10 Hot Games: Can games still build buzz without crowdfunding? The #1 game says "Yes!" -momenTEN - cutlassboardgame.com

10 Hot Games: Can games still build buzz without crowdfunding? The #1 game says “Yes!” -momenTEN

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These are the top tabletop, card, and board games gaining popularity this month! Find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about!


Rebuild old lands in a lush, hopeful future.


*Rich Sommer “Dead Of Winter” Promo*

Fight zombies side by Rich Sommer’s cardboard replica!

Rodney teach you A Gest Of Robin Hood:

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00:00 Welcome!
00:18 Marco Polo… the board game?
01:20 Rebirth Kickstarter (sponsor shoutout)
02:14 Where else are they gonna be born but Earth?
03:12 A turbulent expansion
04:20 Raiders of the lost Arcs Kickstarter
05:29 Striking a chord with gamers
06:11 A promo you can palm
07:15 Rich’s Zombie Report (kind of a sponsor thing, maybe?)
09:06 The Mandalorian is an open book
10:01 A game with aSPIREations
10:52 Rodney is giddy with delight
11:45 Caterpillars!


  1. Released a few weeks ago and proving it to be true 💪

  2. Stay away from Kickstarter. One day you will be scammed…I ordered two of the tiny epic games series and then 7th continent and everything was fine. Then Hyperspace happened. It looked awesome and the rules focused around a lot of mechanisms i like…I put in about $300 back in 2019…I still have not recieved it. To this day I have not pledged for anything else on kickstarter. It is insane that kickstarter just lets this happen without any sort of repercussions. I am all for supporting games…but there also needs to be CUSTOMER SUPPORT when things dont work out. I will never use kickstarter again because Sandy Peterson and Peterson games scammed us for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and kickstarter just let them walk away with it.

  3. Great video! Just received Gest of Robinhood, excited to play it.

  4. Wow, for some reason this video really stands out. I love your content always but this was a great video

  5. I'm really enjoying Forest Shuffle. I tried the alpine expansion on BGA, and may add it one day, but I'm still OK with the base game for now. My favorite games have giant decks of cards like Forest Shuffle does, so Vantage looks quite promising.

  6. Good morning! We got Sands in my friendly local game store and given the weight of that relatively small box, I'm pretty sure it's just a box of sand.

  7. That Rich Sommer sketch was awesome! Chaz is hitting it outside the park once again! 😀

  8. Who on earth needs an expansion for Sky Team? I'm still working through the base game modules.

    Edit: I was happy to find out Rich Sommer is a board gamer. Then I read he started a podcast! Then I saw the last episode was 5 years ago. So many emotions in such a short time.

  9. Waiting for the metal gear solid board game wish I got the preorder

  10. I like this trend of big games in small boxes. Hopefully more publishers will get on board and focus on offerings other than very large games with tons of bloated stuff

  11. A Gest for Robin just arrived at my door today! So excited to play it. 🙂

  12. Um, obviously the card doesn't work…? Was this actually in question? It was clearly provided by the zombies!

  13. I'm super stoked to try Arcs (Root has been my favorite game since it came out), excited about the second printing of Earthborne Rangers, and quite curious about Vantage as a fan of open world video games.

  14. I have every single expansion for Dead of Winter and every single promo card except for 2. I do not have Rodney's 2 kids as promos, I would love to complete that collection sometime.

  15. 'Looks around for Chaz' whispers to Rodney "there's a new episode of The Climbers"

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