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10 Medium Weight Board Games that We Love

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Join us as we discuss some of our favorite “medium weight” board games from our personal collection.

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  1. I have scraped all the top games' weights, and spliced it at 33/66 percentiles. Dead of Winter and yellow & yangtze are a heavy games. #inaccuratedownvote

  2. I feel similarly about Dune Imperium – I like it a lot (more than Lost Ruins of Arnak) but I can't play it a lot since it's so intense and draining for me.

  3. Great list! You mention many games that are in obscurity these days and is very nice to hear about them again. I got Hansa Teutonica and it is really a special game that I’ve enjoyed it and I haven’t tried the extra maps yet. I had Deus once upon a time but it didn’t click and I traded it away. Also have Dead of Winter but I have many years to open that box and I wonder if it cause of the burden to set it up without an insert. The one I really want to try someday though is Tigris & Euphrates! I am just now starting to discover the genius of Knizia designs and I want to see his best game in action.

  4. Hello! So happy you have icluded Dead of Winter! I love it, so immersive and fun to play! Unfortunately my group has not the same taste…hope to play it more in the future! Bye…

  5. I have not played Castles of Mad King Ludwig (or Between Two Castles) but I have played Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig and loved it! I think we played it with six (maybe eight, it was New Year's and I don't remember 😅).
    Have y'all played Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig?

  6. I can help but think of Operation when I see the cover of Automania…The yellow, the red noses, the overall just art style.

  7. Played Deus. I always describe it as tableau building. Those were all very good choices.

  8. Do you have any plans of creating a list for two players? It’s mainly my spouse and I that play, so we’re a bit limited on board games that’ll get us excited.

  9. Wow I have the networks. Such an under rated game

  10. Great video! Excited to now be done with school and able to support you guys again via Patreon. 🙂

    I’ve never played T&E or Y&Y, but I’ve heard some fans of T&E criticize the change from square tiles to hexagonal ones in Y&Y. What’s you guys’ opinion on that change?

  11. Yellow & Yangtze! Probably my favorite game! Midweight rules but deep gameplay

  12. If you're available during Strategicon, we'd love to play Five Tribes with you two! Or many be even Trismegistus.

  13. Quick question (without wanting to get into a definitions fest …)
    Medium games as part of a simple 3 way split: Light, Medium and Heavy?
    Or as a part of a 5 way split: Light, Light Medium, Medium, Medium Heavy and Heavy?
    Thanks for indulging me!

  14. I think both Scythe and Troyes (which are 3.46 and 3.43 in weight) are medium weight games. So I’d say that medium goes up to 3.5.

  15. Another great take, thank you! LOVE 5 Tribes! 😉

  16. Played Hansa for the first time last weekend. We played it 3 times at a 5 player count and we loved it.
    I absolutely adore Five Tribes but it’s strictly a 2p game in my world tyvm. ;p

  17. What a great list!! We're thrilled Castles of Mad King Ludwig made it 😃🏰

  18. Very cool list! Shall we expect a playthrough of #1 then :D? Or it doesn’t work well with two?

  19. Gold West is SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!! One of my favorite mid weight brain burners that doesn’t take 100 years to get through…

  20. No Bloody Rage? This list has no meaning to me.

  21. Five Tribes is an amazing game. Top 10 all-time for me. I have the Artisans and Whims of the Sultan expansions, and I love playing with all of it. I need to get the Thieves expansion. Deus is top 20 for me, as well. I wish the cards weren't so stingy, but other than that, it's such a great game with awesome mechanics. As for your discussion, I would simply broaden both the programming and the tableau-building terms and just say it's an engine-builder. The Networks sounds so fun! I definitely need to look into that one.

  22. I've only ever gotten to play Deus on BGA and it just has failed me every single time. I've really wanted to like it. Is it missing something in that format or will I likely still not like it physically on table?

  23. Lots of solid choices! And I agree with the weight of the games meeting the criteria.

  24. Great list! Nice to highlight games that may not necessarily be "top ten" but are still games that are well loved and great games to have in your collection. A few mid-weight games that I love that I like to highlight are Vindication, Glory: A Game of Knights and Coimbra.

  25. Sad that Yellow & Yangtze is out of print …would get it otherwise.

  26. As usual, great video. You both know how to introduce games. I usually follow your playthroughs as I find them very instructive.
    About the manqla mechanic used in Five Tribes: it's true Manqala is a very old game: from the Babylonians or ancient Egypt.
    The game still played now comes most likely from the Ottoman Empire.
    The noun manqala مَنقلة in Arabic comes from the verb نَقلَ which means to transport. So manqala means the place of transportation. Or if it is, as stated in Wikipedia, minqala مِنْقاة , it means the tool for transportation. In this case, the tool is the game. But, I doubt anyone says مِنقلة minqala!
    The original game Manqala is still played in some Middle Eastern countries like Palestine and Syria… It's a strategy game not based on luck. And the mechanic of manqala is still used in a number of games.

  27. I would love to see a Playthrough of Five tribes!

  28. Mad King Ludwig was my "five tribes" — the game that got me deeper into the hobby. Got it on clearance at Barnes and Noble, and we played it a ton. It got replaced a little by Suburbia, but our copy is super-well-used. So we did back the collector's edition.

  29. I love your guy's videos, but what happen to putting the names of games in the time stamps?

  30. Nice list, love Carpe Diem and Castles of Mad King Ludwig. One of my favorite medium weight games is Riverboat, feel like it never got a lot of attention.

  31. HANSA!!!!! You get there Y&Y and T&E and what's your opinion about Ra?

  32. medium weights. based on 2.5 – 3.25 weighting. 
    Dune Imperium / Path of Light and Shadow / Concordia / Terraforming Mars / Orleans / Grand Austria Hotel / Antike / Rococo / Viticulture / Vindication makes my top 10.

  33. Anyone ever played three kingdoms redux?

  34. Hmm. I have none of these. Hansa was one I had played and liked. But it’s a bit too orientated to take-that mechanics to want to get.

  35. I just played Carpe Diem last week and really enjoyed it! It's not a pretty game, but love the zig-zag tile drafting. This is the second time I've heard about Autorama. Now I'm interested to play it. My friend has a copy. Alicia & I love The Networks.

  36. I love The Network and Castle of Mad King Ludwig the Most. The Network in particular, is I think a very underappreciated game. Five Tribes is also one of the games that hooked me up to the more strategic games

  37. Oh my, Y&Y is one of my top 10 of all times. It's just soooo good 😆 I've never tried it with 2 players though. I wonder if it plays well with lower player count?

  38. We’ve been to that Castle as well! Must try to find! 😄

  39. Nice list! But I hate when people recommend games that are unavailable… like The Networks and Automania… they look fun but with no way to acquire them…

  40. Tigris & Euphrates is perhaps the best ever designed, so definitely agree with Yellow & Yangtze, since T&E technically does not fit the parameters. Hansa Teutonica is also a top 10 design for me. I would add Cosmic Encounter, El Grande, San Marco, Race for the Galaxy, Railways of the World, Chicago Express, Navegador, Cosmic Frog.

  41. The fact that I can't get Automania anywhere hurts my soul.

  42. I'd love to see you play Yellow/Yangtze, I'm curious about it and have been for some time.

  43. No Brass Birmingham in this 10? It's SO good.😁

  44. If you divide games into 3 weights- light, medium, and heavy- and based on bgg's 1-5 weight scale…
    Medium weight games would fall in the range of (approximately) 2.34 – 3.66.
    Light weight games would be 1.00 – 2.33. Heavy games would be 3.67 – 5.00.

    Some of my favorite games on the lighter side of the medium weight scale are Targi, Wingspan, Letters from Whitechapel, and Akrotiri.
    Based on this, games like Obsession and Twilight Struggle still fall within the heaviest side of the medium weight category while games like Star Wars: Rebellion and Pax Pamir would be considered heavy weight games.

    I think there is a bias for people to hesitate to rate a game as a heavy (5) game, because people either do not want to concede that they may have had difficulty learning the rules or strategies of a game or that if they are rating the weight of a game they must already have a familiarity with the game so it doesn't seem to be extremely heavy any more.

  45. Based on the 2.5 – 3.25 scale, here are some titles that I own that I think are overlooked by gamers:
    The Godfather: Corleone's Empire, Raiders of Scythia, Francis Drake, The World of Smog: Rise of Moloch, Narcos: The Board Game, and Clockwork Wars.

  46. Another good way to define game weight is by the approximate time required to teach the game to a newcomer.
    E.g., "light", "medium" and "heavy" may correspond to <10 min, 10-20 min and >20 min teaches respectively.

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