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10 Games We DISAGREE On

The Brothers Murph
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We honestly don’t disagree on much. Especially not games. We play most of our games together, and we have extremely similar taste in games. But nonetheless there are a few games that we disagree on!

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  1. Nick wins and Mike is all so wrong on everything.
    – Adventure Land is amazing ! The coop expansion is also wonderful; I need to bring it to a con we are together at so we can play !!!
    – Sanctum is amazing and incredibly underappreciated / underrated

  2. I have a copy of Cry Havoc, fully painted with expansions, that I'd be happy to send to you guys.

    I also wish a better game would steal Sanctum's leveling system with the gems. It's so fun to do that, but the end of the game is ALWAYS a let down. And being forced to always go forward on the main track is a disappointment. I want to grind and gear up in areas Diablo style and it just doesn't let you do that.

  3. Fun, fun!!! Hub & I feel the same way about 7 Wonders Duel. We actually prefer the regular, even playing just the two of us. We're in the vast minority for sure!!!!

  4. I’m a huge fan of Biblios but everyone I’ve played it with has hated it, so I sold it and haven’t stopped crying since 😢

  5. I'm with Mike, I see Tapestry's flaws but I enjoy the gameplay so much

  6. Yeah….we pretty much despise Tapestry. One game we decided to get rid of us. So broken and confusing for us, personally. 🙂

  7. I'll have to think on a game I love that others don't. But I will say that everyone I play games with, absolutely loves ROOT, and I do not. I think its fine, even very good, but it didn't take long for me to get all I was ever gonna get out of it, but my game groups still put it on the table with great regularity…and I don't really understand that.

  8. Our group tried so hard to like Cry Havoc but we just could not get over the asymmetric hurdle of figuring out how to make the machines work. They just couldn’t win without maybe just playing a perfect game as they were so unforgiving. I had to cull it as I was so disappointed by it and I like you bought it immediately after hearing about it and wanted to love it.

  9. Mike is right, Tapestry is great. My group loves Quacks but I have horrible luck. Bag full of great chips and I draw nothing but white. There aren’t enough rat tails to give me hope. Cool game, wish I wasn’t cursed.

  10. I'm with Nick on 7 Wonders Duel – had a fun enough time, but it is not the second coming of board games, and I don't get how it makes anyone's Top 10. Also, Tapestry was pretty fun – I don't get the hate.

  11. Nick – you, me, Bing Bong Con: double header – Rum and Bones, then Archmage. Let's goooooooo!

  12. I love London. Always goes well for me with various groups and is refreshingly different than most games. Tapestry is just fun, thanks to the player powers and having a new “ability/effect” each round and trying to combo different elements (the production doesn’t hurt of course either). And Brass: Birmingham is a struggle puzzle in the best way. I guess I’m Team Mike here due to my super Euro-preferences. Great video, guys!

  13. I'll play Tapestry with you Mike….I see now that Nick has lost his mind.

  14. I played tapestry two handed the other night for the first time and loved it! And I also have complicated feelings about dice games. Doesn't Mike love Wayfarers of the South Tigris, which uses dice? Or is dice placement not as problematic as rolling for skill checks? I've questioned getting that game because of the dice…

  15. Oh Nick…. Iron clays and Brass Birmingham are THE BEST! 😁

  16. With Mike on Tapestry. I love that game. Just bumping tracks.

  17. Through the Ages…how ironic. I just watched The JonGetsGames 2 player run playthru and decided that I need to get the app and I definitely want to play a physical copy. Right there with you Mike. Maybe next year at GenCon.

  18. Nick, have you tried Martin Wallace’s Tinners Trail?

  19. is mike wearing pajama pants lol (it's ok, i'm in pajamas too)

  20. War of the Ring. I love everything about this game but my wife is so against it I have never actually been able to play it all the way through (except playing both sides alone)

  21. I'm in agreement with Nick on the "chips instead of money" thing. Iron clays don't need to be in EVERYTHING. And there are cases in which money is done well and relevant. A good example is the paper bills in Firefly: The Board Game. Those are REALLY NICE in design, and fits the theme nicely, no need to convert it to chips.

  22. I'm with Nick on Tapestry…I recently wrote about it on the GameNight episode page, it's too much like Agricola, Caverna and A Feast for Odin for me, just too much stuff going on, and I find myself searching…where's the fun, when does this get fun. Granted, those Uwe games have other things that annoy me, but in Tapestry there are some very specific issues I have. I hate the random tech distribution, you discover fire, then transistors, then some medieval tech, then whatever, it's just a pasted on theme that is absolutely pointless and loses me thematically. Second, I HATE HATE HATE that you spend all this time lining stuff on your city board in rows and columns, just for maybe one or two chances to get all those bonus points…wait, only ONE bonus point? WTF?!?! I spent all that energy lining stuff up and filling stuff in meticulously and all I get is one lousy point?!?! Third, I hate that on your turn, you do this, and pay to do this extra thing, then you place this on this thing, which gets you this, and that uncovers this…and worse, when you go up in era, you trigger like a dozen things…meanwhile, the other players might as well go for a walk, grab a bite to eat, then when they come back, the NEXT player goes up in era and THEY go through a dozen things…HATE IT.

  23. Nick I'm with you on tapestry. The game is garbage. Mike I'll play 7 wonders duel with you.

  24. Kashgar: Merchants of the Silk Road. I love it along with one other person in my game group but her SO hates it.

  25. Totally agree about the poker chips as currency! I love the feel and sounds of stacked poker chips, but as a currency in a game not about gambling, it doesn't make any sense.

  26. I love this idea for a video! One thing I tend to do is rely too much on other peoples reviews/tastes rather than enjoy what I actually want to enjoy. sometimes people need permission to like what they like.

  27. I hated Tapestry the first time I played, because I thought i was getting a civ game. When i came to terms with it being a "civ-themed" puzzle game, i loved it

  28. Through the ages gets a bad rep. But it's really not that bad. If you know the game, the physical version can be played 2 player in 2-3 hours which is similar to other heavy euros. It also looks great on the table, has tracks that you bump (which you guys love), and generally feels more fun to play physically than the digital version.

  29. Can’t agree more with Nick about 7 Wonders Duel. It’s fine. It’s fun. I have never understood the level of praise it gets though.

  30. Nick, you need to come around on 7 Wonder Duel. It’s like the best two player game ever made!

    But I think you won me over on the poker chip thing.

  31. Tapestry solo is actually not bad. Really easy upkeep – just flip a card and bump a track. I've played it a number of times and it was really fun trying to break the 300 point score.

  32. The only Martin Wallace game I’ve played is Via Nebula, which I liked, and it’ll probably be the only game of his I play.

  33. If you have a quirk with rolling dice, why not use an app to roll?


  35. I'm another one that just doesn't get the Brass Birmingham love. To me it's just another fine euro. I don't find the puzzle very interesting, and it just falls a bit flat overall. I want to like it…but it just ain't happening.

  36. Two critiques for your appraisal of Brass: Birmingham:
    1) You could just try playing with the cardboard coins, like the rest of us filthy proles who have to buy games at retail.
    2) You talk about Brass: Birmingham, but show Brass : Lancashire footage in the vid.

  37. I dislike Cry Havoc. I immensely dislike Tapestry.
    Also, regarding Poker Chips for money… I used them for money in board games long before Brass: Birmingham. I hate cardboard token for just about anything, I upgrade game pieces whenever I can.

  38. You managed to hit 2 of my top 10s in this list.

    Brass: Birmingham and Tapestry. Now I know who's the better brother.

  39. So to miss quote Nick "Euro games are trash, long live Ameri-Trash".

  40. I think you guys do a great job in this video of communicating that it's OK not to like everything, without being mean about it. I think you know I'm on Mike's side with Tapestry 🙂 The thing I love about it is that while every play is different enough (because of civs and card draws) so much of it is the same every time (in terms of the potential things you can try / do) that I find it really satisfying to try different combo-tastic strategies and then refine them over multiple plays and see how you can tweak things to really optimize and level up over time. I get that some people don't like it, though, and that's totally cool!

  41. This was great to watch! I really like Tapestry AND Brass…and the clays! BAM! How do you feel about Agricola? All that pressure!?!

  42. Only Stonemaier fans could be in the vast majority and still feel persecuted.

    Also Tapestry is total trash

  43. 7 wonders duel without or with expansions is very different. I understand you don't really like if you have never played with expansions. With expansions it's the best 2 player game ever.

  44. I love chips so much, sounds and feels nice. I feel more cultured when i play it lol

  45. I agree with you Mike. Tapestry is a great game and I never care if I win. 😊

  46. I'm happy to play Tapestry any time Mike. I really enjoy it and also don't completely know why. Nick, if you want to teach me Rum & Bones or Archmage, I'm down for that any time👍 Great video!

  47. You have to give Anno 1800 a try before you say you don’t like Martin Wallace games. It’s my favorite from his! It’s especially great with 3-4 players.

  48. Having introduced Nick and Mike to Brass: Birmingham and London I take credit for turning Nick to the Martin Wallace dark side.

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