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10 Meanest Board Games Ever Made | Collection Starter

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We accept no responsibility for any friendships ruined after watching this video.

Huge thanks to Draughts board game cafe for lending us some of these games for the video! For more info about the best gaming cafe in the UK, visit:

0:00 #Intro
0:54 #10. Munchkin
2:00 #9. The Estates
3:12 #8. City of Horror
4:16 #7. Survive – Escape From Atlantis
5:12 #6. Citadels
6:22 #5. Spartacus – A Game of Blood & Treachery
7:31 #4. Nemesis
8:48 #3. Lifeboats
10:02 #2. Intrigue
11:29 #1. Diplomacy

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  1. Diplomacy…played it with a buddy and his family, he betrayed me two turns in a row right at the start of the game…I got revenge on him 15 years later…I currently own a copy of the original printing (I love and hate that game so much).

  2. Absolutely love Diplomacy. I'll never forget tricking England to take my troops over sea to flank Germany. Only to absolutely obliterate England out of the game entirely.

  3. Battlestar Gallactica can get so mean. Especially when the cylons get humans thrown in the brig.

  4. Best Munchkin memory. Using the map card to set up the player in the lead while having a suitable monster and wandering monster card. His turn he ends up with both the Ghoulfiends and the insurance salesman attacking.The effects of both cards apply. One said he couldn't use any of his stuff, only his level. The other said he couldn't use his level, just his stuff. So he gets squished but the best thing was his reaction. He laughed! He was delighted the game had such twisty moves in it never mind that he was the target. To this day that is my best gaming memory.

  5. Someone once made me play Monopoly. That was the meanest board- game related thing that ever happened to me. Still in therapy for that…
    Oh, and a great mean game: SHASN.

  6. Maffia is another cruel game, if nothing else because it is pure social deduction, player elimination in every round and it is all about personal relationships.

  7. Nice to see Munchkin get some love! Two games that make my Top Meanest Games list are Pompeii (throwing fellow players into a volcano — can't be beat!) and Revolution.

  8. i'm fan about your videos they are fun , game i already played is citadels it's my favourite game i never played the other i don't know them l'd like to find some of them in french editions (i m french) 😀

  9. Gees! And I thought Risk was bad.

  10. I remember a game when I was younger that was mean called splat ever heard of it

  11. Diplomacy winning this was the obvious outcome and I am so cheerful to see it happen.

  12. Game of Thrones, Dead of Winter, Twilight Imnperium
    have always ended in so much anger and resentment

  13. I like games where you’re bluffing and lying in order to win a game. But I have a serious problem with games (and people that enjoy games) where you can choose to lie AND stab your friends in the back and suck every single bit of fun of their gaming experience out.

  14. I saw "Stardew Valley", my favorite game, in the intro, on 0:15, and I was something like: "Whaaat? SV? Mean???", but, thanks God, it's not in the list! You scared me, dude…

  15. what? no tokaido or catan? i have blood vendettas (yes plural) over games of tokaido

  16. Munchkin isn't a board game. It's a card game.

  17. It's out of print, but I loved Supremacy. It was like Risk with economics and nukes thrown in. The dangerous thing was that if you were going down, and you had nukes, you could pull an, "If I can't win, no one will!" attitude, throwing nukes, leading to others throwing nukes, and others until it was nuclear winter.

  18. Are these UK only games because I know none of these

  19. Check out Nothing Personal I think the name implies enough also La Cosa Nostra they are both gangster games and both very good

  20. what if you're fascinated by these games but have never played them before, and want to learn to play them but you're autistic so it's difficult interacting with new people (or the people at the nearest game store aren't receptive to newcomers)?

  21. Not a board game, but if you've ever played Dokapon Kingdom, you know these feelings all too well.

  22. I definitely gotta try number 2, looks awesome.

  23. Diplomacy is a game that you can only play with your best friends or people that you will never meet, again. I own a copy, but I will probably never teach it to my kids.

    Not knowing that it is a mean game, one of my kids picked out Citadels as a gift for another of my kids. We have played it, but it did not seem that mean; although, there is terrible potential.

  24. Some of my friends and I were mad at each other for weeks after an all-day game of Diplomacy.

  25. I miss in this list the Illuminati from SJG

  26. Can confirm, the most contentious game among friends I ever played was Diplomacy. Betrayal is baked into the game.

  27. Dude the ubisoft Uno game can get pure evil

  28. All this games looks so Fun, I need to try them all!!

  29. I wish I could find a single place that sells Intrigue. I can't find it for sale on any online website, not even for a ridiculously high price.

  30. My 7th grade history teacher forced us to play Diplomacy for a grade. He then proceeded to give my group one of the worst territories, and when we lost early on he gave us all Ds. I'm glad that fucker is retired now.

  31. I usually hate games like this, but Diplomacy… Diplomacy is something else. Primarily, i think, because a reputation for honesty can actually win you the game.
    That said, my one memory of the game, that always sticks out to me, is one game where Austria and Italy had decided, in the first turn, to be allies. They promised to not move in on each other in the beginning to establish a central powerbase before the other players could move… And then Italy moved into Trieste. Austria then proceeded to dedicate his entire existence to ruining Italy, regardless of what he had to give up to do it. They both lost, France won, it was wonderful and watching it happen in real time as my friends yelled at each other is what made me realise the game is great.

  32. Risk has caused me the most pain out of any board game ever

  33. My son didn’t cry when his grandma, grandpa or pet cat died…the last time we played Munchkin though 😭

  34. Only clicked on the video because I saw Munchkin

  35. The very first time I played Spartacus I never won a single dice roll the entire game. I was the first player eliminated after this whole setup and rules explanation. It will be fun they said we'll all have fun so they claim. 12 minutes later I'm going downstairs to make myself a sandwich and have a good cry

  36. Who says Mario Party ruins friendships? Whoever said that hasn't played these board games

  37. Got to put my vote in for Lunch Money. It is literally about being mean.

  38. I don’t think Citadels belongs here. The fact that you target a role and not a player (the one exception being the Condottiere) prevents it from feeling mean. Saboteurs, on the other hand…

  39. And here I thought Monopoly and Uno were friendship killers lol

  40. I actually own diplomacy and i love it. I cant play it too often tho because it takes so long

  41. Munchkin is not a board game. You draw random cards. The one that draws the right cards the fastest wins. Impressive idea -.-

  42. I introduced my friends to Munchkin and played a game of it with them, where they decided that we would all just help each other. It was hilariously wholesome.

  43. Played Munchkin with some friends – once. The backstabbing started at level 2. We played for 4+ hours before anyone could win.

  44. Even though Adam isn't keen on Monopoly, I'm quite surprised that the Cheater's Edition of Monopoly didn't get a mention. Some of the things you can do in that game are massive dick moves. Like you can force a property trade and completely ruin someone's colour set or play a card to put someone's property back on the open market.

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