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10 New Solo Board Games in April

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Let’s head to my favorite board game store and check out 10 new solo board games. We’re going to go home with at least one and unbox it. Which should we get?

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Intro 00:00
Inventions 00:17
Sleeping God’s Primeval Peril 01:12
Redwood 01:55
Paper App Dungeon 2:44
Wyrmspan 03:15
Nemesis Aftermath 4:11
Katamino Tower 5:33
Mythic Mischief 5:49
Mind Space 6:22
Canvas Finishing Touches 7:00
April’s Featured Board Games 7:37
Second Hand Shelf 8:38
Solo Board Game Shelf 10:51
Cape Fear Games 11:37
Sleeping Gods Primeval Peril Unboxing 12:18
Tir Na Nog Unboxing 14:45
Wyrmspan Unboxing 18:33

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  1. Hi Mike, afaik Primeval Peril is not an expansion, but rather a "bite size" standalone Sleeping Gods. It 1st came out as a Print & Play alongside the Distant Skies Kickstarter campaign, but recently got its own separate release as a full game 🙂

    Ooh, Ü ended up getting it! I'm so jelly, hahaha
    It's still on my wishlist as I'm still too broke to get me a new game

  2. Woo! I love eila and something shiny!!

  3. Dude, burncycle $70, very cool and meaty game, $150, swoop on that

  4. This is sanity calling… put the Lacerda game down and step away from the shelf! 🥷

  5. I saw a playthrough of Mind Space. A thinky little game…

  6. Mind Space is pretty relaxing. The dice are almost incidental – they just align the colors to the shapes, and then you choose where to fill in the shapes on your "brain." Each color has slightly different rules you have to follow to get points.

  7. Awaken Realms games are just excellent ❤

  8. I really liked Wyrmspan on a first try. Have you played any of them yet? I currently am about 3/4 of way through a first play of Sleeping Gods Distant Skies and having a great time.

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