10 INTRO GAMES that are different than the typical! | BOARD GAME 101 - cutlassboardgame.com

10 INTRO GAMES that are different than the typical! | BOARD GAME 101

Jenna Rose
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Hey friends! Today we are doing my first recommendation video! WOOHOO! We are talking about 10 intro games that I don’t often hear in these videos. I didn’t want the list off ones that I have heard before so I included ones I love and feel need to be included in the intro game category! I hope you enjoy!

1. Ohanami
2. BarenPark
3. Sunset Over Water
4. Tokaido
5. Decrypto
6. Sub Terra
7. Awkward Guests
8. Above & Below
9. Taverns Of Tiefenthal
10. Vivid Memories


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  1. Love these videos! I just recently started to get into board games and im excited to grow our collection!! Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. Appreciate this fresh look at starter games. More of these types please.

  3. Thank you! Definitely enjoyed it! I’m particularly interested in Above and Below. Looks beautiful and fun

  4. Taverns is great. I would personally use Quacks with new players instead. I definitely think Vivid Memories is to much to bring out with new players.

  5. Such an original list. Definitely some new titles to add to my wish list.

  6. Added all of these to my list and even purchased one for my friend for his birthday. 🙂 Thanks for the recs, Jenna!!!

  7. (TL/DR) Your list had some well curated discoveries and influenced me to seek them out. Well done and thank you!(original comment) To be fair, even your intro music sounds like “old lady music”, and it was perfect for the day when a host is “feeling like an old lady”, teehee. 🙂 But seriously, your video’s title had me stop by hoping to discover some intro-hobby games other than… The Typicals. And although Barenpark, Decrypto, Above And Below, and Tokaido are a bit of low hanging fruit, it’s the likes of Sunset Over Water, Vivid Memories, and Ohanami i was hoping for! As you said, i also have heard only scant bits about them here & there- no doubt due to their small footprint and zen-like gameplay, which, tend to not beg for attention. But i thank you for drawing attention to them because, as a result of your opinions expressed about them here in your video, i’m going to take a deeper look into these 3 specific games. Your Taverns and Guests more-or-less cemented my thoughts on them. They’re just not for me. However, i’ve been wavering on Sub Terra for reasons i’ve not been able to capture. It has the makings of the type of game my wife and our group enjoy. So what’s holding me back? Too many “disaster co-ops” in our library? Too many enter the next tile placement/modular boards? Maybe and maybe, but should i stop letting myself be pulled towards it and just shut that door for good? But then what you said totally clicked! You and your husband and your group dim the lights and put on spooky music and you feel that, when all put together, this game gives you an immersive night. It’s more than simply the components you pull out of the box. It provides an enjoyable experience beyond that, if your willing to take it. Or at least, that’s how i interpreted your opinion and down-to-earth style of group-fun dynamics and i ran with it. It’s that picture you put into perspective, where i can imagine my family and friends the same way. So, you helped me un-waver. No other board game reviewer/enthusiast/expert had accomplished that and i was compelled to leave a comment letting you know. Ok well, GREAT JOB on this video, this list, thank you (and anyone else) for slogging through this mini-novel i see that i’ve just written, and keep up the joy, Jenna Rose!

  8. Love this! Yes, please to more recommendation videos. 😁

  9. I thought I loved board games (okay, I do love board games!) but I've never seen or heard of any of these! My board game collection consists of Clue/Monopoly and all of the classics, but after this video I want to expand!! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Great job on the video. I actually came across your channel when you did your 10 favorite board games video awhile back. I think what's awesome is that your channel already has an audience that you are introducing the hobby to so I definitely think you should keep doing videos that help bring in new gamers. That's definitely a niche of content that could be filled more. Solid list by the way. Both Barenpark and Tokaido were two games that I got when I first jumped into the hobby about 10 years ago. I can't wait for Namiji to arrive. Best thing about the hobby is you never know where it will take you. I went from just and enthusiast, to a hobby designer, to finally getting a game published. 😃

  11. YES Jenna!! Love this list of alternative starter games, you’re so right that everyone says the same old ones. Loved all your fresh picks. A few you made me think of that I would recommend:- Photosynthesis (I’ve shown it to a lot of new gamers and it is so so beautiful and always goes over well, language independent too)- Roam (that’s the first Ryan Laukat game we ever got, it’s the one that made me find the hobby! Simple, beautiful, so fun)- Santa Monica (for another different style of making a tableau of cards)- Unmatched (an easy concept for people to grab onto, it’s just a one-on-one card battle but such beautiful art and fun characters to play)- The Quest for El Dorado (simple but exciting deck building + race)Ok my kind of silly content idea for you, but something that I would love to watch and maybe fits your aesthetic: 1. Videos of you organizing / reorganizing your board game shelf, like when I get some new games and reorganize or when I feel like just having a different system, it’s so satisfying. You could try organizing them by colour which is something I’ve seen in pictures but not seen done. It’s a silly way to organize them but would be beautiful… and then you can do an organizing video of putting them back.2. Along the same line, how do you organize your games inside the box? I like watching reboxing videos especially if you have a fun system. A lot of my favourite games, I’ve actually used old jewelry boxes and other lovely containers to hold the bits and it makes it a joy to setup / tear down.3. Maybe playthroughs with you and your love! I can see you guys being as fun and welcoming to watch as Monique and Naveen from Before You PlayThanks again!! 😍

  12. I love Above and Below it's so fun to go below! It's such a fun game and no one talks about it anymore. I also really like the resource track at the bottom. How it rewards you for diversifying your resources which challenges you to use your workers in different ways. Not many games use this resource multiplying mechanic.Great recommendations!

  13. I'm also looking forward to Namiji. The Kickstarter should be shipping very soon, so it may not be long before it's on shelves

    Thanks for the video!

  14. Great selections! I really enjoy the ones you listed that I've played & now have a few more I want to try!

  15. I absolutely loved this! Gonna have to add these to my amazon wish list! ❤️

  16. Great video! Any recommendations for single player board games?

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