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10 Great Board Games That Only Cost $10 | Collection Starter

No Rolls Barred
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Behold the biggest bargains in board gaming…

If you want to buy any of the games in the list, please consider using our Amazon Affiliate links, as they really help out the channel. NB – To be true to the spirit of this list, if Amazon the game priced at more than 10 bucks at the time of uploading, I’ve provided a link to a cheaper copy 🙂

10. Bandido – USA: // UK:
9. Cockroach Poker – USA: // UK:
8. Sushi Go – USA: // UK:
7. The Mind – USA: // UK:
6. Rhino Hero – USA: // UK:
5. Love Letter – USA: // UK:
4. Hanabi – USA: // UK:
3. UNO – USA: // UK:
2. No Thanks – USA: // UK:
1. 6 Nimmt – USA: // UK:

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  1. Instead of Uno, we prefer Blank.
    It plays like Uno with some extra rules and then when someone wins, they write in rules on cards.
    It's like… Uno Legacy in a way.

  2. Uno…. Really…. There are so much better games than uno.

  3. Great list, and agree 6 Nimmt is one of the most addicting card games – I've been playing it a lot on BoardGameGeek but is fun for light game players and heavy game players.

  4. I noticed in your segment on Cockroach poker … that there is player reference cards for the big names. I have a copy of cockroach poker , but don't have those ? Were those custom made possibly ? I would like those. It's hard to quickly identify the different bugs … sometimes. ☺

  5. I recommend Century – Spice Road (not the Golem edition, which doesn't work with the other two versions). It's right up there with Splendor for elegant simplicity.

  6. Port Royal is my absolute favourite cheap game, with lots of strategi, player interaction and definitely some luck! 8€ on Amazon👍
    Santo Domingo could also be in this list?

  7. I thought the Prince in Love Letter looks more like Kenneth Branagh.

  8. I have played 6 Nimmt! 2300 times on boardgamearena. It's addictive.

  9. It's such a shame that the German version of Sushi Go (licensed by Zoch Verlag) is ugly. They changed the cute Artstyle into a weirdly disgusting one. The pudding card, which it contains, is halfway dying in its artwork. Really off-putting.

  10. 2:15 Never knew that you know My Hero Academia that’s awesome dude.

  11. I’ve only played UNO once. I was on holiday with my partner and her family they told me these long and confusing set of rules, not at all close to what Adam just said. This saw me picking up more cards than I could put down and lost by a lot. Which felt more like everyone sat at that table was a loser after a couple hours.

    Maybe the actual rules are fun.

  12. Cockroach Poker is the game that all of my friends have purchased after I've introduced it to them. I never have to bring it with me anywhere. So good.

  13. Oh god, when you have to take a row in 6 nimmt with the number 55 in it it drives you to murder each and every time.

  14. I totaly recomand you Tichu!

    Its a 4 Player game with 2 Teams and a realy nice trick game you have pokercombinations and 4 specialcards and its a lot of fun we play this years and still get better.

  15. Great list! I'd also have to include Phase 10 !

  16. youre so damn funny and i barely play board games

  17. Thank you for doing this wonderful video; I will be taking on board your recommendations.

    The only game I have played is 6 Nimmt, which is brilliant with the more players you have playing.

  18. Jeffrey Scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

    Best place to find cheep board games is the thrift store

  19. my phobia of roaches has not enjoyed this video at all

  20. The ONLY criticism I can level at Sushi Go is that it is completely invalidated by Sushi Go Party, which is the equivalent of Sushi go plus several expansions, and and a point tracker. As far as I know, there is no upgrade kit, so if you've tried the base game and already know you like it, you're shooting yourself in the foot by not just starting with the bigger one.
    Rhino Hero Super Battle also holds the distinction of being a better version of the same-named small box game.
    And… I guess that there are expansions exclusive to the deluxe version of Hanabi, so…
    I guess what I'm saying is, game companies REALLY want you to give them more money.
    Tangentially related, but it looks like production costs are up, and prices match. You wouldn't think that inflation would kill a youtube buyers guide in under a year, but here we are.

  21. Some more for the list-
    all the travel versions of classic games.
    Normal packs of cards
    Do pinch-an-inch at your local to create 2 decks for a TCG from the chaff box
    Ramen Fury – set collection where you can spoon things to and from other ppls bowls.
    Roll for It – like fun yahtzee.
    Zombie Dice – push your luck dice rolling.
    Claim – deckbuilding trumps
    Star Realms – deck building space wars

  22. My daughter and I played 6 games of Bandido tonight. AWESOME game. Thanks for the recommendation.

  23. The Mind is not a game. It is a deck of numbered cards that people have found an infuriating activity to do with.

  24. Wait Adam is older than 33? I began watching him /over there/ when he was 28! How old AM I?!

  25. what if you're fascinated by these games but have never played them before, and want to learn to play them but you're autistic so it's difficult interacting with new people (or the people at the nearest game store aren't receptive to newcomers)?

  26. 2 of these games I saw on the anime after school dice club and we bought one of them because of it.

  27. Not sure if it’ll qualify price wise but I think you’ll enjoy parade a lot if you enjoy 6nimmt.

  28. Kaker laker poker is literally cheat with fancy cards. You can play this with a normal deck of cards, and we have for decades.

  29. Just bought 4 of these, great start to my board game collection

  30. Hanabi is awesome!
    Also, there used to be a company called cheap-ass games, whose whole schtick was that you didn't get the dice and little plastic pieces, etc… just the board and/or cards and the rules, making it easier to keep costs down. Give me the brain! was my favorite.

  31. I should NOT have watched this. Amazon says, "Thanks!"

  32. it's amazing how you can explain the game rules and the experience both in less than 4 or 5 sentences. plus humar.. brilliant (y) love ur stuff

  33. That fireworks game lowkey looks like a blast (pun intended)

  34. Please where can I get Love Letter for less than $10 😕

  35. No Thanks! is £22 at the moment, drat! Think I'll still get it though

  36. Pro Tip: if you buy 6 Nimmt (or Take 5), you can play The Mind & No Thanks with it. You just need to make counters/shuriken with paper or pennies. You can also play The Game with it. It’s basically 4 games in 1.

    TLDR: buy 6 Nimmt, you get 4 games in 1

  37. I enjoy all of those games, except for Bandido (I am not a small child), and Uno (maybe the game would be okay with people who don't insist on playing with horrible rules, but I will never find out!) Have you ever played Wonky? It's like Uno, but you're stacking a Jenga tower (don't worry, the blocks aren't made of Loud), and unlike Uno, you can play almost any card in your hand on any turn.

  38. You can play Cockroach poker with 2 decks of regular cards, just pick 8 numbers/pictures.

  39. F@$$&# Marcus, someday Adam you should challenge him to a Hell in a Cell I Quit match to settle your feud with him once and for all. 😜

  40. Definitely a few on this list I’m considering picking up now. Honestly one of the best cheap games we’ve picked up was Pass the Pugs (or Pigs depending on which version you buy). Very straight forward, a bit of luck/pushing your luck to it but great fun.

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