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10 Greatest Abstract Strategy Board Games | Collection Starter

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Huge thanks to Draughts board game cafe for lending us some of these games for the video! For more info about the best gaming cafe in the UK, visit:

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10. The Duke – USA: // UK:
9. NMBR 9 – USA: // UK:
8. CTRL – USA: // UK:
7. Pentago – USA: // UK:
6. Tak – USA: // UK:
5. Sagrada – USA: // UK:
4. Blokus – USA: // UK:
3. Yinsh – USA: // UK:
2. Azul – USA: // UK:
1. Tiny Towns – USA: // UK:

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  1. In honor of this video, never forget the classic Board Game Club comeback: "YOU'RE ABSTRACT!"

  2. Why do I never see Quarto on these lists? It's quality.

  3. The only thing I don’t like about this channel is it’s so new I don’t have anything to binge! I shouldn’t have watched all of the videos already..

  4. Portugal you say? And a joke about a Spanish word? Adam, I can see a pattern to your humor and strangely it always comes back to south-west Europe. Anyways, let‘s have a Brandy Margaret!

  5. You are happily tormenting my math mind with some of these games. The question is which ones of these will be most appropriate to demonstrate on MY channel?

  6. In no way does Tiny Towns qualify as abstract – too heavily themed & uses illustrated cards FFS. Looks like you will need to remove that bit & replace it with ONITAMA!
    Much enjoying the videos, esp.the jokes.

  7. The Duke: appalling ageist design with tiny text in the rule book and tiny icons on the tiles.

    And many of those games in your list aren't abstract.

  8. Funny, as some of those I really want to play. But the only one I have actually played is in fact Tiny Towns, and I wasn't that keen.

  9. Can we get a top 10 movie tie in games? I'm new and a lot of IPs interest me, but hard to tell which ones are ACTUALLY GOOD

  10. If you don't have affinity for the 5x surface thing in Ctrl, The Climbers is a good alternative. If I'll go with Adam's way of describing games: The Climbers is part Jenga and a Money-in-the-Bank Ladder match.

    Players first build a structure made up of wooden blocks of different sizes. Then the game commences where you use the blocks, your blocking piece, and your 2 ladders to get to and stay on top of the continuously built/unbuilt structure. There can be some small rules that can be fiddly and our group found that there's a negotiation aspect to it. You cannot win by brute force. You need help from others to stymie one player and find a way to stab your allies in the back. I like the tactile feel of the colorful and heavy wooden blocks of the game.

  11. I wish CTRL was good but it comes apart at every opportunity and just does not work at all. Nice concept but not well thought out or at least well built and your praise of it kind of sullied by opinion on your opinions.

  12. Yinsh is such a beautifully solid, thought-provoking game. I'd love to see Yinsh tournaments like chess has… and no, I'm not saying this because I'm my game group's undefeated Yinsh champion….

    Great list!

  13. War chest !! You should try it ! More complex but sooo great

  14. The actual greatest abstract strategy board game … Six Making. It's chess if chess was shorter (plays in about 20 minutes), both simpler and more thinky (try it and you'll understand what I mean), and, you know, actually fun. (Pro tip… use actual chess pieces to mark what each stack is during play… makes the game play much quicker and easier)

  15. Personally recommend the strategic abstract serie of gigamic, just search it at least one of this will like you, also there are the majority of this games in BGA, if you wanna probe it

  16. Great game! Actually, I've played this too. Speaking of strategy, why not try to check LAGIM card game as well. It's a strategy type of game wherein you need to defend your baryo against evil fiends. Is based on Filipino folklore and myths. Kindly check the FB page and their website for more info. The game will soon be launching on Kickstarter.

  17. So, so funny Adam. I don’t laugh out loud at a lot of YouTube but this had me doing just that.

  18. You didn't set the piece you drew orthogonally next to your Duke and that bothers me…

  19. Good list and yet there are still so many games left off:
    Qwirkle, Crosswise, Tsuro, just to name a few

  20. If you love myths and legends, this game is for you! Lagim is a one-of-a-kind card game of strategy and chance. Check "LAGIM" Facebook page and website for more info.

  21. I didn't get here expecting to be attacked about Kingkiller Chronicle like that. ._.
    Also, great Portuguese lesson.

  22. Great list thanks!
    Out of curiousity, which one of the three edition of Azul do you prefer and why ?

  23. "In Azul,
    which is Portuguese
    for sagrada,…"
    (!fits of laughter!)

  24. Wait, chess is an abstract strategy game? I thought it didn't count because it was meant to symbolize a battle. Same of the many of the games that were mentioned from the previous top.

  25. Simpei is really fun and quick one. Tic tac toe on 2 levels.

  26. Good job for Blokus even if the 2 players version is far better.

  27. 5:29 I'm pretty sure those are illegal moves. You can only place a piece on an empty space and only stack with an active piece.

  28. you made several illegal moves in that Tak demo. You can't place a new piece on top of an existing one, you can only move one already on the board onto it

  29. ‘Azul’ means ‘blue’ in Spanish and Portuguese. Great video!

  30. Hey! Love Tak! It's fantastic. Hence why I have a whole channel dedicated to tournament commentary, strategy guides, and more.

    One issue with the video… the clips you showed at around 5:36 show a bunch of illegal moves. So it might confuse people who are unfamiliar with the game. Pieces may stack on top of each other, but only when moved there. New pieces must be placed on an empty space.

    If you want to do any additional Tak content, let me know! I'd be happy to help.

  31. I don't know words strong enough to characterize Patric Rothfuss.
    But the thing is, I don't wait for the third book anymore.
    I'm done

  32. Damn, now I want them all
    But I'm broke 😭

  33. The Tak game turned out to be totally different than I imagined while reading the book. From reading the story, I expected something more similar to Go.

  34. Hay que aprender a catalogar los juegos de mesa correctamente, varios juegos expuestos aquí no lo son

  35. If I'm honest, nothing beats Go, its rules are the simplest ever yet the game that arises from those rules is so incredibly deep and beautiful, it's everything I love about abstract strategy.

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