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10 Games we’re buying IMMEDIATELY at Gen Con 2023

The Brothers Murph
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Today we’re taking a look at 10 Games we are almost assuredly buying right away while at Gen Con 2023!

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  1. Just got Lost Species ks looks really good and really want Distilled. Looking froward to the Distilled company's next game about making instruments.

  2. Check out “World Wonders”, it’ll be at GenCon23. Here in Brazil we’re very excited about this one

  3. Murph-tastic as always Bros. Agree 3 ring circus and Sky Team look ver good.

  4. Distilled is my favorite game of the year so far.

  5. Great list! Thanks for reminding me that Terra Mystica Age of Innovation is releasing soon – which means it's finally up on pre-order. So I'll grab that, and I'm definitely interested in the look of some of the other choices here – particularly "City of the Great Machine".

  6. GenCon newbie here— if there’s a game I want, should I buy on the first day? Do they usually run out?

  7. Excited to hear your thoughts on 3 ring circus vs Castell

  8. You don’t go to church and you don’t drink – what DO you do?

    Oh, wait – you play board games! – thanks for another great episode!

  9. I got to play a couple three player games of Inside Job and yeah I was paranoid it was great. It’s gonna be on my next Gamenerdz order for sure. I don’t know for sure if Robot Quest Arena will be there, but that’s another new one I really enjoyed at Dice Tower East too!

  10. You guys have interesting videos but my god you talk over each other constantly, like let the dude finish what he was saying lol

  11. You reference BGG GenCon preview list. can you link that? i have been searching for it and cant seem to find the right combo of terms. i found the 2022 list….thanks in advance.

  12. There's not one, but TWO Texas Chainsaw Massacre games coming out! One by Funko and the other by Trick or Treat! I'm gonna have Missy snag BOTH of them for me!

    Also, we pre-bought the Arnak expansion, so we are guaranteed to get a copy!!

  13. I hadn't given much thought to 3 Ring Circus but oh no! Now it sounds so good! Age of Innovation is a maybe (been really enjoying Gaia Project) and City of the Great Machine sounds really cool. I might try to look for Federation by Eagle Gryphon games (just because it's been nearly impossible to get) and General Orders (since I liked Undaunted and love War Chest). I really just want to demo a bunch though. Last Light, Big Boss, Call of Duty, 20 Strong, Galactic Cruise, and Dead Cells.

  14. I've just played Ieruslalem, the theme fits the game well and the components are gorgeous. I'd suggest you to play with 3 or 4 players. I hope you like it as well

  15. Good list. I'm interested in Sky Team now, sounds super cool

  16. Inside Job sows paranoia. Sounds perfect.

  17. Shamans is a really clever trick-taking hidden role/traitor game. If you’re enthusiastic about Inside Job, recommend checking Shamans out, too.

  18. Have fun at GenCon and playing all of the trash! TRASH!

  19. Great video! Just a heads up: Scorpion Masqué has an accent on the last e, and it should pronounced in english ''Scoprion mask-ay''.
    Scoprion masqué means ''Masked Scoprion'' whereas Scoprion Masque without the é would simply mean ''Scorpion Mask'', which is a bit of a different. Hope this helps! 😀

  20. My copy of Sky Team has been pre-order and paid for like 2 weeks now.

    Also excited for the Renegade reissue of Acquire.

  21. Hey Guys, not seeing your GenCon show in the details. Can you post it, or is it an event we need tickets for through the GenCon portal?

  22. I'm loving Distilled! It was my "big" purchase at Origins! I will have it with me at Gen Con if you want to play 💜

  23. Over heard of only two of these games. Seems like a meh year in terms of games.

  24. nice list! We got a couple of these early via kickstarter. We hope to see you guys at Gencon!

  25. Well Inside Job and Sky Team are now on my list.

  26. I absolute missing in your list, arnak missing expedition and gwt new Zealand

  27. We’re not going to GenCon this year. My shelf of unplayed games has created our motto for this year- “we have GenCon at home.”😂 However, that has not stopped me from now looking into Distilled!

  28. Nice list. I will be interested to watch you play some of these.

  29. Distilled is great but for me is too much money for casual game.

  30. Devir's games look generally really appealing to me. I like their chosing of themes and often there is a really good game behind it. The artwork is also so good.

  31. I've been making my list! Thanks for the vid to help 😀

  32. "But in the Latin alphabet Jehovah is spelled with an I" – Professor Henry Jones – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

  33. Distilled is awesome! So glad I backed it…

  34. Nice choices, come to see us at the Hachette Booth to play Sky Team ! Il will be a pleasure to show you the game 🙂 – Martin

  35. I saw a playthrough of sky team on a French channel and it seems super neat indeed and very easy to table.

  36. The old diaper money vs hobby debate, I know it so well Mike. Glad to see you took care of business before having fun first 🙂

  37. YAY! Can't wait to meet you both in real life (Hopefully)! I am looking forward to Emerge and Hamlet!

  38. From your list I’m looking forward to Search for Lost Species and Age of Innovation. Sky Team sounds like it could be interesting. I’ll wait for reviews on that one though.

  39. Jerusalem Anno Domini is so damn good. It is surprisingly good. Blew my crew away!

  40. Sounds Fun!
    My brother got me War of the Ring TCG for my birthday. WOTR is my favorite epic game but I am interested to try this when we have less time. The Shadow Coop looks interesting.
    I have Jerusalem Anno Domini, just waiting for my game group to catch up on our play queue. Good to see a Biblical period game anyone can play and enjoy (BGG mid-weight 3.12).
    Idea: If you have a day to play 2 games, would be interested to try Viticulture followed by Distilled.
    Idea: Brother Murph challenge… how many games you can fit into 1 carry-on backpack for a trip.

  41. Thanks for your words on SKY TEAM ! <3
    I hope you'll enjoy it ! Let me know

  42. Super sad I'm going to miss you at Gencon. I was hoping to go this year but finances are hard. Next year let us know you're going and if you're doing a Meetup!

  43. I am in disbelief you did not get Distilled! It’s a fantastic game and very thematic for a mid-euro and has an excellent solo mode. I have played it several times and enjoy it thoroughly. I hope you pick it up and say hello to Dave the designer! Have fun at GenCon!

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