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10 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2023

Foster the Meeple
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Welcome to Foster the Meeple, a channel dedicated to board games and all board gamey things! Join us as we discuss our most anticipated games of 2023!
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  1. "First of all, that's what she said".

  2. You guys rock. Have a video idea for you- a competition one. Show only a small piece of the cover of a board game and see if the other person can guess what the game is. You earn more points if you can guess with less shown and earn less points if a lot of the cover has to be shown.

  3. Not sure if they've always been there, but the little sound effects when the overlays come up – they're so great. So great!

    Great to see Bamboo on there! I backed Fliptown, and Skyrise looks so great – I played LOTS of the original (Metropolys) back in my Snakes & Lattes days, and this new version looks like perfection on a platter!

  4. I'm looking forward to getting my copy of Wild Realms when it releases next year. Mostly excited about the amazing artwork and the size of the cards.

  5. I do agree with Jeff on the villainous expansions. I literally have a bet on who the new villains' will be.

  6. A game im looking forward to see more about is Doctor Who Nemesis, comes out in March or so i believe and is supposed to be similar to Villainous!

  7. Beyond a boatload of KS fulfilling, I'm only anticipating the CTG TES game and maybe Spirit Fire from Orange Nebula, if that ever materializes. I'm excited for a blessedly inexpensive year!

  8. Great videos. My wife and step daughter love watching your videos. My stepdaughter is turning 13 on January 6th. Her name is Isabella. Could you give her a shot out ? I think it would cool.

  9. I have my eyes on FLOE too, looks really cute ! I backed Cosmoctopus by the same designer 2 month ago !

  10. Red Dust Rebellion: It has been in my GMT's P500 for sometime now along with a few other GMT games. Now Andrromeda's Edge is listed as a 2024 game over on BGG since it hasn't even gotten to Kickstarter yet over on Gamefound. But if it is as good as Dwellings of Eldervale it should be worth the wait.

  11. Fun fact: the painting on the cover of A Gest of Robin Hood was a major inspiration for the design of Batman's sidekick Robin.

  12. Awesome video once again. Jeff can you please do some videos of painting minis please. I'm trying to get into painting and would love to learn some of your techniques. Keep up the good work.

  13. I backed the KS for Sentinels of the Multiverse (coop board game) based on the deckbuilder universe and am soooo excited to get it (hopefully) in June. The art looks amazing and the figs are fantastic

  14. Uh, how did Fox Experiment and Mushroom Sorcerer not make Jamie's top 10 for next year? Also, if you haven't heard of it, you need to look up Nut Hunt. I think Jamie would like the theme.

  15. Floe looks amazing as it’s the same illustrator as Everdell (and love parks as well from Audubon as the designer)! Also really excited for tidal blades 2! Have you played the original?

  16. Board Game Coffee has a solid play through of Ryozen (https://youtu.be/36ZgpGtKwM8) that really helped me wrap my head around it, and Quackalope has several videos around it, as well. Worth checking out if you want to do some more digging! Definitely one that's been on my radar, too.

  17. Yesss Mapel Valley!!!

    I’m excited for Runar, Cube monster and Pest in 2023

  18. Peter Pan/Pan's Island, Dodos Riding Dinos, Dreadful Meadows, W'sW Shards of Madness, and anything that comes out for Dice Throne (eg. all the legendary holiday figures??)

  19. Now I need to check out Red Dust Rebellion so thanks for bringing awareness. I've yet to pull the trigger on a COIN game, with Cuba Libra being the most interesting one so far, and this one could push me across the finish line.

    The games I'm anticipating are all crowdfunded titles (publisher)
    Shogun No Katana (Post Scriptum)
    Motor City (MCG & 25th Century Games)
    Trailblazer: The John Muir Trail (Mariposa Games)
    Mini Express reprint & map packs (Moaideas Game Design)
    Fugitive 2nd Edition (Fower's Games)
    Run (Fower's Games)

    These SHOULD deliver in 2023 but could slip to 2024+
    Castles of Burgundy: Special Edition (Awaken Realms/Alea)
    Robinson Crusoe – Collector's Edition (Portal Games)
    Legend Academy (El Dorado Games) *this one might never publish because they are just bad at publishing and getting things produced/delivered

  20. Final Girl….Yeah, I'm so eager to get that game. I have Maple Valley coming…. I came late to the Final Girl party, so I focused on season one….

  21. I have nearly 100 games on my 2023 list and am trying to narrow down my Top 10. I may need to do a top 30 🤣 One that is near the top is The Lord of the Rings: Adventure to Mount Doom. Another is Rise & Fall. So many great games! Terrific video 👍 Happy New Year 🎉

  22. Cthulhu Death my Die is my most anticipated. Does Final Girl require a base box and then you buy a episode? What is the best episode so far?

  23. Age of Heroes sounds great. I already got a pre-order in direct through their site. I hope it is as good as I want it to be.

    Andromeda's Edge is great too. I played it last May at a con, and I'm also hype for that one. It is like a 1.5 version of Dwellings. I didn't hear about Ryozen, will have to check it out.

  24. I think Jamie would buy a box of dirt with cute animals on the front. Haha. I admit, I'm a sucker for beautiful art as well. Some very interesting games mentioned here. Have a great new year.

  25. Steve Aramini (the designer of Fliptown) also did Animal Kingdoms, which is an amaaaaazing game.

  26. I'm also excited for Andromeda's Edge and Elders Scroll though I wouldn't hold my breath for 2023; seems like these big box crowdfunding projects are at least 1.5-2 years out from the time the funding ends. I already sold my Dwellings of Eldervale Legendary and will likely do the same for TMB in anticipation.

    I am looking forward to the Witcher: Old World, Castles of Burgundy Deluxe, Arydia, and Stormlight Minis as well. Unconscious Mind would be up there but I'm slotting that for 2023 delivery. Thanks for pointing out Mission Control as I've been on the lookout for a quick, real-time cooperative game that's a little meatier than Fuse.

  27. Also: as far as further recs. Definitely Race to the Raft, the Isle of Cats follow up for Jamie. I'm also really looking forward to Unconscious Mind and Septima and to finally get my hands on Aqua Garden (with expansions).

  28. Hey… your beard is back! Now I can start watching your videos again. LOL Jusssst kidding. BELIEVE it or not – TODAY is the anniversary day of when I started watching your channel! It was a year ago today I went on youtube to figure out how to play Villianous because I got it for Christmas last year. And your tournament video was one of the ones I watched. AND it was also the video where I learned there were many more expansion games. A year later – I've gotten quite into the hobby and already amassed a descent sized (but small) collection of board games (i.e. Villianous, Dice Throne, Unmatched, etc.). THANKS for sharing your enthusiasm for board games and board gamey things! I enjoyed the entire year of watching you two!

    P.S. Final Girl is my MOST anticipated game for 2023!! I Also went ALL IN – and bought BOTH seasons and all the bits and bobs that come with it!

  29. Andromeda edge, Arcs and Scholars of the South Tigris (big fan of Sham) are definitely in my list for 2023 … Bamboo look awesome, I would definitely look for it. Also, super excited about Moonraker titan edition, daybreak (back it) and Galactic Renaissance

  30. Arcs, and Undaunted Battle of Britain are games I am waiting eagerly for. I just got my copy of Wayfarers and took it for a spin solo. I'll need to be the game explainer when the time comes to get it to the table and the teach looks a bit daunting! Still it looks beautiful and I haven't been let down by any of the previous trilogy…This looks to be on the same level of complexity as Paladins? I really am looking forward to Gest of Robin Hood as well. I love the subject matter and the idea of a quick Robin Hood COIN style game is very appealing. And Final Girl! I only have 2 of the first Season films and can't wait to get the whole shebang when the 2nd Season ships. The minis should be fun to paint!

  31. The art for Tribes of the Wind looks gorgeous. Buying it based on that alone.
    I played Age of Comics, I'm still on the fence for late pledging it. I wasn't blown away but had a good time

  32. Love this video so much! Thanks so much! Hey Jamie, I just wanted to make sure you know that Button Shy has a Board Game of the Month Club. For $20, you get every wallet that comes out for the year plus bonus content. For $25, they add all the new RPG wallets as well! Happy New Year you delightful people! treasure

  33. I got bitten by the board gaming bug toward the end of 2021 and spent 2022 buying games with wild abandon. My intention is to spend 2023 enjoying those games. I do have two games that I backed to anticipate should they be ready in the coming year: Earth and the new fancy Castles of Burgundy.

  34. I went all in on Skyrise and I am so excited! Roxley does not miss at all for me! So many games I have never heard of to keep on my radar now though!

  35. Sleeping gods distant skies, unconscious mind, and of course some more too many bones, unbreakable

  36. Great list of games to look out for in 23!
    Skyline's is one high on my list too. It's a reprint of an older game, Metropolys, which I would love to find….but very difficult.
    If you haven't looked into The White Castle…..and no it's not a game about sliders 😂…., it's another Devir game that looks potentially really good. It is by the same designers of the Red Cathedral.
    Have a Happy New Year!🍸🎉

  37. New to the channel , only frustrating Part is the cell phone use during some videos

  38. I'm so excited for all of these games but my shelf literally has no space cries in first world problems

  39. Great list! Thank so much for mentioning Andromeda's Edge. We're in super awesome company with all those titles! Cheers – game on 2023!

  40. Solid list, a lot that I’m looking forward to here! 😂 Honourable mention every other game releases in 2023 😂

  41. Looking forward to the Witcher old world, for glory, forest of pangaia, keep ‘em rolling to the rhine, trench club, total war Rome, dead by daylight and purple haze. Very interested in RPG purple haze. Never played a RPG and it’s set in Vietnam war so I think I am going to enjoy it. Oh and expansion for heat pedal to the metal.

    I forgot a company bought the rights to axis and allies and teased that something new in the A&A line of games. I might as well hand over my wallet at this point.

  42. I also hope that Undaunted: Battle of Britain blows my socks of. It´s looks very promising so far.

  43. Entertaining from the start to the finish as always!

  44. Age of Comics cover looks like more reimagined history w0ke garbage.

  45. Excellent round up! Thank you for including Tribes of the Wind on your list!

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