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10 OLDEST Board Games In History

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Like the copy of Hounds and Jackals you see at 03:36? The makers of that have created some GORGEOUS copies of some of the other ancient games on this list, which you can check out here:

It’s time to go old school. Really old school. Adam’s back with another list, this time counting down the OAPs of the gaming scene. These are the OLDEST board games in the world (that we know of).

Picture attribution:
Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo ( Lago di Como ). Statue des Palamedes von Antonio Canova, Wolfgang Sauber – CC BY-SA 3.0 on Wikipedia Commons

Japanese painting of the legendary Chinese Emperor Yao, by Kanō Sansetsu. From a folio depicting various Confucian figures, ColBase: 国立博物館所蔵品統合検索システム (Integrated Collections Database of the National Museums, Japan) – CC BY 4.0 on Wikipedia Commons

Rocca San Silvestro: A Nine Men’s Morris board engraved in a paving block, LepoRello – CC BY-SA 3.0 on Wikipedia Commons

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  1. Adam! You really can’t get past that Snakesss question can you?!? Lol I love it!

  2. I now picture a scenario where the upper crust of Egypt brag about getting a customized bejeweled and diamond encrusted Hounds and Jackal game board haha

  3. Before I even watch the video. Royale game of ur has been on my wish list for years.

  4. I rinsed fools in Mancala in grade school

  5. Imagine in 4000 years most video games being categorized as a racing games, since the objective of most games are to get to the end of the game

  6. Mankala in arabic means (to move something from place to another). A will known old game that is still be found in some Bedouin areas in the Levant

  7. I'm honestly surprised the game of YuGiOh didn't make the list. Apparently the anime lied to me.

  8. Damn it, Why do I keep watching these videos. I Just wanted to watch a nice litte informational video about old board games. Yet for a split second I see a new Horrified game …which I then had to find online and buy. It deals with American Monsters and as an American myself I was duty bond to buy it. That's a good excuse right?

  9. In the Philippines, there is a game that falls under the mancala family called "sungka".

  10. I think the craziest thing about Mancala games isn't just how old they are but that they're also bloody good! Get that roll and move out of my FACE

  11. I'm gonna have to go to the library and double check Adam. We all saw him get that oldest board game question wrong in Snakesssss

  12. Wasn't "The Royal Game of Ur" a puzzle in Tomb Raider Last Revelation?

  13. Love mancala i used to play games against my students at lunch.

  14. I did not know that the game of Checkers was older than Chess. Interesting video.

  15. It's fun that I remember all this games when I studied them in college, even play them in class! it was so fun. keep doing these really awesome videos guys! love it.

  16. Can y'all just make a history channel? Between this and the most expensive games list, my brain is being ENRICHED with knowledge that I will probably never use!

  17. Support No Rolls Barred! Give 'em a subscribe and Get on Board!

  18. YOU FORGOT DUEL MONSTERS! That was played 5000 years ago, when the pyramids were still young.

  19. I really like Mancala. Its actually one of the first two player games ive ever bougth. So that makes me ancient?

  20. People before going into this video be like where monopoly at

  21. Well I've created a cross stitch version of nine men's Morris and a quilted version of checkers. I love playing both those games. Also love the progression backgammon has made

  22. Wouldn't a rule book written in hieroglyphs technically be all pictures?

  23. Buddha: Makes a list about games that he won't play.

    Adam: Hmmm, lists? Seems like a neat idea.


  25. Actually, Adam, my hobby is music so, yes, my hobby predates all of your spry tabletop games by anywhere between 100,000 and 200,000 years… nice try, though.

  26. Man made the perfect game when he created Chess. But it was the gods who gifted man with the game of Go.

  27. As if Adam isn't always wearing his smarty pants.

  28. Bonus fun fact: You can actually play Nine Men's Morris in Assassin's Creed Black Flag.

    I have, and it's fun.

  29. ive still have a copy of my grandma's mancalla game or we called it sungka in Philippines

  30. My favorite old school games are backgammon and oware (one version of mancala).

  31. Great video as always! I love this channel. Adam is always a lot of fun to watch and these list videos are very cool for people getting into the hobby.

  32. man I thought congkak (localized mancala variant) originated from India. Cool vid!

  33. I've only just made myself familiar with Backgammon through its gameplay similarities to Senet. A few years ago, I bought a book that details the history and rules of a bunch of different board games from around the world, and when I read the entry on Senet, I had to try it. I drew up my own board on a piece of notebook paper and used a few pawns from a chess set and one six-sided die to play (the rules in the book described the use of two three-sided "throwing sticks", so one d6 translated well enough). Anyway, Backgammon is quickly becoming one of my favorite classic board games.

    The same book also talked about Nine Men's Morris, which I've also started learning to play.

    Also Mancala. Love me some Mancala. I learned to play it when I was a kid, and now I've started picking it back up just as easily.

  34. What if some ancient shitlord just made some random ass trinket to laugh at us future folks trying to make sense of it? Just like we make stupid memes to confuse the 31st century kids.

  35. Well, I've played Mancala, but I thought it was a single game, not a type of game, so I've played a Mancala game and enjoy it quite a bit.

  36. There is a game inspired by the royal game of ur called celtic realms. It has great art and the entire game is made by small business in the USA. Out of games based on old games this is probably my favorite.

  37. It's not manchala, and it did not origin in Africa, it's real name is 'Patthamani' and its origin in ancient southern India.

  38. I imagine that in the old days having a board game and even more important: having free time and wealth to play would probably be an amazing experience… specially if you had some wine, pork, a nice group of people to play with…

  39. What a great video – really interesting but super funny too. Great sense of humour!

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