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10 Most Beautiful Board Games Ever Made | Collection Starter

No Rolls Barred
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Huge thanks to Draughts board game cafe for lending us some of these games for the video! For more info about the best gaming cafe in the UK, visit:

Decorate your table with one of these works of art, they are STUN-NING.

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10. Tokyo Highway – US: // UK:
9. Obscurio – US: // UK:
8. Inis – US: // UK:
7. Azul Summer Pavillion – US: // UK:
6. Tokaido – US: // UK:
5. Riff Raff – US: // UK:
4. Wingspan – US: // UK:
3. Lotus – US: // UK:
2. Photosynthesis – US: // UK:
1. Parks – US: // UK:

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  1. I get so excited whenever I get a notification for a new vic

  2. He hasn’t actually lost the plot – the wingspan rulebook FEELS so good!

  3. I cant wait for Adam to do a tour of his boardgame collection 😁
    Wink Wink Nudge Nudge 😉

  4. Feel like Kanagawa is worth a mention in the Japan category. Beautiful cards and components that really create a theme.

  5. The content of SU&SD with the silky smooth tones of WhatCulture? That's a subscribe right there. (You guys should do a series on bad Games which can be fixed with house rules and homebrew content!! Like Root but its most Points in X Turns, or Strip Monopoly)

  6. I'm legitimately kinda mad Dixit was only a mention. Should have made it 15 and said "screw the algorithm"

  7. How can I get the alternative box design for inis?

  8. All this boardgames are beauties, but personnality I added : Yggdrasil Chronicles, Tang Garden and Imaginarium 🙂

  9. My friend has a copy of Everdell, played it once and I can confirm it is a beautiful game with bits of worker placement and engine building included. I loved this game so so much.

  10. Kingdom Death shoulda been on this list…. sure it's got horrific looking monsters but they are the best looking horrific looking monsters there are in anything ever. Nightmares have never looked so good.

  11. Can you recommend a good website to get board games during lockdown and if there’s no game stores near by please I need to find a good ine

  12. Starling Games, the makers of Everdell, are right up the road a bit in Manchester, NH. I'm halfway tempted to take a run on up there and ask them A) why this game is so hard to find, and B) why in the name of the great dice-makers in the sky does this game cost EIGHTY-FIVE GODDAMN DOLLARS.

  13. Wtf, how is it that I just discovered this channel. Your humor is perfect for these board game lists.

  14. Good list. Only one I would have added would be Root. Also, really fancy traditional Go boards with those stone pieces.

  15. Great video! I was shocked that “Seasons” wasn’t mentioned, but like you said it’s subjective.

  16. Veiled Fate & Moonrakers by IV Studios are really good looking games as well

  17. Why is there a panda in a Japanese game?

  18. I really want Adam to make sweets versions of all of the game pieces that he has wanted to eat, because I really want to eat them too!!

  19. Another one that's beautiful, but difficult to get a hold of these days is Lisboa

  20. Nice list. I guess you haven't played or seen Abyss. Illustrations on the highest level, comes with white pearls and black pearls and – just ha a long hard look and be ready to fall in love.with ugly sea creatures.

  21. such a fun list! some of my favs: Raiders of Scythia, new Pret-a-Porter, Oceans, Feudum, Fae, Elevenses, Codex Naturalis, Cosmic Frog, Santa Monica, Remember Our Trip! Nunami!! 🤓

  22. there should be unmatched for the art on the card
    even though the board is meh IMO

    PS: I love blampied is already active on the internet and talking passionately about topic that he love

  23. Holy crap! You do vids on things other than wrestling and they happen to be about my favorite hobby as well?? Subbed!!

    Btw have about 5 games on this list 😊

  24. Abyss not being on this list is a complete travesty

  25. Nice list but for sure you are missing Tang garden. I know this is your list and beauty is subjective but if you're going to put photosynthesis, Tang garden takes that and makes it even more beautiful with more 3D decorations, landscapes and adds a Chinese theme. I also used to include photosynthesis in my own most beautiful but now I can't look at it without feeling a bit disappointed in comparison to Tang Garden.

  26. YouTube pushed this to me randomly. Instant sub. Inis is my all time favourite game. The card art in Inis is done by world famous Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick. Growing up in Ireland in the 80's and 90's I remember his art was all over our school textbooks, so I was astonished to see it used in a board game in the 2010's! In fact, at first I thought it must be a copy cat, but was delighted to discover they actually had licensed his art for the game! Thankfully, it's also an incredible game!

  27. Complaining about old board games not having colors and the first game on the list is mostly gray blocks and a few pale cars.

  28. What's the abstract game at 4:04? (The stones with the dragon on them.)

  29. My first video from this channel. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this video as much as I did!

    Also, your comment about wanting to take a vacation you can’t afford after playing PARKS is so true. Just booked yesterday a trip to Sequoia National Park, just a couple of weeks after playing the game lol.

  30. Random question…Anyone know how I can get "Fury of Dracula"?

  31. I was melting down with fear throughout the video that Everdell wasn't going to be included. Glad it came out Basically On Top. I would put in a vote for any of the new editions of Brass.

  32. Thank you so much for this list. I have Wingspan and Parks, which I love very much. So happy to see them appreciated by others too. Beautiful games and beautiful experiences!

  33. I would add Pax Pamir 2E to this list

  34. I enjoyed tis video, thanks. Buuuut…

    Shouldn't it be called "10 Most beautiful Board Games that are currently available via our Affiliate Links"?

    Misleading titles are annoying.

  35. This is a great list because it cheats out so many other beautiful board games when talking about each one on the list!

  36. I love love loooove Parks. Betrayal Legacy is my favorite game of all time but Parks is the game I play on my own and I love the pictures and art

  37. As someone who's always had a love for the urban beauty of highway overpasses crossing over rivers like Albany's nasty polluted Hudson… thank you for introducing me to Tokyo Overpass. I've ordered a used copy and I can't wait!

  38. I would probably add the Kingdom Hearts version of Talisman. It's not the best version but the board is stunning to look at.

  39. 8:27 NoW YOu SoUnD LiKe LaMb Of GoooooooooooooooouD wasn't expecting jared dines reference

  40. Great presentation! I always get triggered when people call Azul with Z pronounce 😅 Azul means blue in spanish and it can be pronounced Athul (th like in thumbnail) or Asul (s like in slot). Very good job with the list!

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