10 Kickstarter Board Games I Absolutely Regret Backing​ | Biggest Mistakes - cutlassboardgame.com

10 Kickstarter Board Games I Absolutely Regret Backing​ | Biggest Mistakes

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10 Kickstarters I regret Backing Pt1. –

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  1. For me, it's Bardsung, Mosterpocolyps from Mythic. I late backed Stormsunder and requested a refund before it was too late. Just seems like it's dragging and I'm worried I won't get my game. And my interest has waned since I backed. I also requested a refund from Marvel United Multiverse. I shouldn't have backed it and I knew that. I back the xmen one and I have plenty enough marvel united content. I took a 10% hit from CMON to get my refund but a las, who hasn't been burnt in this hobby?

  2. I went all in on Rise of the Necromancers… I’d been quite enjoying crowdfunding boardgames up until I met Mythic Games. I’m done with crowdfunding for a while.

  3. I backed Anastyr on Day 1 all-in for $200, 5 weeks later when the pledge manager opened the all-in was $800 so I cancelled and I am so glad I did but more by luck than judgement. Like you I have all-in for Stormsunder and also Wild Assent but I think I will ask for a refund on both this week and final realise it's going nowhere. WA had an update in December 22 saying fulfilment will start in May and then nothing until the last day of April when the update said 'we don't think we will make it and it will likely be end of the year' !!!!!! 1 day before fulfilment is supposed to start.

  4. Great video. I still think your advice to not back games for other people is spot on.

  5. Thanks for this video. Bringing up the questions you did is important: Is it the type of game I typically enjoy ( and/ or my game playing circle of people)? Will I have time to play the game? Do I have the storage for it? Is this FOMO driving the purchase?

    I did purchase Santa vs. Krampus and I am pleased with its quality, reasonable price and the delivery in the promised matter of months prior to Christmas 2022. I knew it it would be a light hearted dice battler akin to a one step up from King of Tokyo. Easy to teach and play in 45 minutes. I like the silly and seasonal them. But I have no desire to purchase any other Dice Throne set. I’m good with just this one. I think you’ll be able to sell your copy at least to cover your overall cost and hopefully at a profit. At this point, I do not believe it is being sold at retail outlets and may never be.

    That’s cringe worthy to hear that some of those games are nearing the two and three year marks and yet to be delivered.

  6. I have an all-in for Lavon Rising. I think I'll be keeping my pledge and hoping it delivers.

  7. I feel you on Atlantis Rising. I almost backed the whole thing on KS but ended up just going for the expansion and getting the core game in retail. Good decision, I ended up disliking the core game intensely (funny, because I like co-op and worker placement but AR is just random dogshit) and was able to get a refund on the expansion 🙂

  8. I also regret buying Edge of Darkness. I got the all in pledge and have no effing idea how to play. I've watched a couple how to videos and read the rule book and still don't understand how to play the game. I think the rulebook is garbage.

  9. Dawn of madness I almost back but it just didnt seem interesting by KOA preview and come to find out they completely had to change gameplay and I feel that even if its good it wasnt good for them to kickstart it so soon.

  10. Totally with you on Atlantis Rising. So frustrating that an expansion, that was supposedly already done, just needed to be printed has taken this long. I have had multiple options to get the base game cheaper, but was not available at time of backing. All around regret for me as well.

  11. Funny, because I have many of these as well. Got All of Stormsunder, got All of Wild Assent, and Edge of Darkness. Also while I didn't get Hel, or Six Siege, I still got Monsterpocalypse, Darkest Dungeon, and Anastyr. None of them I really regret yet. The biggest regret for me is Rally Man Dirt from Holy Grail games and my 257$ All-In Gearhead pledge. No option to even pay more money, company straight up bankrupt because they didn't want force backers to pay extra. You still stuck us without the game though, and if you charged 20$ for every backer you would have had enough to pay you shipping fee. Honestly makes me feel the opposite of the Mythic situation, even though were being forced to pay extra, we still might get the game at the end of the day, as opposed to getting nothing.

  12. I feel for ya man. I late pledged the Neverain, paid the ransom, got the game and have no desire to play it ever. Got my all in on Tanares which was a dumb idea when I saw all of the boxes when they arrived. Waiting on the stupid Atlantis Rising expansion as well, I like the base game but probably won't play it again. Heck I'm still waiting on the Street Masters expansion that's been sitting in a warehouse in China for the last couple years.

  13. I'm in on Darkest Dungeon and Hel, so feeling the Mythic Games pain. I did get wave one of DD, but am not confident I'll get the rest. I am really hoping Hel happens, as the premise of that one I find very exciting, but am resigned to never seeing it. I also went all in for Stormsunder. I think they just REALLY underestimated the work required for such a heavy narrative game. I'm confident the first wave will deliver, but I'm afraid we won't see the second for a very long time.

  14. Stormsunder for me and I late ordered, pre-ordered Solomon Kane after it shipped. Still waiting for it.

  15. Kickstarter regrets… Blood on the clock tower… Turns out i dont have THAT many friends…

  16. I brought Village Attack Grim Dynasty put in couple hundred dollar and didn't even get a game.
    The company decided went to insolvency (bankrupt)
    The company name is Grimlord Games, The owner Adam in Kickstarter said he only own 50% of the company.
    He later went on to another company called artefact selling Dice Tomes Vol 2.

  17. No one seems to know how good edge of darkness is. I love it.

  18. The edge of darkness one is quite funny, because its quite difficult to get in europe. I do feel like big euro games sell really well in europe, especially if they have great visuals/etc like edge of darkness.

  19. We’re all there with you. Oddly comforting !

  20. Atlantis Rising I have set it up two times and never finished either game. Lost interest…waiting for kickstarter to show up to sell it.

  21. I appreciate the honesty with Mythic. People keep saying they never saw this coming or there weren't any signs. Joan of Arc and Solomon Kane were enough signs for me that it was a company to avoid because they didn't have their act together. Really sad, because their games seemed to have so much promise. They ran some of the best crowdfunding campaigns, but needed another company to actually do the development and publication of their games.

  22. Still waiting for Wild Assent the 1st wave… my first backed KS project and it's such an underwhelming experience

  23. Thanks for the video 🙂
    Edit: This video did help me reflect on my backings as well.

  24. Intro cracked me up because I was thinking "didn't you do this video already" and yes you did. I appreciate and enjoyed your honesty on these and your decisions.

  25. Backed Hel, if I get it I will decide if it was a mistake.
    All in for Dawn of Madness and am not concerned at all.

  26. Didn't he do 6: Siege on his first video?

  27. Stormsunder is something I am considering trying to get a refund on. The last update seemed to indicate it will be another 2 years until delivery… That long of development time i doubt they will be financially stable. They cant even deliver Lavon rising

  28. Hopefully my Stormsunder all in pledge pays off.

  29. Oh man , I'm still waiting on 3 of those, hel, 6 siege and Atlantis rising 😢

  30. You’re highlighting all the reasons I don’t do ks. Ill buy games on eBay. I don’t mind paying extra for games. I don’t like waiting over a year for a game. Then the risk of getting delayed even further. Company asking for more money. I just wait for something to be released and buy on secondary market.

  31. My 2 biggest regrets are going to turn out to be Hel and Anastyr. On the edge right now with Stormsunder and Dawn of Madness. Besides those just the overall idea of backing way too much.

  32. Haha, quite optimisitc to think Mythic will even be around in 2 years to ask for more money for Hel 😀 That ship is sinking fast!

  33. Stormsunder is gonna deliver taps red shoes together

  34. Thanks, I really like your advice (I have already taken some of it to heart, like not unwrapping games, where you are uncertain whether you will play them at all) and overall thinking about your current collection before buying new games.

  35. Have to agree with Atlantis rising. Backed both the base game and expansion. Still waiting and have lost interest.

  36. Dice Throne is Yatzee on steroids/cocaine…no more no less indeed. I Sold it after not finding the deep Strategie deepth i Was expecting. But whoever looks for a nice (over)produced dice chuckler can have fun with it..

  37. I regret doing all in on village attack. It hurts to much knowning i jusy lost $570

  38. Thanks for your honesty in sharing these regrets! 2023 marks the 21st year I've been deep into the hobby of modern board games, and $900 for a game just might be the craziest hobby-related thing I've ever heard! (That being said, I stepped away from Kickstarter in 2019, before prices really started to go off the rails.)

  39. Kickstarter regrets… oh my. On the sinking HEL ship as well, we'll probably never see this game. Another big regret is Trudvang, haven't unwrapped wave 1, it turned out such a crappy game. Not sure if I regret ARCS by now, but I've seldom been so unsure of the development direction of a game. Kickstarter lost so much attractiveness over the last years I might get rid of that addiction, which might be a good thing after all

  40. I know what you mean with the Kickstarters that take so long that you lose interest and probably have gotten other games during the waiting period that you have other games that fill that niche now.

    I backed Heroes & Gods: Masters of Dreams and now they are asking for money or lose out and I also backed Onimaru. Both are co-op games and i have more than enough of them now and don't need anymore at this time.

  41. This is a great series. A very useful self-reflection that will help other backers, like me…

  42. Oh I feel you on the grand campaign games. I laughed due to the fact that I also have Isofarian guard, tanaers adventures, and chronically of drunagar. Along with Gloom and frost haven, roll player adventures, tainted grail, with a couple of others. So many adveture hours, too much life in the way 😂

  43. I'm waiting for Hel and Darkest Dungeon wave 2… I refunded part of DD.

  44. Anastyr, as I will probably never see it, and Bardsung (While not that bad I doubt I will ever get it to the table again). Trudvang I haven't received yet, but I have a feeling that I might regret that one too.

  45. Did you back Madeira?
    That Kickstarter is suspiciously resembling 10 pounds of poop in a 5 pound bag.

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