Avalon Hill titles.

  7. I wouldn't be surprised if Succession Wars comes back in some form given the current Battletech revival

  8. I'll always agree that Thunderbirds deserves more love, but it needs some cleanup qround the dice. I currently don't think it's the best Pandemic but fix the "lol dice rolls bad you lose' and it could be.

  9. Healthy Heart Hospital seems to come up quite a bit in solo forums and has been recommended to me based on some of my posts (forget which game) and I'd love to get my hands on Thunderbirds… I was a fan of the Thunderbirds 2086 cartoon growing up (though I know the one I watched was only 'loosely based' on the British Thunderbirds series on which the board game is based!

  10. Love your videos. One bit of feedback for this video is to trial your lighting setup a bit more.

  11. History of the World is a Risk lookalike game that is really good

  12. Such a cool video! My FLGS had a silent auction and I cane really close to getting a copy of Shadows Over Camelot. I was lucky enough to find Defenders of the Last Stand at a second hand book shop but haven't played it yet though I did start painting the minis. Also I think playing Magic Realm would be such a unique and fun experience would definitely get a copy of that. And finally it was pretty sweet to see Bruce Lee working at the Healthy Heart Hospital.😝

  13. A good compromise could be to bring back Thunderbirds as a Legacy game with a Nausicaä setting. How likely would that be… that it makes sense and that studio Ghibli grants IP rights for a board game?

  14. very good presentation. ones I want to bring back from the dead are magic realm, dragon pass and spheres of influence

  15. Glory To Rome, Shadows Over Camelot and Tigris & Euphrates for me.

  16. Hey 3 Minute boardgames, I was watching this on my phone and a 2 minute long 'Steven Crowder' add was on your video.

    I doubt you selected that deliberately as he is an irredeemable monster – he's probably just buying add space on YouTube.

    Just wanted you to know! Not really boardgame relevant advertising.

  17. Would love a reprint of Shadows over Camelot!

  18. As soon as I started the video I wondered if Chaos in the Old World would be on the top of the list.

  19. Republic of Rome! Thank you! Unbelievable game.

  20. There are a number of great games now out of print because of the implosion of Tasty Minstrel, like Yokohama — Exodus Fleet, Belfort, Guilds of London immediately come to mind.

    The Queen's Gambit now kinda lives on as Star Wars Risk, FYI. You don't get the same experience with the towers of battle droids but it's still pretty good.

    Lastly, I'd put a vote in for my personal favorite of this type… Avalon Hill's Titan. A game I love so much I'm (slowly) working on a new set of rules for to modernize it and make it accessible to modern gamers.

  21. Glory to Rome is the correct answer. I can't think of anything that is even a close second.

  22. Surprised to see Yokohama here since it just got a reprint here in Japan by Okazu, which has bilingual cards and tiles. It's called the "Revised edition" and reintegrates some of the changes that were made in the English version back into the Japanese one. Unfortunately there are a couple of typos, and one of the tiles is mislabeled in English (not terribly well revised I guess) but I was stoked to pick it up after hearing so much buzz around it.

    I'm aware it's not exactly easily purchased outside of JP but should you find a place to import it from it's entirely playable for non-Japanese speakers. Better than nothing.

  23. I started this hobby only months ago, and wow, out of print games are a nightmare!

  24. I think this is sort of cheating because they did bring back Nightmare/Atmosfear but they did it wrong! I'd really enjoy an update of it instead of a straight reprint. The technology exists to do so much more with the idea than could be accomplished at the time it was originally produced.

  25. I've heard good things about Healthy Hearts Hospital but never seen a copy in the wild lol

  26. I can think of three games on the top of my head. The first one would be mystery at the Abbey from days of wonder. A nice gateway game and a step up from Clue. The next one being a war game called Up Front. I've heard it's a card version of Squad Leader. One last being Magic Realms, my friend owned a copy and we tried playing it but the rules were so convoluted that we never played it.

  27. I would be down for a succession wars update, especially if I got to wreck Capellans! It would be fun to add some of the major periphery powers like the cat girls and the bulls, maybe as a expansion 😉

  28. I've always pronounced Matt Leacocks name "Lee Cock" rather than "Le-Cock". Am I incorrect?

  29. Welp, I didn’t know that about Yokohama. Now I’m never getting rid of it ever, not that I planned on it! I concur with you that the constantly shuffling board, orders, bonuses, and tech means it’s never quite the same twice. Man, that sucks about it! I know it’s online for people to test out, but now I’m so happy I ordered it when all the reviews came out saying how glowing it was. Other than light wear, I can’t think of anything damaged or missing parts at all with mine. So glad I have it!

    I would love for a Yokohama spin off that focuses on the industrial Revolution of Japan from around 1850 to 1930.

  30. And while I haven’t played Sucession Wars, I adore the Battletech to death.

    “Everything went to shit.” Yeah… Kerensky saw it coming, and good summary of Battletech. Just need to say that Comstar is the Admech if they were AT and T meets the Catholic Church.

  31. With the success of their recent Kickstarter and a huge revival of interest in BattleTech, CGL appears to be considering a reprint/rework of The Succession Wars. If done correctly, there can be various versions of the game board covering the Age of War, each of the 4 Succession Wars, the Clan invasion and beyond. Would be very interesting to see a rerelease of that. I have an original copy that I have yet to play with my gaming group; I hope it's playable as I heard tweaks are needed.

  32. 14/10 broke my phone punching the like button just because of Succession Wars.

  33. For me I'd like to see Attilla the Hun and Alaric the Goth (I don't have enough games capable of sitting 14 players). On a slightly more serious note a lot of the old Avalon Hill games, such as the original History of the World, Age of Renaissance, Down With the King, Republic of Rome, Magic Realm, and even Kingmaker (although I have heard rumours that there may be a KS where people can experience "Plague in York" for themselves).

  34. So is yokohama out of print?? Got it last year online for normal price..didnt know how lucky i was i guess 🙂

  35. How similar is Queen's Gambit to Star Wars Risk? The latter is basically Return of the Jedi, where the players battle over three theatres – on the moon of Endor, in space, and in the emperor's throne room on the Death Star.

    Why did you put up a picture of a Vulture/Mad Dog during your section on Battletech: Succession Wars. Isn't that a Clan Omnimech? 25 years to early for that one. If you are interested in bringing the game back, why don't you get in touch with Catalyst Game Labs? After all, you were able to get GMT to publish your sci-fi COIN game.

  36. Sol – Last Days of a Star is one I'd love to see back (though I'm lucky to have a copy I tracked down second-hand). A wonderfully melancholy game where your planet's star is dying, and the only way to generate enough power to escape its collapse is to mine energy from that same star – hastening its demise. Apparently the designer originally had plans to do two sequels: one about the journey through deep space, and the other about establishing a new home.

    My group are also big Dark Domains fans. It's super janky, but the theme is really fun and that push-pull of, "I need to turn my buildings to evil, but if I do I'll get attacked by adventurers, but if I hire that monster I might hold them off, but Dave's holding some attack spells, but…" is a great dynamic.

  37. Titan (Avalon Hill)
    Gears of War
    I would prefer these games to be reprinted just as they have been.

    And instead of a full reprint I would have loved to get the out-of-print expansions to Kingsburg and Clash of Cultures.

    Bringing back old games with streamlined rules or new graphics more often than not did not improve the original.
    I love Magic Realm the way it is (second edition rules). The mere thought that some company would throw miniatures at it gives me the shivers.

  38. I would love to see a modern version of Succession Wars.

  39. Isn't Kolossal Games: Lost Empires the new BloodBowl Team Manager? Same mechanics.

  40. You could easily turn thunderbirds into a marvel avengers type theme.

  41. From what I have heard, The authors of Shadows over Camelot are working on a revamp already 😉

  42. Star Wars: The Queen's Gambit sounds a lot like Defence of Procyon III but with even more battlefields.
    Sounds lovely.

  43. I really liked Caylus Magna Carta (card version of Caylus). Pretty sure it's out of print now.

  44. Chaos in the old world and Bloodbowl manager sound great but I'd really like to see Lords of Vegas come back. The whole takeovers and certain themes becoming more or less fashionable makes it sound like a crazier more fun version of Chinatown.

  45. IP games definitely suffer more than most for this, and perhaps after all we were better off with the old roll and move crud that used to be the staple of IP branded games ;¬)

    I very much agree on Thunderbirds. Ignoring the IP, it's a very good Pandemic style game, with lots of moving parts and genuine co-operation / co-ordination required, albeit that does put it at risk of an alpha gamer wanting to take over. That however remains a problem in the player, rather than the game.

    I'm surprised no-one has mentioned Discworld: ankh-morpork, a game that went through that reworking into a victorian theme for Nanty Narking, but which naturally lost the discworld humour. I've got a copy, but as also comes through in your video, share that hope that others can get to experience the game. I'd rather have a great game become available again for others, than see the resale value of my copy increase – in a similar way I don't like KS exclusives for the way they encourage some to be selfish. After Terry Pratchett's death, it looked like the Discworld IP was going to be buried with him, but the reprint of Clacks gives hope that the boardgames may be re-released, perhaps with some re-design, and maybe even new ones emerge.

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