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10 Most Beautiful Board Games Ever Made | Collection Starter

No Rolls Barred
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Huge thanks to Draughts board game cafe for lending us some of these games for the video! For more info about the best gaming cafe in the UK, visit:

Decorate your table with one of these works of art, they are STUN-NING.

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10. Tokyo Highway – US: // UK:
9. Obscurio – US: // UK:
8. Inis – US: // UK:
7. Azul Summer Pavillion – US: // UK:
6. Tokaido – US: // UK:
5. Riff Raff – US: // UK:
4. Wingspan – US: // UK:
3. Lotus – US: // UK:
2. Photosynthesis – US: // UK:
1. Parks – US: // UK:

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  1. "This game was an instant purchase for me." Said Adam about every board game ever made 😛

  2. Just discovered this channel. Nice picks. I bought Inis for art alone, unfortunately, I didn't love the game. I agree about the Wingspan rulebook. Some unmentioned games I'd toss in: Root / Vast (same artist), Mariposas, and Sagrada.

  3. "Squad leader" was beautiful , as was Star Fleet Battles and Gladiator.

  4. They didn't show the Best Inis box cover

  5. Would be nice if you threw some credits when presenting the game. 😉

  6. A trip where you go to national parks is actually very affordable especially a circle trip of southern Utah and Northern Arizona (you drive in a circle and hit each of the parks such as arches, bryce, zion, grand canyon, petrified forest).

  7. I need to give a shout out to Charterstone. Beautiful game, clean board, lovely art style, metal coins. Who could ask for more

  8. A video about beauty, and YouTube inserts an advert where the first thing you see is the face of Nigel Farage. This is why we can't have nice things.

  9. Make a video Top 10 board games I wanted to eat 😀

  10. Watching this while painting Death May Die, which I've own for 6 months and not yet found the time to play…..now I own a copy of Inis….

  11. Literally every game you've shown looks exactly the same. Green stuff, flowers, small single color abstract shape pieces. Its like "number 5… The same as the last 4 games."

    Also, no heroquest.

    Final Grade: F+

  12. Did you read a few threads in BGG about how many board game visuals nowadays prefer beauty over function? One of the examples they gave is Brass' board redesign is harder to read compared to previous version. That somehow lead them to that conclusion.
    The visual aspects of the game never entered into my decision to play a game, but to bring the game into my collection, yes.

  13. Well… I'm off to spend hundreds of pounds now… Thanks for that.

  14. Bosk, Root, Wingspan, Everdell, Parks, Cupcake empire, Planet, Tokaido, Scythe, Modern art Oink games edition…in no order..if i had to choose it would be root

  15. Loved that you mentioned the texture of the Wingspan rulebook, haha! Isn't it nice? I have a long list of things I love about Wingspan, and the quality of the rulebook paper is one of them!

  16. When did you notice during your life that you were born with a WatchMojo voice? 😊 thx for the vids

  17. There are so many beautiful games out there. For table presence Heroscape. I love the art in Stone Age and Burgle Bros as well.

  18. 7:55 Adam, hate to break it to you, but that's an illegal move. You can only put one egg on the Mississippi kite, not two.

  19. Can anyone identify the playmat under Parks at 11:00? It seems to have a desert and stone hearth motif.

  20. Oh man Adam. have you seen Trails? It comes out in a week or so.

  21. what if you're fascinated by these games but have never played them before, and want to learn to play them but you're autistic so it's difficult interacting with new people (or the people at the nearest game store aren't receptive to newcomers)?

  22. "Look at this one. How about this one? LOOK AT THIS F*ING GUY". Subbed after this line.

  23. Check out Flourish. You won't be disappointed. That art is stunning!

  24. I absolutely LOVE when You go into a rage tantrum about the competitive nature of a specific game. Throwing swear words and pointy middle fingers into a thorough informative explanation is just pure gold! You have +1 new subscriber.

  25. Century Golem Edition is beautiful. Specially if you get the playing mat

  26. Adam Love - Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008 says:

    VERY happy to see our very own Eden Park, home of the All Blacks feature at 9:11

  27. Have you ever seen the humongous playmat for High Frontier 4All? [drops mic]

  28. Yay!! Wingspan!!
    ❤❤❤ 🐓🕊🦉🦆🦜🦢🦃🐦 ❤❤❤

  29. Obscuiro is both beautiful and great to play! But for another beautiful game check out Ishtar: Gardens Of Babylon.

  30. Well I’m glad I bought Parks on a whim last week with how beautiful it seems to be and I’m glad I can try it as a single player

  31. 5:47

    ADAM: MAN, I really wanna go to Japan…

    Dear Trash Taste Podcast…

    PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, invite Adam Blampied as your guest… it would mean the WORLD to me.

  32. Pax Pamir 2e is the most beautiful boardgame in my collection, love these videos Adam!

  33. Love that you included Parks! Only you forgot to mention one thing, I have never had such a satisfying experience putting a game back in its box before this. At the very least, Parks raised the bar for storage design

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