10+ games I want to BUY at Gen Con 2023! | GEN CON MOST ANTICIPATED! - cutlassboardgame.com

10+ games I want to BUY at Gen Con 2023! | GEN CON MOST ANTICIPATED!

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Hey friends! This is my first time going to Gen Con and OH BOY am I excited and nervous. I wanted to do a few videos chatting about all the games I am anticipating at Gen Con. Either to purchase or to demo! Today we are talking about 10+ games I am thinking about purchasing. Hope you enjoy!

Check out the new releases from Floodgate Games!

Visit them at Booth #439 at Gen Con!

00:00 intro
01:31 game 1
04:04 game 2
05:36 game 3
06:41 game 4
08:09 game 5
08:50 game 6
09:57 game 7
10:58 game 8
11:43 game 9
12:51 game 10
13:58 game 11
14:48 game 12
16:00 game 13
17:26 game 14
18:06 outro

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  1. Appreciate that you tell us the player counts when describing the game! Hope you have a blast at GenCon. Looking forward to more of your content!

  2. Your first GEN CON! How exciting! Brace yourself for an incredibly overwhelming experience and I hope you take time to see the sight around the CON (there is SO much to see) and get in some gaming! Do visit the open gaming area in the JW which I think should be hopping after the exhibit hall closes.

  3. I hope you'll have a lot of fun in Indianapolis and meet exciting new people!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing our games on your list. I'm making a note of the others so I can check them out while I'm there!

  5. I’m so excited for you! Have fun! Finally the end of our “no buy” (even though I’m not sure how good we were 😂)

  6. Take a look at Thunder Road Vendetta while you're there! Little chaotic kind of game. May not be your cup of tea but I feel it's worth taking a look! Have fun!

  7. Eila and something shiny is soo good. Hope you can get one!

  8. Cool! Maybe I'll see you at GenCon as well! You have a couple games I'm thinking of getting as well 🙂

  9. Just found your channel. Thanks for the video!

  10. I hope you have a great time at GenCon👍

  11. Inheritors is the card game of the year actually came out last year. It should be in every collection.

  12. This is my first time going and I don’t really know what to expect haha. I’m with you on getting the lost ruins or Arnak expansion, but I’m also fine not getting the games I’m interested in if they aren’t available. I have plenty of Kickstarter games arriving in the next month or so to keep me busy. I am demoing the Arnak expansion Sunday morning so at least I’ll get to play it. I also need to pick up a party game for work and Everything Ever looks interesting.

  13. I wish we could make it to GenCon!! Have a great time! 😁

  14. Would you consider showing some favorite tarot cards too? I too love both board games and tarot cards. I feel they intertwine well.

  15. my copy of Trailblazers will be here Friday! i got my Castles of Burgundy Special Edition (all-in) today!

  16. Very cute face. Love to watch your videos.

  17. The perfect circle… perfect board games and a perfect girl…just heaven!

  18. Trailblazers is brilliant! There are so many solo modes and challenges. I'm still stuck on the first one, so I can already there will be tons of replay value in the box!

  19. Hope you have a great time at GenCon! I'm looking forward to getting Everything Ever when it becomes available; sounds like another great party game from Nathan Thornton!

  20. I have almost all of those on my wishlist for Gen Con, and the ones not on that list are already preordered or purchased! Great list.

  21. Got to play Cosmoctopus at Level Up, and it was a lot of fun! I'd recommend trying it with 3p to start; 4p ran a little long, but even so, it was absolutely charming.

  22. There is a link to pre order missing expedition and pick it up at GenCon.

  23. Eila and something shiny is so good. I hope they will make a sequel. Curious what you will think of it

  24. I've added so many of these on my wishlist because of you! It's always so dangerous (for my bank account) when I watch your videos! Haha!

    I was going to back Trailblazers when it went to Kickstarter but didn't, but I've been thinking about it since. Living rent free in my mind.

  25. Have Race to the Raft. I enjoy it a lot. For party game I would go hunt for Fit to Print if people don't have it already.

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