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10 Games we’d buy IMMEDIATELY at Essen 2023!

The Brothers Murph
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Today we take a look at the Top 10 games that we are definitively buying that are releasing at Essen Spiele!

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  1. Forrest Shuffle is amazing. It's on of my newest favorites. Love the easy game play but so many options on how to score.

  2. Also also: you're not the only ones who have played Faiyum anymore… I snagged one on amazon recently (my understanding is that Rio Grande has picked it up for distribution in the states), just in time for this expaaaaaansiooooonnn BOOM

  3. I also love Boonlake! It came in number 1 on my most recent Solo Challenge ranking. Such a good game!

  4. (Also: obsessed with Forest Shuffle, it's on BGA for alpha)

  5. I ADORE Boonlake, it's my favourite Pfister because it fixes the one issue I have with Maracaibo by 1) allowing you to move fewer steps along the river than you're allowed to and 2) limiting movement to max 4 steps (I love Maracaibo as a game, but I don't love that you are basically encouraged to rush through the map with linking village actions to how far you move – it's not even a long track either), I feel tying movement to the placement of the action tile and not forcing you to move the full amount works just so much better. You don't get that one player that ruins your plans by rushing to the end because in Boonlake they have to actively choose the less popular actions in order to pull that off. So I'm definitely picking up the expansion, also picking up Pirates of Maracaibo after watching the gameplay video for it.

  6. Would love to meet you in person at Essen someday…do you think you will attend at some point, or is this totally out of the picture for you guys?

  7. I need Coffee Rush! Its very very light / family weight, but the components are bonkers! Check it out!

  8. First time I've heard of Shipyard. Im gonna look into it, thanks.

  9. Shocked Evacuation didn't make your list !

  10. Faiyum Privileges adds one-off events and player powers so the game doesn't take any longer and the board gets a bit more built. An example power is one that allows you to place a worker anywhere and not just next to an existing worker. that alone expands where players can go and built the map. Amazing expansion 🙂

  11. I love Boon Lake. I prefer it far more than Maracaibo and even GWT!

  12. Ooh I didn't know about Western Legends: Showdown! That immediately went on my list, thank you! Surprised to hear people don't like Boonlake, I really like that game as well. Agree it's long though, mainly because like y'all we always take our time haha (just like in GWT tbh). Interesting list, nice to see some games on there that are different from others. It makes sense that the most anticipated games are largely the same but it's still nice to see other titles as well 🙂

  13. Guys, please dont think Flula Borgs "germanized" englisch is the way we germans talk… Thanks. 😉

  14. Faiyum expansion?!?! Let's go. I love this one. I love starting the board with all the crocodiles and then ending with a beautiful, abstract nation of wooden pieces. It feels good. I would have never expected an expansion for this, thanks for letting me know.

  15. Idk about everyone else but I’m waiting for the other 10 games😂😂 My guess is Nick really wanted this to be a top 20 list

  16. You guys are the only people I consistently hear giving Boonlake the love it deserves! We would TOTALLY play with you guys if the chance came up… PAXU???

  17. Maybe the best intro to one of your videos ever. The con is dead, long live the con.

  18. Faiyum went through normal distribution already – GameNerdz has 8 copies at time of post.

    I think a lot of people just didn't like the curveballs the game threw their way.

  19. I just played Imperial Miners. It was a decent game. I also just played Forest Shuffle. That one has complexity, and it's really good.

  20. Stoked for those Faiyum and Boonlake expansions!

  21. Pampero isn't available at Essen if I understood correctly

  22. Dudes! I love Boonlake! So stoked there’s an expansion on the way.

  23. #16 – that cascadia expansion WILL be under my Christmas tree this year.

  24. A shame The Old King's Crown won't be at Essen this year – they're busy getting the Kickstarter ready. Such a beautiful game!

  25. Hahah guten Tag die Herren 🙂 very schade that you won‘t be in Essen 🙁

  26. Surprised to see that „Evacuation“ is not on your list given that you are Vladimir Suchy fans. Or have you played/reviewed that already as well ?

  27. I got to demo Pampero on PAX and was able to late-pledge for it. It’s great! I was hoping to pickup my copy on Spiel, but it’s only for DEMO… 😔

    My most anticipated game for Spiel is Tequila. A roll and write published by a small Spanish publisher that looks very interesting.

  28. Didn't know about the Boonlake xpac, very cool! Also looking forward to the Shipyard re-implementation, we have a used copy from a trade that has misprints on the tiles and it drives the wife nuts >.<.

  29. Noooooo! Surfosaurus Max was flying under the radar and I was thinking I might be able to get a copy when I get there Friday. Don’t spread the word yet on it!
    You missed the Lunar Laser Frogs game but the same company.

  30. Anyone ever tell you you look like Ryan Reynolds, Mike?

  31. 1. Marine Worlds (Expansion for Ark Nova)
    2. The Missing Expedition (Expansion for Lost Ruins of Arnak)

  32. That accent killed me 💀. Thanks for the laugh!

  33. I've played Forest Shuffle like 40 times on BGA. It is amazing…competitive but also relaxing…gorgeous and easy to grasp..and all kinds of strategy techniques. It makes sense wolves are very difficult to place as they are apex…they reward you for deer. It is so great like that.

  34. If I mule you some games I promise it will not be one of these. You're welcome.

  35. One that I'm looking forward to demoing is Kutná Hora.

  36. looking forward to faiyum: priviledges as well love the original and its about time we get them odd numbered cards…and im a sucker for anything with an egyptian theme…so yeah sign me up

  37. Can confirm Western legends showdown is fun! It's almost like a button shy production in a little wallet. A ND can play 4 players. Grabbed it at Gen Con 🤠

  38. You guys are the best. The very best game channel to watch.

  39. I just find out that Stress Botics is going to be in Essen, I recomend that game, is a heavy euro, but the theme and the strategy is very neet.

  40. Is Planta Nubo on your radar? I believe they will have english rulebooks at Essen otherwise it’s german only for now.

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