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10 Games I’m ALWAYS Hunting For – Board Game Questions Answered!

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Which board game convention is best? Why aren’t party games ranked higher? What are the best board game apps? When do you give up on a game? All this in today’s episode of Matthew Answers The Internet!

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00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Does Where You Buy Damage The Gaming Hobby?
03:48 – Did You SEA This Game? (sponsor)
05:06 – 10 Games I’m Always Hunting For
09:31 – How Many Games Are Too Many Games?

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  1. Matthew if you can hunt me down I might have a copy of Indigo I could part with.

  2. Amazon is absolute trash in my region, and I have plenty of options. That makes things easy for me.
    Got a couple of good deals on vallejo paints through them though.

  3. Well tainted grail!?
    For UK and EU Residents: there are some german online-shops that sell english copies.

  4. I’d love a reprint of the elephant racing game “Formula E” and an English language reprint for the UK market of “The Black orchestra”, which I believe is available in the US.

  5. You are first and only content creator I have ever heard mention Six! I have such a fondness for that game. My wife and I would play it all the time when we first started dating. It was the perfect game to pull out at a picnic or in a diner. We still play it o our anniversary.
    You just brought a big smile to my face.

  6. My grail games are Revolution! And Chaos in the Old World

  7. Many of the classic "grail games" have pass’s Ed through my hands. Big Boss, Full Metal Planete, Dark Tower, Age of Renaissance etc.

    And I don’t have most of them any longe because they weren’t that great – or at least weren’t that great to me.

  8. I own both Gier and Texas Showdown. Texas Showdown ranks as one of my top 5 trick taking games(and I own many many trick taking games). I heard they are doing a reprint of Texas Showdown.

  9. I've been lucky to either find copies of most of my Grail games, or they've seen reprints/new editions.
    One I'm still hoping gets a 20 Anniversary version is Lord of the Rings: the Confrontation. C'mon FFG! Make it happen!!

  10. I want to try Dawn of the Zeds so bad. I wish victory point games didn't got a business or whatever on Earth happened to them. The secondary market has it listed it at $200.

  11. In the states I've had some bad luck with Amazon packing their boxes. I've had 2 or 3 come with the game box really screwed up. So be aware of that.

  12. Top grail game on my list currently is the Alea big box version of Ra

  13. Internet: "Are there too many games?"
    Me: "Well yes, but actually no."
    MJ: "Well yes, but actually no."
    Me: satisfied nod

  14. Funny you should mention grail games and Grail games. My Fjords and Whale Riders have been in limbo for a year. If Whale Riders never emerges from it's legal purgatory it may become a true grail game. Speaking of Knizia. I agree with another comment here about the Quest for El Dorado with Vincent Dutrait art, when shipping equals the game cost, a line must be drawn.

  15. Another slight annoyance about buying games from Amazon UK is when you see a game's in stock only for it to be sold by Amazon EU and not the English language or multilingual version when checking the details/reviews. I recently managed to finally get a game I've been looking for (Whitehall Mystery) by importing it from the US Amazon site funnily enough as they seemed to suddenly have it in stock whereas in the UK/Europe I've only ever recently seen the Italian version being sold as the English version seems to have been out of print for a while over here.

  16. My grail game is the original Avalon hill Dune. Also, Great video! 👍

  17. I try to avoid buying things from Amazon as much as possible.

  18. Small businesses sell on Amazon. Pay attention to the seller. It’s rarely, “Amazon”.

  19. Mine was Eclipse second dawn of the galaxy. I found a copy a couple weeks ago in a random board game store here in the US and I bought it. Cannot wait to play it. Next holy grail game is an orginal copy of Dixit.

    I dont have issues from buying amazon. however I will only buy from there IF I cannot get the game from the local shops.

  20. Grail games;

    – Heroes of Normandie
    – Summoner Wars Master Set
    – Star Wars Queens Gambit
    – Battlestar Galactica
    – Shadows Over Camelot
    – Chaos in the Old World
    – Forbidden Stars
    – Space Hulk
    – Guildhall
    – Stratego Waterloo

  21. My grail games: Maquis; Leaving Earth; Blitzkrieg; Evolution: The Beginning; 1960: The Making of the President (1st edition: I found it cheap and it's on its way!!); Cosmogenesis; Pandemic Iberia. All of these are available out there, but usually at too expensive prices, and shipping is a log, even from US to Canada. I see Indigo in local FB groups often enough here!

  22. My grail games/expansions are:

    The Great War: The Tank Expansion
    String Railways
    Colors of Kasane
    Libertalia (old edition)
    Roborally: Crash and Burn
    Roborally: Grand Prix
    Roborally: Radioactive

  23. Grails: Tron assault on the MCP, chaosium Arkham Horror, jogo do petroleo, freeze, horus, and stamps

  24. Here are the first 10 that come to mind for me. Some are relatively easily achievable, but not all of them…

    A Study in Emerald
    Hansa Teutonica
    Cthulhu: Death May Die
    Mage Knight
    Sleeping Gods
    Xia: Legends of a Drift System
    Chaos in the Old World
    Trickerion: Legends of Illusion

    Oh yeah and Macao!

  25. Oh, you didn't tell about the feeling of a grail game getting republished right after you spend years tracking it down! For me, that French Iello For Sale, beautiful houses. And Carcassonne The Castle. Or was it the City? Eh, both.

  26. i also dont live anywhere near a board game shop, and when i did go into the nearest city and visited a shop in the area, they didnt have any of the games i was looking for (travel friendly and large group type games) so as much as i wanted to support them, I ended up buying on Amazon. But i made sure to do it through Smile Amazon, which forces them to donate to a cause of my choosing with some of the profits.

  27. My friend recently bought me a copy of Vagrantsong and that's my grail game😊

  28. My only two grail games are Urbion, and A Study in Emerald (1e).

  29. Over the last two years I have been able to get three of my grail games; Long Shot the Board Game*, Handy (I had no idea they were the same designer!), and The Quest For El Dorado.

    Handy seems to be particularly unknown and is possibly unavailable outside of the USA. It's a dexterity party game in which you are playing a kind of Twister-type game but only with your fingertips.
    It's quick, it always gets people laughing and it was more widely available.

    Other than those, I'm just waiting for everything released over over past 2 years to be finally available in Australia.

    *I didn't know there was a dice game version coming out, otherwise I may have not worried about it so much!

  30. My grail games are Shakespeare and Macao. I am getting the new version of Macao but it seems impossible to get Shakespeare.

  31. I really want a reasonably priced copy of "Leader 1: Hell of The North"

  32. I want the Maleficent Curses expansion for Wiz-War. The Fantasy Flight version. I wish I picked it up before it went OOP.

  33. Amazon Canada is terrible and almost all games are twice as expensive as your online shops. Even if you include $9 shipping fee it's no where near the tag price of Amazon sticker prices. There are very few exceptions.

  34. I am in the UK too and my grail games are Fury of Dracula, Horrified: American Monsters, Unmatched Battle of Legends Vol 2 and Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation. Vagrantsong was on the list until last week but have now managed to snag a copy 😁

  35. Didn't I just hear that Texas Showdown is getting a new version?

  36. Black box "Glory to Rome" and "1830BC: UR" are way up there for grail games for me…

  37. I NEED Modern Art, I only found out about it recently and it's not in-stock anywhere

  38. Amazon prices in Canada are horrible. They are way above prices you find at the popular privately owned stores you can order from. Definitely no deals like the American Amazon webstore.

  39. Saying there are too many games released in a year is kind of like saying there are too many books/movies/albums, etc. released every year. I think the issue is the hobby seems to have a “have to have all the games” aspect to it that makes it feel like you are missing out if you don’t own, or at least play, every game you see.

  40. THe top two grail games on my list are expansions — I always looks for the expansions to Bruges and to Pillars of the Earth. And it's probably not super hard to find in other places in the world, but I kinda want the Super Meeple version of Tikal.

  41. Mine is Asteroids. It's a programming game, that runs like you're playing the atari game. But isn't the Atari boardgame. It's a different one with the same name. My friend has it. I want it, but have never seen it.

  42. As silly as it sounds, I really like the video game intro for this segment. It makes the segment that much more fun!

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